Her sister's life is smooth and smooth. She can always choose a Avenue of Kangzhuang on each juncture of her life, and I can rest assured that I can rest assured to be my pig teammate because of her steadyness.

At that time, my sister was admitted to a local foreign language university with excellent results. When I registered, I found that the school number was zero, which is likely to be the highest score admitted by the university that year. As for why there are no more and better schools that do not apply for the exam, one is because her parents do not want her to travel around, and the other is because of the old fault of her sister and crying after the exam. After the college entrance examination, she cried particularly very well and was particularly true, so that we all believed that she was really smashing this time. Even the father's tone, who had always been calm on weekdays, was anxious. At that time, she filled the volunteer by estimating the score. Considering that her sister played abnormalities, the family decided to apply for a conservative and stable college for her. As a result, as soon as the score came out, it was amazing. The school organized a propaganda team to come to the house to send a happy newspaper. Then we found out that there was no abnormality in the exam. She was just crying.

I also asked my sister in private, isn't there a standard answer? How can I estimate that the scores can be gained dozens of rolled scores? Sister said that there are many subjective questions in the exam, including composition, etc., she all gives herself a minimum estimation. I nodded, thinking in my heart, in the final analysis, my sister was still under the psychological pressure under the aura. I have never been able to reach this kind of unrestrained high place, so I have no right to comment on my sister's response.

After graduating from my sister's university, she stayed in school to teach. At that time, because of the underestimation of the foreign language university that was associated with the score, she thought that she had been to stay for four years, but now she has been deeply rooted in for half a lifetime. During this period, my sister has been responsible for taking care of her parents. After graduating from college, I went everywhere, walked south to the north, resigned sexually, and had actively and passive entrepreneurship. When my life was low, once I stood on the street and called my sister, talking about my sister cried first, and asked me for a bank card number. Pig teammates accepted the help of her sister countless times ashamed.

I once thought that separated from my sister in two cities, now I will not be compared with my sister anyway, nor will I hurt my sister’s prestige because of my reckless behavior, but in fact, where can my family be divided into division? What about it? My sister's aura may have put a certain pressure on me in my growth, and my non -tone didn't bring a lot of thrilling feelings to her?

"No," my sister said, "I have been assured of you."

Maybe we all practiced the possibility of another life for the other party. It is what we secretly imagine and unwilling to go. As long as we look at the other party, we are satisfied.

My sister said that I made her rest assured, because there was a person who was even more worried about her now. The successor of the pig teammate is my niece, the only daughter of my sister. Not long ago, she temporarily bought a ticket to return to China to reunite with her family. A pile of luggage furniture, including pets, has become a loticized property stranded in Canada. I appreciate this kind of non -tone style of the little niece, but the psychological impact caused by her sister during her growth is naturally difficult to count. Now that I can't go back to Canada for the time being, the little niece plans to have a year of work experience in China and then apply for a maple leaf card. She is also a professional language. It happened that her sister's work unit lacked a temporary class teacher.

When I heard this news, I was really happy for their mother and daughter. How many pairs of parents can become colleagues with their children? Such fate is wonderful. But what I don't know is that since I confirmed the news, my sister couldn't sleep overnight. This is the unit who has worked for thirty years. Although the little niece has graduated from graduate, she has never had any teaching experience. If her sister's golden sign has not been smashed by her sister, she may be smashed by her daughter's own hands.

My sister began to urge my little niece to prepare lessons every day, and she died in person. As a result, the little nephew Yun Danfeng said gently, "I read the textbook, it is very simple, I don't need to prepare too much." That is, this and this attitude makes my sister insomnia, and even if I fall asleep, it is a nightmare.

Until the younger niece gave the students the first class, the sister personally peeked out of the classroom and used her mobile phone to take a sneak shot. After class, everything was calm. There are noisities such as the students expected by my sister, and even the leaders in the department are encouraged by the leaders in the department. This made my sister relieved. "Maybe my thoughts are too heavy." My sister summarized to me, "It's too tired, it's time to relax."

However, just two days ago, one morning, the sister received an anxious phone call from the teacher and asked why the little niece was late, and the students were waiting. The sister scared out a cold sweat, called the little niece who lived in the other place, and found that she remembered the wrong watch, and she was still sleeping. This is what my sister has never been in my thirty years of teaching.

My sister used painfulness and unbelievable tone to tell me this matter, and then no longer speechless, as if she was fermented with her inner emotions, waiting for comfort, but I couldn't help laughing. The position of the pig teammates has been successively succeeded, and I am comforting!

Back to that question, all people with their own halo need to be a pig teammate, just like a high -pressure cooker requires a pressure leakage valve. In life, someone climbed all the way, and the pig teammates next to them seemed to be dragging their hind legs, but they could always practice through small collapse accidents to prevent you from being crushed. Sometimes you have done your best to come to a position similar to the peak of Mount Everest. At this time, do you want to live here for a long time here? Do you want to take a photo and leave this ghost place quickly? In my opinion, those who go up to the top of the mountain are not considered to conquer the mountain peaks. Only talents who go down the mountain can be regarded as retreat. And those pig teammates are those who help you go down the mountain.

From this point of view, the aura of the sister and the assists of pig teammates really complement each other.

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