A week is a long time in the tech world - and this week is no exception - Apple has never been far from the headlines.

Apple seems to have just made a major announcement on its messaging platform, but is this just Apple trying to shower with reputation?

Let's announce the long-awaited Rich Communication Services (RCS) for iPhone.

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This story has been brewing for some time, clearly, Apple's pressure has been listening to Samsung, Google, and Apple's dear friend - the pressure endured by the EU.

The timing of Apple's decision is very Apple. Earlier in the week, Carl Pei announced that iMessage will enter the Nothing Phone 2 (a kind).

There is no solution to the long-standing messaging problem between Android and iPhone, except to develop an application specifically for Nothing Phone 2 Nothing Nothing Chats. On the surface, it offers many of the benefits of iMessage - blue bubbles and high-quality video sharing - but without end-to-end encryption, in my opinion, it comes at a high price to get those elusive blue bubbles on your phone.

To enable Nothing Chats, you must first create an account, and to run it, you must use an Apple ID to log in, which will create a virtual contact card - this is the gateway to the Nothing Nothing of Nother version you use on your phone.

There is still no confirmation this week, but when you log in and create that account, these details will be saved on a Mac Mini server in a server farm... somewhere! Now, there has been some network panic recently, and I'm worried that my Apple ID and other private information may have been compromised, the idea of handing over my Apple ID to an unknown source fills me with fear.

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