The Buddha once said: No matter who you meet, they are the person who should appear in your life. It's not by chance, they will definitely teach you something. In life, all your encounters are predetermined by fate. Their appearance will affect your destiny. In life, the type of people you befriend will directly influence your fate. So, to start the new year "fresh", you should befriend people with the following characteristics:

1. Accompanying outstanding people will take you further

In the poem "Giai Nhan" by Do Phu, there is a passage: "The stream is clear in the mountain, muddy when it flows out." The environment affects the quality of water. A good environment can help you grow, even change your life. For the future of Manh Tu, his mother insisted on moving houses three times. The first time, they lived near a cemetery, where Manh Tu played burial games with friends of the same age. The second time, they left the house near the market because Manh Tu learned the tricks of the traders here. The third time, when they moved to a house near the school. At that time, Manh Tu knew how to make friends with excellent scholars. Knowing this was the right path, Manh Tu's mother lived here for a long time. Being close to talented people, over time he learned good things and became a great thinker and educator. It can be seen that in a good environment, you will meet outstanding people. In a negative environment, you are likely to become corrupted. That's why the ancients said: "Near ink is black, near light is bright." How a person's future turns out is greatly influenced by the people and environment he encounters. If you live in a good environment with outstanding individuals, you will naturally be driven to develop with motivation.

2. Befriending those who understand you makes life easier

The most difficult thing between people is understanding. Many people often say that the greatest thing in the world is to find someone who truly understands you and shares your joys and sorrows. Someone who understands you will feel your difficulties and your resilience behind a success. They may not be by your side all the time, but in their hearts, they always turn to you. They may not say it, but they always watch over and protect you. Someone who loves you may not necessarily understand you, but someone who understands you will definitely love and be sincere with you. Therefore, the circle of friends should not be bigger, but the quality is what matters.

3. Working with trustworthy people doubles productivity

Buffett once said: "Reliability is more important than intelligence." Trustworthiness can reflect a person's character and is the best quality of a person. In life, we come into contact with all kinds of people. To gain the recognition of others, you cannot be without "trust". Therefore, trustworthiness is very important. It can determine a person's future. A master carpenter always carries a measuring tape with him. He can glance at everything and accurately estimate the size. With that ability, many people ask why he still carries a tape measure. He asserts that no matter how accurate the eye measurement is, it cannot compare to using a tape measure. No matter how experienced, there are times when mistakes are made. Being accurate 99 times, and wrong once means being wrong all the time. Trustworthiness is a kind of reputation and a sense of responsibility. A trustworthy person will make everyone feel comfortable, especially bringing a sense of trust to everyone. This is a prerequisite for people to entrust important tasks to you. Whether in business or in life, working with trustworthy people will double your results. If you are befriending trustworthy people in life, you need to cherish them.

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing once said: "When working, find trustworthy people, intelligent people can only talk."

When it comes to the lesson of "Trust", one cannot help but mention the famous Asian billionaire Li Ka-shing. His "Trust" is not only heavy in his career but also in life, especially in the most dangerous moments of his life. In 1996, the Hong Kong billionaire faced a major crisis when his son, Victor Li, was kidnapped by a group of criminals demanding ransom. They warned him not to report to the police, or they would immediately deal with the hostage, and Li Ka-shing agreed. When the kidnappers arrived, they searched everywhere, suspecting that the police were hiding nearby. But Li Ka-shing only said: "Throughout my business life, I have no great achievements, except for the word 'Trust' in every word I say." Then he let the kidnappers search around the house, opening all the rooms to verify that there were no police nearby. At that time, the kidnappers demanded 2 billion Hong Kong dollars as ransom. Li Ka-shing could only quickly prepare half of that amount from the bank and promised to transfer the remaining half to them within 2 days. At first, the kidnappers were still suspicious, but the truth later proved that, even though his son had returned, the Hong Kong billionaire still kept his promise and transferred the remaining 1 billion dollars to them. When asked why he acted like that, Li Ka-shing affirmed: "Trust is a second life, once lost, no matter how much money and effort is exchanged, it cannot be regained. Therefore, whatever I promise, I will definitely fulfill it." That is the courage that helped this man build a fortune and a career from scratch. It represents a part of ethics, a part of human dignity that cannot be lacking in every person.

A trustworthy person is responsible for everything, practical in everything, and will always have a response. Living a lifetime, being able to associate with trustworthy people is a great blessing. On the journey of life, having a trustworthy person to accompany you is truly precious. Here are 3 characteristics that trustworthy people have. Observe carefully the people you intend to entrust with, if they possess these characteristics, you can rest assured that you have found the right person.

A trustworthy person is always cautious and humble: Upon careful observation, we can easily find that a truly trustworthy person must be humble. From their character, we cannot find anything called arrogance, pride, or boastfulness. They do not speak grandiosely, show off, or elevate themselves. They often know how to lower themselves, be humble and realistic, not exaggerating their own achievements, not undervaluing the efforts of others, and seriously, surely, step by step, build their career. Those in this group are always calm, composed, rarely hasty, relying on their own abilities and efforts to rise, thus gaining the trust of everyone. Those who like to show off, boast about themselves, from the beginning you can feel that they are formidable, but after associating with them for a while, you will find that they are just "paper tigers", good at talking but not doing. People like this often leave an impression of untrustworthiness on others, gradually people will stay away, and in the end, whether it is in their career or life, they will encounter negative influences.

A trustworthy person is someone with responsibility: A trustworthy person, when faced with difficulties, will not avoid them but will face them, take responsibility, when faced with problems, will self-reflect, proactively admit responsibility for themselves. A trustworthy person, when they see others in life facing difficulties, will reach out to help, when they see others in work facing difficulties, will actively inquire, share, when they see you in trouble, they will immediately provide full support. A trustworthy person will always make others feel at ease, trusted from start to finish, bringing warmth and even strength to others. Responsibility is the highest medal of a person's character. Having responsibility is a kind of courage, a kind of determination. The most trustworthy person is definitely someone who lives responsibly. A responsible person is like a mountain, no matter what, they will make others feel they can rely on them.

A trustworthy person is someone with good character: Character is like gold, the purer it is, the higher the quality. In a lifetime, one must take character as the foundation. Ethics can compensate for the lack of intelligence, but intelligence can never fill the gap in ethics. People have two most attractive sources of strength, that is the strength of character and the strength of thought. Character is the essence of a person, honor is the appearance of a person. To be a person, one must take ethics as the priority, treat others with sincerity, and work with diligence. True character is the foundation of a person, treating others with sincerity is the priority, and working with diligence is the priority. In today's society, character is something that can be used as a basis for mutual trust. And a person with good character will definitely pay attention to sincerity and trust.

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