Those who can compose are bad and weird. In fact, it is not difficult to understand, behavior is good and strange, their thinking is always in another unique frequency band.

However, the brains of composers are different from ordinary people. There are no women in the great composers of the epoch -making. The scientific statement is that this difference in the structure of the men's and women's brain.

In fact, I think this is not discrimination, but a kind of care. God's love for women. It is a good thing not to engage in such a terrible work.

Because the composer is short -lived.

The state of life is a kind of devastation of people.

The Tang Dynasty ghost Li He was jealous and died at the age of 26. I heard that most of his poems were inspired by dreams. However, the composer's daily life is indeed very bad. I have no talent for composer, but I am stained with the bad habit of the composer and asked Cangtian silently.

Mozart is in his thirties, as is Schubert. Beethoven is better and lives more than fifty, which may be related to the personality that he is unwilling to lose. You can write so many giant systems when your ears are deaf. He is really a super powerful person. Hemingway is the same. Although he died of suicide in the end, his life was extremely tough.

Of course, my understanding is that this kind of composition we learned is the lowest end in the composition technology. It is not comparable to the great people, so it does not affect health. Otherwise, can a few words of hammering in the horse can be regarded as art? Intersection

Speaking of Brother Liu, he wore black -frame glasses at the bottom of the beer bottle, and always murmured all the way. The bloated figure is very similar to Chinchilla. It is not as if Brother Pan does not repair the border, he should have to shave beards. In short, at first glance, there is still a little white. If it wasn't for my aesthetics, the peanuts were used to describe the beautiful girls who described beads and Yukun. I really felt like a peanut. Understand northerners and Japanese people call sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes, and sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes).

I have said before, I actually met him in the toilet. When he pee, he has a quirk, and he kept booing himself, just like he was coaxing his infant himself. I rely on, the world is hundreds of people, people and so on. It is a big world, there is no strange.

Later, Brother Liu was asked, and he smiled with a pig with a pig. In fact, he didn't know what bad in his heart.

I loved to go to their bedrooms at that time, because there were always all kinds of interesting people there.

For example, the boy who sings rock has very flowing long hair, baseball cap, cool big boots, and walking with a sense of rhythm.

As a result, it is better to sing a shit hahahaha. It seems that people really can't look, and there are a lot of people who bluff people in appearance. He is also a paper tiger, and he looks like the brother he said before.

It is absolutely no problem to scare and scare people, but when seeing the true chapter, all the fucking eggs.

It is said that the guy like his grandson when he spent a professional lesson in singing ear training. The other is a guitar master. All kinds of tapes can be amazing, but people are more arrogant, and my eyes are always staring at the sky. I really worry that he fell a hungry dog ​​to eat. The other is always hungry, looking for food every day. I was lying on the bed for two days and two nights for a few days. Those who didn't know that they were dead. In fact, the bedroom companions knew that they would be resurrected regardless of him or the counselor teacher to rescue him.

Then there is a younger brother of the Department of Music, walking very floating, similar to the Dream Master of Dream Less. There is no trace of the shadow. He obviously learns music, but he is always like a township cadre. Of course, if you are playing with a pen in the Conservatory of Music, it is quite consistent with temperament.

Brother Liu, in fact, has a latitude and weft, and the surface is calm and quiet, but it is hidden.

I was relatively immature at that time, and I always gained a lot of time to chat with him.

At that time, I was quite humble. Although I received a letter of retreat from the Rolling Stone, I still thought that I was more average to write a song, so I admire my friends who compose the composition department. I also often regret that I have not been able to take the composer of the composition department in the Chongqing test area.

After many years, I understand that a truth is actually an open process. It is not what you read. The most important thing is what you really like.

In fact, I accidentally heard Brother Liu's song.

Because of those who mentioned earlier, I never heard their works, and Brother Liu did not show up, and it was purely hear.

At that time, another younger brother was singing his work. I felt amazing, so I asked to watch the song score. Brother Liu did not avoid taboos and regrets, and borrowed the songs to me quickly.

On the crooked score, the simple and pure emotion is filled.

After listening to the works of those celebrities, the song of friends who can hear the friends with fireworks at close range are wonderful.

No matter how good the celebrities, there will be a sense of distance, and Brother Liu's songs are at hand.

Can be touched.

What makes me feel comfortable is that he lit a cigarette and slowly told me the creative background of these songs.

Especially there is a "You", which is my favorite.

He told me his hometown, a small city. When writing this song, the flowing smoke and the flow of people from get off work from a distance, the ordinary comfort is incorporated into your love song. I haven't wrote a song before, my songs are very obscure and high, so I am very separated from the world. Brother Liu's song made me feel calm and light, as if sitting and watching Yunqi.

Usually it looks bad, but understanding the work in depth, you can see a very different glorious world.

Therefore, at that time, all I have to do is to listen quietly.

In the winter vacation of 1997, I was inspired and compiled Brother Liu's "You" into a guitar. It is not exaggerated that this is probably the best song in my life. Better than my own songs. It may also be that at that time, the song I wrote was not very suitable for guitar accompaniment. It was strange that I hated the piano so much. The song I wrote during that period was only suitable for piano accompaniment. It wasn't until 1998 that a butterfly changed, or other people's words, and there was a guitar accompaniment version.

At the end of the winter vacation, one night, when a group of people gathered to drink, I told Brother Liu that give you a small gift.

I did n’t speak much when I was chatting before, they were all observers, and they felt more surprised.

Brother said you want to send me a fender? I said you go to shit hahahaha, I only play red cotton myself.

When I played the song, they were stunned. It is my arranging that is too fitted with the original song. Everyone likes it, and Brother Liu is also very happy. He may not expect that I understand the profound meaning of this song so.

Sometimes it is a kind of happiness to meet a conscience or admirer. Especially for artistic creation, "understanding" is very important. And I played him to sing, making this song more perfect. Unfortunately, although I often sing this song later, I think it is not as good as my brother's affectionate interpretation.

Jin Zhijuan once told Li Zongsheng to tell his love story. Lao Li wrote to see you across the sea, because the story itself is sincere, the elder brother just made a loyal record with lyrics. He is really a good listener. Seeing Luo Dayou's writing to Zhang Aijia, there is a spring, and he is not lonely. He wants to write a song for Ai Jia's love and growth, so the price of love came into being.

The first time I heard this song, it was still in the distant 1992. That year's art test failed, and I was ready to repeat it. In the hot summer, I heard this song at first, like a cool wind. 10,000 in the music table for Phoenix Satellite TV in my heart, I feel that life is sleepy, and there is a song guidance, which is great luck. Coupled with that movie, the third summer, the light and shadow became good.

"As if in the past life, I saw that it was your sun, the child's expression, as if he had heard it in the previous life, it was the long -term whisper in the night."

"When I leave without this head, is this an expectation of reincarnation? When I leave without returning, is this a permanent harm ..."......

I would like to commemorate the shiny days. There are songs, wine, and dreams.

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