The internet is on fire with the cheesecake factory date scandal paper. Now, here's another paper, and in it, I offer some things to consider about why a man might take you to a cheesecake factory.

First off, let me say this: I don't know why you're riding in a car with these men on the first date, and you don't know where you're going! Are you being lured in?!?! I don't ride in a car with a man on the first date, and I don't know where the first date is going before I arrive. I always arrive separately and let someone know where I am and who I'm with just in case.

Here are the reasons for getting a cheesecake factory date.

1. You're attracting at your level, but wanting more

The braggin' he's doing with that cash he gave you is frontin'
If you're going to brag, make sure it's your own money you're flaunting
You're not relying on anyone else to give you what you want - Destiny's Child, Independent Women (Part 1)

Many women complaining about the cheesecake factory (or similar restaurants) need to listen to independent women (Part 1 and 2). Bills, bills, bills; survivors; U upgrade. Many of you are looking for a man to give you social influence and satisfaction. Because a random man took you to a nice restaurant, you want to post on social media, brag to your friends, and feel special.

If you need a 5-star meal, get it for yourself! Stop expecting someone else to compensate for what you can't afford. Women married for lifestyle in the 50s and 60s when they weren't given the same career opportunities as men. This is the 21st century! Secure your bag and earn your lifestyle, and you will never look for someone to give it to you... and they can never take it away.

Also, he's seeking validation of your worth at the restaurant he chose. You're asking for something from something to help you inside. It's backwards. You need to deal with what's inside, and that's... done...

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