The north suddenly cooled, as if it was like a spring that came in the night. In the darkness before dawn, people are even more reluctant to go out, and buying food online is naturally the first choice. Is it the advent of the post -epidemic age? It is undeniable that there are more and more people who have a cold because of cooling. I couldn't help it.

When I saw this small biscuits in the food software, I had an inexplicable feelings. It should be more than thirty years ago, or maybe a little later. At first glance, it is a luxury in my life. At that time, there were two flavors of milk and chocolate, but the price was the same. I remember that the shops in the school would disassemble the biscuits and sell them. One of five cents or one dime was unclear. In short, when I graduated from elementary school, the school was still popular.

At that time, there was a large -scale wholesale market near the railway station, and many shops sold this kind of biscuits. However, it is also because of the wholesale market that most of the ten packages started. If you only buy one pack, it is actually higher than the retail price in the store. My aunt often criticized her daughter, and I occasionally stunned.

I remember that one year was sick, I couldn't eat anything, and I wanted to eat this little biscuit when I was iron -hearted. My mother said that my mouth was deliberately pretending to be ill, and I completely ignored the numbers on the thermometer. I only carelessly murmured and couldn't compare with the wealthy family of my aunt. When it comes to anger, I naturally have no good look for me.

Later, I did not know when it started, and I never saw this small biscuits on the market. I also slowly forgot about its memory. Although I did not develop the habit of eating snacks from small to large, I didn't know why, I felt very aggrieved at that time. Maybe it's because of illness.

Now, see this small biscuits, there are several packages in a few dollars, and the surprise in my heart is replaced by exclusion. Despite this, I bought a copy for the order. Perhaps because of the same illness, I thought in the subconscious thought that I could get better like a small cake disease that I was thinking about when I was a kid. However, not.

After the night, the body temperature was higher, and he was unwilling to take medicine as self -masochist and refused to eat. It seems that a few pieces of biscuits that can only be eaten are cure all kinds of pirates. Otherwise, why can't you ask for it when you were a kid? What are the only small biscuits that can't be asked? Is the little aunt's family really a wealthy family? Don't look back at the way you walk. What kind of ending is worthy of such a lifetime?

I don't know if there are stray cats nearby, the rest of the biscuits are given to them. Such a cold day, presumably they will be more sad.

Think of the stray cat in the neighborhood when I first arrived in Shenzhen. That's right, separated by a road, there is a slum in the rich area. At that time, I did a clockwork for several households over there. One of them is lunch. If there are leftovers, you can pack it and take it away. The family never complained about whether I did more intentions. After spending time, I also enthusiastically introduced me to work in the travel agency opened by her relatives. Life is a little stable, and it is getting better and better.

In fact, most of the meals that were packed at that time would be distributed to stray cats in the community, and they needed more than me. Fortunately, the winter in Shenzhen is not cold.

In comparison, the winter in the north is very cold, maybe because of the age, I just feel that it is colder year by year. But no matter how cold, cold? Gradually learned a bit.

His head still hurts, as if a few grasshoppers dancing inside. The entrance of the small biscuits is extremely bitter, and the taste is more unpalatable than Chinese medicine. The solar terms displayed on the calendar are only snowy, and the cold days are growing, and I don't know if it is the last winter. Rare, I ate small biscuits again, but there should be less. I feel that it is not delicious. It is not the formula of a biscuit. The person who changes is myself. Let's go and leave one after another. How is the ending of "Dream of Red Mansions" written? It's so clean that it is just white.


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