Many people who are young often think that just enough money, life will be happy. But it takes half of their lives to understand, the money is important but there are many more important things: each person's life is happy or suffering, or lost. It is important to keep the heart peaceful, peaceful and towards light. Half life later, there are 3 things to be "rich".

1. The mind is not afflicted, the more mental life is richer

In the movie "Kikujiro" of Japan, there is a voice like this: "Being everyone will be old, life will force each of us to grow up, leaving the immature and walking more cautiously. . In the process, you will realize, want to return to the "ego" in the old days also not anymore ... "Why do adults often admire the heartlessness of children? Because the nature of children is innocence, eliminating all worries, and easily receiving the beauty around us.

I have heard the story of a distant relative, and I still think about it for a long time.

Many years ago, her husband because of a car accident had to be paralyzed in bed. Since then, she has to carry all the costs in the family. Just have to take care of your child's tuition, just have to run hospital fees for your husband. Every afternoon she came home from work, she had to rush to the house to wash, cook, replace medicine for her husband and clean the house. Many people admire her that she can take care of her family in such a hard life. Sometimes at night, seeing her husband was fast asleep, she made a cup of tea, feeling the peace in the cool breeze in the evening. Those who heard her circumstances, some helped a little, some people did not know how to comfort, but she still laughed and said: "Although I live hard, but at least I can take some time For myself, my husband is also healthy day by day, his children study well, at least have the hope of life. Still living, and hope is happy! " Whenever I remember her optimistic look, I always remember a sentence: "Everyone's life is happy or miserable, or lost. It is important to keep the heart peaceful, peaceful, okay Peace and light towards light. " Thinking too much only makes us live a life of melancholy. But the trouble of a person often comes from three things: his job, the work of others, the work of God. Those who are smooth, will no longer be involved in their hearts, do not arbitrarily interfere with others, nor sad because of destiny. When an affliction is released, the comfort will fall.

2. The body is not sick, is the top condition for happiness

Have you ever heard of this sentence? "When a person is awake, all the problems are normal, and they have the ability to solve. solvable."

A few days ago, a 46 -year -old actor joked on his personal page:

"Is it possible to recur the appendix twice? Should I go to buy lottery tickets?" Although it was just a joke, but in fact, from the beginning of March last year, because of the appendix pain, he had to be hospitalized, could not eat or drink, and dropped up to 9 kg, almost could not keep his destiny. So after that, he passed a newspaper to advise people: "Don't consider health is obvious, because if you don't have health, you are nothing." In a comic book called "Daily", there is a very profound saying: "See every normal day that we live, is a miracle that happens continuously." Trying is good, but using youth to trade material is wrong. Because matter is something that is lost and can find it again, but health can only leave, not back. In recent years, many famous people in all social classes gradually withdraw from the current flashy position. When asked for the reason, most of them took the reason because of the health problem that gave up the job. Even the hardest people have to bow to the disease. In the second half of your life, see health value more important than making more money. Eat on time, go to bed early, exercise regularly, control contact, ... do these things, you may receive more great gifts than matter.

3. The heart does not resent, new understanding the truth of life

I often hear my friends say that the more mature, the more they like to eat frugal, live quiet life, and have simple relationships. After 3 years from the date of the "fire nanny" case in Hangzhou, China, the family of the victim - the man of the Lam family has gradually tried to escape from the pain and participate in activities. The public welfare is like donating a mask in the pandemic ... He changed the name Weibo from "Wife and Children in Heaven" into his real name. After experiencing the pain of losing the person he loved, he still treated others with sincere love. His actions are a testament to a familiar saying: "Although the world treats me badly, I still use kindness to treat the world."

You can look at the stars with your eyes, but keep your feet on the ground. Because after all darkness, there will definitely be a day to find light. Only those who do not complain can see the truth of life. As writer Gabriel García Marquez said: "Even if you fall into despair, you should maintain the positive, love life. This is the greatest talent for your life." From now on, before wanting to complain about something, take some time to review every corner of the world. Because no one lives easily. Treating the world with tolerance and walking on it with compassion, life will open for you a path, a peaceful escape!

Modern people favored the development of society had a fuller material life, more comfortable, but so that he took him into more sorrow. The body is sick, even the spirit is not still because they keep using a lifetime to fight back and forth, think of ways to make money, to die without letting go. Living happily is not difficult. The difficulty is that people dare to let go of lust and realistic benefits in the immediate future that fulfilling their spirit, dignity and morality. Here are 4 things not to do to make life happier and more comfortable:

Have money not to be stingy

Money can buy everything, but not everything can use money to buy. Money is simply a fairly trading method of goods. Capital is just an object outside the body, when birth does not bring, when dying does not carry. Yet, there are people who dare to confidently change happiness for money. Many people are more precious than themselves, treating money as miracles, treating money as fairies. They frantically earn money, even some use tricks and tricks to gain benefits and pride in what they can do. Then gradually, they became selfish, stingy, disregarding others, always wanting to store money from home. To get money, they are not afraid to trade conscience and honor. But they did not know that what they hugged for so long could be a danger to the near future. Money does not buy health, happiness, cannot buy personality and dignity. Money does not turn the small man into a gentleman, does not turn the incompetent person into a man. People can only live leisurely when they are willing to share with others, not only money, wealth but also love and sympathy.

There is love, don't let go

Love must be what young people are busy looking for because everyone is like everyone, happiness is the last shore of life. But finding any love is not easy, but when you find it, no one knows the fragile love like the morning dew in the wind, blowing is melting, holding is broken. Life is very short, the story is more sad than fun, so do not easily let go of the person you love, the person you think is soulmate. There is a verse that: "Hundreds of years of the same boat. Tu thousand years should be married. " It is predestined, coming or going is decided by heaven, but once they are set together, you should spend your heart to cherish and cherish that affection.

There is anger not to be in your heart

When anger suddenly comes, people often no longer keep calm, so that it can obscure reason, often act according to emotion. Some people flour emitted outside but there are also kinds of people who keep holding on the market forever, living to die. Thus, the heart is forever tormented, outside, it proved that everything was fine, saying laughing but actually still warm, not peaceful. The more you accumulate resentment in your heart, there will be a day when the body will be exhausted, any words are harsh. So from now on, when you encounter suffering, sadness, keep talking, do not keep in your heart.

There are hatred do not remember

The ancients had the saying: "The army of revenge for 10 years is not too late". But revenge was not a way to take off the hatred. Only forgiveness, tolerance, and the virtue of resentment can end that grim, that is the gentleman. The person who does not record hatred in the new mind is the happiest person. They live a peaceful, free, leisurely life. Because of forgiveness, they found a peaceful stop for their souls, and accumulated blessings to their descendants.

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