"Lazy" is not about not participating in labor, studying, not being indifferent, not necessary, but a kind of self-sufficient attitude in life. "Lazy" is also a kind of intelligence, a form of lightness, and a manifestation of self-cultivation. "Lazy" is sometimes a positive attitude towards life, so it should be encouraged to make society more beautiful. Here are 3 things that the lazier you do, the simpler the merit is that not everyone can do:

1. The first "lazy" thing: Lazy mouth - talk less, avoid gossip

In the 3 things that the lazier you do, the less you do, the more merit you create, being lazy with your mouth - talking less, avoiding gossip is the first lazy thing that should be encouraged to do. Everyone has two eyes to see, two ears to hear, but only one mouth. Therefore, you should only say what you really need to say, say at the right time and in the right place. "Disasters come from the mouth", there are many contradictions and conflicts in daily life that originate from idle gossip. To enhance merit, everyone should often remind themselves not to gossip about others. Just focus on the well-being of your own family first and then worry about the world. In social relationships, in daily communication, we also need to pay attention to how we speak, what to say and what not to say, not to speak ill of others behind their backs, as it only creates bad karma for oneself, ignites conflicts. Learn to say thank you, increase great merit and virtue, our ancestors have a saying: "Words cost nothing - Choose words that please each other" for that reason. One more friend means one less enemy. Therefore, by avoiding idle gossip, we will stay away from hatred, build harmonious relationships with those around us. When those who hate us decrease, friends will increase, and when facing difficulties, everyone will join hands to help, that is the source of blessings, which need to be expanded every day.

2. The second "lazy" thing: Lazy in giving orders - less commanding and directing

Everyone has their own unique characteristics, creating a colorful world, so it is impossible to force or command others to do things they don't like. Those who like to give orders and control others often make people distant, few are impressed. Everyone lives their own life, so let's fulfill our own duties and responsibilities, and not interfere in matters that are not our concern. Your excessive involvement can sometimes cause harm to others rather than help them. We live our own lives, and no one can decide for us, so in the lives of others, we should also let them decide for themselves, whether they are our relatives or good friends. Good leadership may earn us points, but once there are mistakes or misunderstandings, the first person to be blamed is you. In the family, you should not point fingers, impose on your spouse or children, give each other a little space, and family life will be harmonious and warm. If you want to dip your hands into everything, ask about everything, you will naturally be hated. Keeping a reasonable distance will make everything beautiful, and relationships will become beautiful. Each person is an independent individual, only by maintaining a certain distance can we avoid collisions and not get hurt. Being lazy, less calculating, less gossiping, less commanding, these are positive living habits, a form of intelligence, showing wisdom and accumulating blessings for oneself.

3. The third "lazy" thing: Lazy in thinking - less worrying

The worries that everyone faces every day are mostly created by each person's mind. A narrow mind naturally leads to more worries; an open mind naturally makes worries disappear. Whether life blooms or stagnates is decided by ourselves, not by others. "Lazy in thinking" is not about being brainless, having no vision, but only caring about what is necessary, the most essential, and not keeping trivial things to "weigh on the mind". With that, the mood will be light, comfortable, and pleasant. Always remember that in life, no matter what difficulties you encounter, always face them with the calmest and most optimistic attitude. That is the behavior of wise people. Comparing and calculating for more benefits, only you will lose. The most optimistic person is the one with the most blessings, any suffering will be overcome, and all challenges in life will only make them stronger. In any situation, always maintain an optimistic, positive attitude and try to do more good deeds for future blessings. Just sow the seeds of love, and you will reap the sweet fruits of happiness. Being lazy, less calculating, less gossiping, less commanding, these are positive living habits, a form of intelligence, showing wisdom and accumulating blessings for oneself.

In some cases, laziness is beneficial to the body, especially when done scientifically. Not only does it not harm the body, but the lazier you are, the longer your lifespan. In addition to the three things that nurture merit mentioned above, here are 4 things you should be lazy to do in daily life, to improve your health and extend your lifespan:

"Lazy" eating: During physical development, parents often require their children to eat a lot to help enhance nutrition and growth. However, once over 50 years old, the body's digestion and absorption capabilities will gradually decrease. Eating too much will not be beneficial to health. Many people think that eating a lot will supplement the body with nutrients, but in reality, eating too much will burden the stomach, causing intestinal diseases. Undigested food will accumulate in the body for a long time, leading to high blood pressure and high cholesterol, affecting lifespan. After 50 years old, adults only need to eat until 70% full, reducing the burden on the stomach and benefiting lifespan.

Lazy rushing: Folk wisdom says: A happy person is someone who walks calmly, calmly, and decisively. Those who always rush show impatience, recklessness, and lack of caution. Always being in a hurry will make your life full of obstacles, rarely will it be peaceful and happy. And the factors and events that occur in daily life. Of course, they will have a great impact on our health. The simplest thing is that always being in a hurry will make you prone to falling and getting injured, so it is more important to keep a stable mindset, act calmly, and not rush.

Lazy anger: Science has proven that there is a close relationship between a person's body and emotions. Anger can cause many diseases. Anger can damage the heart due to emotional instability, which is not good for people with heart disease. In addition, when a person is angry, the body will release many harmful substances, which can affect the health of the liver, causing damage to the liver to a certain extent. People who are often impatient and irritable may also have various mental illnesses such as alcoholism and smoking. These are harmful substances that can cause great damage to the liver. In addition, anger can also lead to unstable blood pressure. If you often lose your temper, it is easy to cause large fluctuations in blood pressure. In serious cases, unstable blood pressure can lead to diseases such as coronary artery disease, stroke, and cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, not only the elderly but also young people should pay attention to reducing anger. If you want to extend your lifespan, keep your body in the best condition. Living happily, learning to be lazy to anger, and maintaining a calm attitude every day is the method that helps us live longer and healthier.

Lazy worrying: In today's modern life, everyone has their own worries, such as worries about schoolwork, work, marriage, childbirth, and career building... Therefore, people are prone to worry and anxiety, and the important thing at this time is to learn to relax. Especially in the morning, you should not let worries make you wake up suddenly. Because in the early morning, breathing and heart rate increase, blood pressure rises, if you wake up too quickly, it will have a bad effect on your health, even leading to a stroke. There are also young people who wake up as soon as they hear the alarm, which is also very bad. When eating, do not let worries affect you. It is best not to eat in a hurry, eat slowly, and if time allows, chew slowly. If you eat too quickly and do not chew your food properly, it will burden your stomach, and in the long run, it can cause stomach diseases, even stomach cancer.

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