I was in the summer vacation of a certain year-this is the case. The specific classmate's home is really blurred, and it must be after 1995. It can also be determined that this movie-sunny days, not watching in the cinema. In the mid-to-late 1990s, it was no longer the movie theater watching mode. It is impossible to see such a movie in the theater.

Moreover, at that time, the piracy was already flourishing, and it had long been relying on XX six. It was not expected to have a news message on Sunday. At that time, piracy was omnipotent.

I remember the earliest pirated video disc, which was the burning of Brad Pitt. It was already already seen in the video hall of Hongwa Temple, but it was still obsessed with Pitt "the earth was shocking and the mountains were whistling." The dish of 22 yuan bought at the Snow Strop Street Holders was very poor, but I cherished it. I took it around the streets and watched it many times with different friends. Can you watch it repeatedly, haven't you seen Shaolin Temple eight times?

Therefore, Mr. Jia Zhangke can pay tribute to piracy in the preface of a movie manual, and we can also. In the future, if I write a book, I must sincerely confess pirated piracy that once changed our lifestyle and aesthetic taste.

It's like the front and back of a coin. Although the piracy is illegal, it is spiritually wearing the thorns and seeing the sun in spirit.

Several friends, one day during college holidays, three or five in groups gathered in a dark and windy room. The room was messy and cigarette heads were scattered. A broken guitar with a broken string was thrown in the most corner place. More than a dozen pairs of stinky socks and sparse sneakers. There are no extra ice beer in the refrigerator. From the leftovers wrapped in a variety of plastic bags to the piles of more than half a bottle of value -added Coca -Cola. No one wants to eat solo food, a few white bowls, each person pour some, each person pour some. Just a plate of flavored crispy peanuts, watching movies crooked in the east.

That was the first time I watched the sunny days, and it was not particularly familiar with Jiang Wen. Of course, he knew that in 1987 he played "My Grandpa" in the red sorghum, and slept in the movie in the unprepared sorghum land. In fact, the most impressive is Furong Town. He likes the kind of tone very much, especially when he and Liu Xiaoqing are beaten into the right, the dark affection in the morning sweeping on the street in the fog.

At that time, I didn't know much about the information of the director and screenwriter, but I just cared about whether the movie itself was good or not.

A large part of the time of university is given to the movie, perhaps destined.

In addition to the direction behind the Chuanyin bedroom, in addition to the general building, there is also the large auditorium of the X Army Command, that auditorium can be spent five yuan, even watching two movies. I remember that there was a God crazy about the upper and lower episodes, where it was watched there. At that time, the five -dollar could eat two very delicious meat in the cafeteria, but it was very delicious. The right hand will always shake you. Here I represent all the teachers and students of level 93 and level 95 again X's eight -generation ancestors. In short, at that time, the purchasing power was still strong at that time. After all, a lot of things could be done. During the use of his girlfriend to return to his hometown, he went to his hometown to find flowers and asked the willow. The rotten tongue was successfully reduced to two yuan. The final settlement is still the Chuanyin vegetable ticket, the Chuanyin vegetable ticket around 1997, and the universities and stalls in those universities and stalls in Fangyuan can be universal.

Remember that when a few friends watched the sun, they liked to watch the breasts and thighs of the white flowers under Jiang Wen's lens. I paid more attention to the wonderful performances of the soundtracks and the little actors. There is no self -proclaimed high, just radish and green vegetables, each has their own love.

Later, I learned that Jiang Wen almost applied to the narrative structure of the American past. The soundtrack directly imitated Martincisse's angry bulls, and Mascani's rural knight played.

His work as a rookie director is undoubtedly a huge success. Behind success, it is inseparable from the help of too many people. For example, more than 10 million yuan in Liu Xiaoqing's gang, such as the strong support of the original Wang Shuo (also made a guest appearance), such as the old actor of Fang Huaqin Gaowa Wang Xuexian, such as Xia Yuning Jing Gengle, a small Tao Hong, Stunning interpretations and so on.

At that time, the movie was too stepping on the horse, not worse than the overlords in a cinema in Jiuganqiao in 1993. Speaking of Farewell My Concubine, I did n’t play anywhere. The original plan did not spend ten yuan to see the Bawang. A school sister invited us to see it and took the initiative to buy a ticket, so I went, so I went, so I went. Just during the movie watching, we almost had nothing to say, maybe she could not do her wish. In the Introduction of the next day, we called us to make money. This is a bit embarrassing and angry. In fact, they are all good movies, and they may prefer sunlight. After all, it records a little similar and resonant youth.

I remember that after watching this movie, it was like a fire species in my heart. The shock of forbearance in the bottom of my heart was both painful and happy.

Although I might as well watch Agan who wants to drop out of school like that, but I also thought that I would like to make such a movie in the future. So in 1998, when he was studying musicals in Shanghai, he accidentally saw the love of the dovetail butterfly and Prague in the rental house of a director (at that time was only the director of the play). Although in my career so far, I have not been able to be a director as expected, but I have shared with you on the podium for more than 20 years of "dreams in the darkness".

Many domestic directors have excellent debuts, but they can shoot their debuts so shocking, but they are rare. Jiang Wen seems to be brave, in fact, he is in his heart. No wonder he wanted to play Cheng Dieyi. Think about it, if he and Zhang Fengyi formed a CP, with his narration in the sun, he was not fucking his mother. Hahahahahaha. That feeling is too fierce. However, it is difficult to say that the success of a movie requires appropriate causes. Without the exit of Zunlong, there is no Zhang Guorong's peerless classic, without Zhou Runfa's decline, and there is no Li Bihua's wisdom to know beads and chose Zhang Fengyi.

Jiang Wen never belongs to the serial sequence of Northern Dian, nor does he use the names of the first generation and the names to shout for himself. He is a rock poet in the Chinese film industry. He is Bob Dyon in the film industry.

Jiang Wen's not many directors' works are all love, except for that step. As long as people are people, they must be flawed. Human Kaigo still has no pole, and human EMO has three shots. The sun also likes to rise as usual, especially Zhou Yun is free at the roof, recite the yellow crane in Wenzhou dialect, and goes to the forefront.

Good movies, sometimes as obscure as poetry, but should also be as well as a song. Or it should be more like an interesting story. In our mouths, it should be told over and over again.

The characters in Jiang Wenwen liked the surname Ma, and even he starred in Lu Chuan's gun search, also called Ma Shan.

There are generally trains in his movies. The green skin will be shot beautifully by him, spraying thin.

There are also songs from the former Soviet Union. The melodious and sadness of Russian, such as hawthorn branches in the wind, sway and sway.

Of course, there is a heavy sun in the filter, like the beauty in the kaleidoscope. Of course, there are roofs with moss full of moss. We have been like cats with hot iron leather roofs, and we have forgotten in the intersection of the early morning and the dusk.

In the morning wind, there was a smell of burning grass in memory. Ma Xiaojun carried Milan, and in the morning light of the birch forest and shadow hunt, he passed by from the ignorant youth.




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