Happiness, joy and wealth are what everyone wants to achieve, but anything in the world should be moderate. In order to have a smooth and happy life, these are 8 situations in the treatment of such people, we should pay attention. Do not make a mistake when accidentally committing these 8 taboos:

1. When excessive excitement, it is easy to miss words

When people have fun, excited feelings and want to share their inner feelings with others, the words will not be too careful. The mood of the people around them is actually very sensitive, once we are so happy without keeping the right attitude, it is easy to lose people. The mood may be excited, but the language should not be too ostentatious, the actions should not be arrogant, we need to keep a calm mind when sharing with others.

2. When suffering from great pain, it is easy to lose the spirit

A person who is too great and tragic feelings, after releasing to pour all the burden in psychology, his spirit will become very unsightly. Therefore, we need to pay attention to our own pain, forget the past, after adjusting our inner mind, we can find new directions and new motivation. As long as people are still alive, they need to look forward and continue to move forward. Anyway, the past never returns, the path of human life is a one -way journey, without a round -trip ticket. Therefore, we need to appreciate what is and constantly hope tomorrow.

3. When being overjoyed, it is easy to neglect

Behind Lucky and happy, actually still hidden traps. Because, no cake falls from the sky. If a person's greed is cheap or too happy, their ability to distinguish correctly, good and bad will be reduced and easily deceived. So, if something makes us "overjoyed", be careful to consider whether it is a trap or not.

4. Expenses too much is easy to lose love

Too much worries and too much calculations will make us lose our loved ones and those who love us. In a relationship, if we always give a lot but get less, so we become calculated, then this relationship will be easily destroyed. In close relationships, the most taboo thing is to compare the calculation. When you can give your wholeheartedly, love sincerely and live your life without thinking more, it is the time when you have true happiness, not dominated by others.

5. Drunk is very easy to mistake the virtue

Drink The cup of wine is happy, but when drinking too much will harm health, this is too clear. Moreover, drinking too much alcohol not only harms the liver and kidneys but also can affect the ability to treat people. It is said "alcohol in words", if drunk, speech wildly and wrong actions can also be harmed to virtue. Because when drinking too much, we will also easily say a lot, but there is a bit of yeast, it will probably say what should not be said and guilty to others. Drinking too much is also easy to act shallow, under the control of "ghost men", people cannot control themselves, acts are susceptible to standards. When a middle -aged person, reuniting with the family, the mental and physical health is the most important thing. Therefore, we need to cultivate the properties to maintain the health of both physically and mentally. Accompanying two "tea and books" friends is a great way to extend life.

6. Bragging words are very easy to trust

The ancients had the saying: "The speech of output, the actions", meaning that once the words have been said, the action must be done. Words need to go hand in hand, definitely need to attach great importance to faith. If a person who keeps dancing in his arms and legs, talking wildly, it is very difficult to have the trust of others. Do not underestimate the promise, the promise that needs to be done, this is also the word or the value of a person. Therefore, before clapping your chest promising anything, let's consider our ability to do it. Helping others is of course a very good thing, but it will not be good if we cannot help others but also delay their work.

7. When angry, it is very rude

When people are angry, it is difficult to control emotions. The same is the same, when angry, it is impossible to control my actions. When encountering agitated moods, it is easy to speak irresponsibly, even twisting hands, stomping. At this time, the social spell has no way to urge that person. So, if you encounter emotional confusion, let's take a deep breath, leave the debate and wait a few minutes before doing everything.

8. Too much desire is very easy to lose life

The ancients had the saying: "The actor, the reality of the death", the meaning of the bird died of a good bait, the dead because of the money. If people have too many desires, then there will be no good outcome. The capacity of an adult is to how much will receive a great reward. When you work, as long as you do it in your duty and deserve your conscience is enough. When a person has too much desire and does not achieve what he wants, it is a kind of torment. The abundance of external things has no way to nourish the barren heart inside. The rich inside is true happiness.

Life is like a river, every wave after the bucket before, people always have to constantly face the difficulties, and if they are too important to lose their fame, life will have a lot of suffering, regrets. The story of life has 8, 9 parts is not as satisfactory, spending by facing suffering with an optimistic attitude, leaving negative and obstinate in the mind, so tired will leave, happiness will be Easy to find. Let go of the following 4 things down, tired in your life will leave you:

Let go of the resentment mind: The sky is sometimes clear, sometimes gloomy, life with a scene is also adversity. In conflict that in the mind considered afflictions, the natural pressure will double. In the conflict, in the mind of An Dinh, the pressure will naturally drop to half. "The scene of the mind", the resentment, the world around the surrounding is also sad. In adversity that resentment, life will be darker, can also make people fall into a muddy. Along with resentment, the disturbance every day appears, which can be compared to a ghost gnawing spiritually, making people more and more pessimistic. A American author said: “Forgiveness is the key to open the door of resentment and handcuffs of hatred. It is the power that can break the shackles of bitterness and shackles of selfishness. ”

Let go of the lazy mind: In today's physical age, the rich freely shopping, considering leisurely as a natural enjoyment. And the poor also often expects the rights of rights, in the mind that is hard to avoid being indignant. Everyone is pursuing comfortable and comfortable, no one seems to do not like to be happy and happy. However, leisurely is very close to lazy. The lazy mind comes from complacent, pursuing comfort, lack of humility and patience.

Let go of the heart of jealousy: The jealousy of jealousy is really harming people. People with this mind when living with others and seeing others than themselves are winged in their hearts, psychology loses balance. Some people are so jealous that they always find ways to hinder and harm others. Even, there are people because of that to produce evil, evil, and to harm others. When the puzzle is unbearable, the person will cause extremely serious and harmful consequences, and at the same time determine the pathetic outcome for himself. In fact, everyone has their own path, no need to hate jealousy, nor need to "desire" like them, the world is immense but people are so small, why You have to lock yourself in a cage full of dirty things and poison? Trying to do your duties well, what should be available. Human energy is limited, instead of jealous of others, use your finite force to focus on what you want. Thus, just open a new sky for yourself, just live calmly and free.

Let go of the torment of the past: The past is the story, unable to change, can only be accepted. The boat of life could not carry too much attachment, could not resist too many binding. The suffering in the past plus the troubles in the present, for anyone who said, is also a spiritual torment. So some people who need to let go, let go, some things when you need to forget. Do not keep unnecessary things in your life. When you have, please cherish, when you lose, learn how to thank. What has passed, gradually let go, what missed, learn how to liberate. Let go of what happened, foxes with the past, not to memorize the legs of the leg, that is the true liberation.

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