Writing this article is derived from a fun test, but it may also be the sequelae of watching the movie "Galaxy Class" before. In short, it successfully triggered my thinking.

What is life? From the moment of birth, he ran towards death. In the case of unable to come back, most people are always looking for some kind of trajectory, as if it is safe to be right, it is correct, and it should be reasonable. So who was originally designed this trajectory? Or is there no way in this world, and there is a way to walk?

Humans in primitive society, in order to resist beast attacks, and to overcome the slightly evil natural environment, naturally form a group life. The life mode inside the male lead and the female owner should also have been met in the first period of time? Later, the rise of the maternal society form a social culture of a female humble man, and the generation of feudal society will subvert it. Therefore, the topic we are going to discuss today is not the formation and development of the idea of ​​"emphasizing men and lights", but a broader lifestyle. In other words, this topic is too huge and general. I only talk about some of the simple understanding based on the above thinking.

We always say that living in the present, how can we live in the present? When you want to work hard but can't find your goal, you follow the rhythm of most people to study, work, get married, and give birth to baby. Or life does not require goals, it seems to be a kind of rebellion? Sometimes, no goal is pushed away by life day after day, and I don't feel that there is nothing. With the goal, it feels pain. Because changes will force yourself to jump out of the comfort zone, breaking the established model is originally an anti -human and painful thing.

What is the goal? My understanding is that the goal is the standard answer. For example, if you realize the freedom of wealth and how long to achieve the ideal body shaping effect, how many books must be read every year, how much energy you must take for each meal ... It seems that there are always eyes staring at yourself. Stay yourself with the most harsh judgment. Although we all know that no criticism is stronger than self -criticism, and no judge is more stricter than himself. Even if it is a light sentence, condemnation and punishment may accompany life and become life imprisonment.

Is that the existence of that goal is still important? In other words, we have escaped the secular standard answers, but we will fall into the standard answers of self -presets. Isn't it more painful? Or, in which step of my understanding of this question has begun to enter the misunderstanding? As a student, daily homework, weekly diary, and exams every semester. After work, KPI every day, weekly summary, every quarterly report report. As if repeating the same life trajectory. Therefore, this has become the standard answer in the eyes of most people. Even later resignation and entrepreneurship, they followed this model, but the object of the report was changed to themselves.

This article was originally intended to refute the standard answer, but it was now found to be deeper and deeper. It seems that when you stare at the abyss for a long time, you will swallow it. The sense of relaxation is very important. Since it is unable to change, learn to find the room for breathing in adaptation. But the string in my heart could not be loosened. Is it the standard answer that is bound to us or do we give ourselves the goal of not being practical to pursue the standard answer?

So, this extends another topic: Why do we sometimes be anxious to deny ourselves? If you put aside the running trajectory of history, what are we most afraid of on the road of personal growth? In other words, when we write our own memoirs, what are you most worried about? Fear of mediocrity, but unable to change, and even memories are the same.

So, what is the standard answer to life? If you set the goal of struggle for your life at the age of 20, will you not be anxious and panic at the age of 40? When we were young, when we wrote, did we think of this problem when we wrote ideals? If you think now, I will feel that those who set goals at the age of 20 are pitiful. It's like the slave to pay off the monthly supply every month, because a house trapped for decades. But these people are great, insisting that if they do not ask the results, the process is like a brilliant process.


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