1. Parents will also go far away forever

No matter how reluctant, there will be a day to say goodbye to parents. When we were young, in our eyes, our parents were heroes, capable of anything. As we grow up, our parents also grow old, they no longer go through rain and shine, and their bodies are no longer as strong and healthy as before. Just a slight illness, an accidental fall, or even a normal night's sleep can permanently separate them from this world. Children want to take care of their parents, but their parents may not wait for that day, which is a great regret for everyone. Therefore, while parents are still healthy, we should cherish them even more as their children. Parents are aging every day. Instead of organizing a grand funeral when parents pass away, why don't we show our filial piety while they are still alive? Only then can we face the separation without regret in the future. We should learn to face the losses in life. When we can face these losses without regret, our mentality has improved, and we can face the world more lightly and comfortably.

2. Opportunities to advance beyond reach

When people reach middle age, many careers have already been established, and it is difficult to find any more opportunities for advancement. Compared to younger people, as we age, our strength, energy, and advantages gradually diminish. Therefore, after working hard for many years, we do not want to miss the rare opportunity for advancement, otherwise everything may stop here. However, in this world, things will not always go as we wish, and missing the opportunity for advancement will always make people feel pain, disappointment, and unwillingness. But in the end, we can only choose to accept and face it. If you can learn to accept the unchangeable truths in this process and find a way out, that is wisdom in life. Many times, the self-pity we swallow will gradually accumulate and spread more and more in our hearts. After all, a career is only a part of life, and we should not be too burdened by the inability to reach the peak of our career. What is important is that after the effort, you can adapt naturally, without collapse, without caring about the eyes of others, find the center and true purpose of life, live well for the present, only then can you have a meaningful life.

3. Children gradually leave the embrace of their parents

In the hearts of many parents, they always feel that their children are still young, but in the blink of an eye, their children have grown up, started their careers, and have to struggle to support a family. It seems that the maturity of children happens in the blink of an eye, while the past is still vividly clear. As children gradually grow up and move towards the future, parents can only watch and bid farewell to their children, even though they are very reluctant, they still hold back their tears and smile to let go, silently praying and blessing their children in their hearts. But clearly, in this way, we can only hope for future generations, accept the loss in exchange for the development of future generations, which is also very painful.

4. Health silently slips away

In this life, nothing is more important than your own self, a body without illness, a soul without chaos, that is the true happiness of a person. There is a saying: "A healthy person has a hundred wishes, a sick person has only one wish: that is health." It is true, illness does not spare anyone, whether you are rich or poor, high or low in status. If you are fortunate enough to have good health, it means you are close to success in all areas. Treat your own health well, maintain your health, and start from a young age. After all, for us, health is like the embankment of a river, once we are not careful, just a swarm of ants can make the embankment collapse. To avoid such tragedies, from now on, start to love and cherish your own health. Eat properly, exercise according to a suitable regimen, do not stay up late, maintain a stable mental state, do not wait until old age to struggle between life and death.

There is a saying: The most painful thing in life is attachment, the hardest thing in life is letting go. A happy person is not someone who does not worry, but someone who is wise enough to be ready to let go of vain desires, let go of the shackles of fame and gain, not be exhausted between gain and loss. Only when you remember the following two things, can a person truly be free:

Not every letting go is giving up

There is a story like this. In ancient times, a man boarded a boat with a large bag of gold on his back. Suddenly, when the boat reached the middle of the river, a strong wind blew. Seeing the boat about to capsize, the boatman shouted to him: "Quickly throw away the gold!" If he had discarded the burden in time, the boat would have been lighter and there would have been a chance to survive. However, no matter how the boatman shouted, the man refused to let go of the gold in his hand. In the end, the boat sank in the waves and the man perished just for the bag of gold. At first listen, many children find it hard to understand, how could there be such a foolish person in the world? Only when we grow up, many of us realize that we have become the very person we once laughed at. We are obsessed with fame, and become slaves to material possessions without realizing it. We cling to emotions that no longer belong to us, never letting go, and end up being hurt time and time again. In many cases, letting go is not giving up. Letting go is a way for us to reduce the burden in life. Only when we have the courage to let go of the burden and move forward lightly, can we see a different aspect of life.

"Having" always comes with "letting go"

Living in this world, the more we seek, the more we lose. The greatest difficulty in life is when we have to stand at a crossroads and consider the trade-offs. Whether you want it or not, you still have to accept the fact that life is a cycle of gain and loss. No one can have it all. It is better for us to live freely, cherish each moment, let go of what needs to be let go, and smile at life. Only when we know how to let go, can we truly be free. On the journey of life, we often pursue happiness, but the law of heaven and earth is "having always comes with letting go." To achieve success, sometimes we have to make trade-offs with health and family. Being too attached to emotions sometimes makes people feel lonely, lost, or burdened. Life is like a bill, if we can let go of what is lost, and go with the flow, happiness will surely come.

What you need, I don't need. People who are too calculating are often very smart, but in return, they are only troubled and unhappy. People should live sincerely, but not too bluntly. Sometimes, for genuine happiness, we need to be patient. Life has its ups and downs, do not blame anything. Even when happy, there are still worries, and even when in despair, there is always luck. Life is not a wild race, but a long journey. Sometimes, someone should be very happy, but their face is often gloomy. Someone who is naturally worried is always radiant with happiness. The journey of each life should go with the flow. Day after day, we go back and forth on the road, but who knows, at some point, something unexpected will happen on that road. The years flow from one day to the next. From when the flower blooms to when it withers, from when the flower exudes fragrance to when the color fades, just accept and welcome every gift in life, there is no need to blame yourself for how much you have or have not.

Throughout life, the things worth loving and cherishing are truly abundant, don't frown over a few things that don't go as planned. Everyone seeks happiness like thirst, but the warmth and coldness of the world can only be understood by oneself. Some people, every day, are busy seeking happiness, but never feel the existence of a smile. Some people, knowing how to pick up warm affection and emotions, always accompany joy. The journey of each life should flow naturally. Day after day, we go back and forth on all roads, but who knows that at some point, on that road, something unexpected will happen. The years flow from one day to the next. From the time the flower blooms to the time it falls, from the time the flower exudes fragrance to the time the color fades, just accept each gift in life calmly, without blaming yourself for how much or how little you have.

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