We always think that we are coming to Japan, but we never know which one comes first. I used to think that life without regret was an imperfect life. Until later, I realized that regret was another way of expression of happiness. Because it retains the most gorgeous side of fireworks.

Death never disappeared, but the opening of another time and space. There are more and more funerals participating in these years, and then it will continue to increase. I always think that the funeral should be hurt, but it tastes like it. I think I am suitable for the tomb guard. Like that tranquility. People are more deceitful than everything, but it will not be here.

Hospital's peace is cool, suitable for taking a break in summer. The flowers in the grave are the most gorgeous, which is another continuation of life. There is nothing unwilling, Liang Zhuhua Die is just a legend.

Like the deadly valley of the dead, just like the nature flowing at the fingertips. I do n’t know what to write when I write, and I ’m having my thoughts, like the floating clouds outside the window. I think I am not suitable for meditation. I ca n’t distinguish the space on my body in the meditation, and then trapped in it, just like "Dreaming Space".

When people are the most unconscious, they are close to divinity, at least I think so. When the devil in his mind fights with angels, people are the most chaotic, and often do a lot of strange things. I call it a spiritual battle. I didn't want to go anymore for a moment, just sleeping like this, there was a wonderful dream and fantasy realm.

Time is not enough, I don't have human emotions. I always walk outside this world, and I want to grasp something a little will be backbone, so I recognize it, so, let it go, let it go with the world. Destiny always gives the way out, isn't it? Even if it is not given, it is a choice in itself.

Suddenly I like the feeling of high fever. I wrote something in confusion. It is not important when burning, and life, sickness, and death are just nations in life. The indifference is better than. When the phone is closed by the phone, it is not important when the clock stops. What's more important? This world is the void of the void, as if everything is running because of its own existence. But if you disappear, will everything around you still exist? I don't know, I don't want to know.

Isn't the best state of people who rotate the fate? Isn't it the expectation of others? The secular rules are only formulated by a few people, but in order to restrain most people. Therefore, the inner roll is the set of the rules of the game, which comes from human desire. Not to mention that the internal consumption is bad words, the reason why the internal consumption is because they still have hope for themselves or to others. Or there is still a compassion for this sinful world. Perhaps it is extreme, but it is also true.

It doesn't matter if you are the most comfortable relationship with people. If you are closer, you will feel more responsible. If you are a little farther, you will feel that there are some concerns. In any case, it will become your own burden. Just like most parents' "forced marriage" just to complete their own mission ". It is not important for children to be unhappy. How can I get this topic? Presumably it is a high fever.

I don't like the phrase "Knowing the Daughter Mo Ruo" that my father often said, and his perception of me only stayed in the years when I didn't leave them at first. As for later, what I have experienced and what he changed, he knew nothing. But whenever he said this, I did not refute, because it was useless, it would attract more disputes. Simply, go with him. I hate my mother's phrase "You are a ladylike lady". I do n’t know what family is, but I know what family I live in. Due to this sentence, I cannot argue with people, I ca n’t eat roadside stalls. I must know how to be modest. I have to reflect on myself ...

I have n’t been quiet for a long time. I have watched a movie in a whole, and I will always be interrupted by this or that. Self -closing is indeed a good idea, it is healing and growing. I don't remember drinking a few cups of coffee, it seems that there is a cup for taking medicine. It doesn't matter, it's like the Matthew effect. It will have more, and even those who have lost their own own will lose. Money is the case, feelings, and time.

Enjoy the sunlight of the afternoon, so good weather is afraid that it will not be available in the future. The flies hover with the open windows, or it is just a bit more angry for the silent room. There are foods in the refrigerator. Suddenly I want to eat sweets, because my mood is low? Don't think. I only know that there will be a syncope close to coma after eating sweets. I don't feel hungry at all, maybe my mouth is too lonely. When I was a kid, I did n’t beat my parents because I was eating, and I was wronged. You ca n’t be greedy for food, you ca n’t play things, it ’s not okay, just like living in a mold, you will be trimmed without paying attention.

So, is home? Is your parents backing? At least for me, not.

Open the window and let the flies go, and return the red envelope sent by his father. I couldn't find it before, and I didn't need it in the future. Stubbornness was an independent protection color. After all, it is better to adapt to life as early as possible. I care too much about the eyes of others, and I don't want him to say that he has to be raised anymore. This vanity father loves me. But people are greedy animals. If they ca n’t get it here, they will go there to find it desperately. Suddenly, she understood the mentality of Zhang Ailing's late marrying Lai Ya.

Tired, I did not know that the clouds wrote so much. It is a kind of "tree hole" talk and venting. I was annoyed, and my hair was sleepy again. These days are always more sleepy than when you wake up. I don't remember what time it was Zhou Ji, but I was a little anxious.

That's it, noon.

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