I don't know what the wedding banquet that everyone was invited in the past was like? It is really happy to witness a couple, but it is better for me to eat, because I usually do n’t go out for dinner, but I usually want to eat when I get to the wedding banquet Usually, we will choose which restaurant you have eaten to know the cooking level of this restaurant. If the wedding banquet is just going, it will always be a bit lost. Can witness the newcomer and can contact relatives to feel the relationship.

Recently, my cousin got married. This cousin is my aunt's daughter. It is quite a year to see what special things can be seen in the New Year. Sometimes it ’s very interesting. After a few months, it is also very interesting to call my aunt. Originally we were invited to participate in the wedding banquet when we were coming on weekdays, but they did not live with me far away, and I invited the night before eating together. I don’t know how they called "Kitchen", usually they are Each family invites the dear relatives and friends to eat.

And this "cooking" did not pay much attention to just a normal meal I would go to my aunt's house after I went. Many aunts came from Guangxi. I have five aunt, and my mother has three siblings. So every time I go back to my hometown, I see many children in neighbor neighbors. Therefore, it seems that in Guangxi, it seems that sometimes it is crying. A few aunts have been in Guangxi, so I can't understand their "native vernacular" at all. I can only barely communicate through my mother's translation.

On the first day, I have eaten at noon and night. At noon, I still went to the restaurant the night before, but the bride and bridesmaid had to stay in the female house. The meals are packed and took back to the woman's house for them. Many people eat together at noon. After everyone, everyone went to the female house to sit down and wait for the Nan family to come and get a relative. Sometimes I am curious about the male house? At about two o'clock in the afternoon, the south came over, and the header was a new BMW Seven Series.

I have seen a lot of cars in the first time I have seen "Uncle", because my cousin wants to change my cousin, but she just feels worse than that I am five or six years old, and she is helpless hahaha. Uncle cousin is Shunde, and the cousin is also the benefit of the Shunde's marriage. It is convenient to return to her mother's house. The big cousin is also married to Shunde, so the grandfather can often meet after giving birth. Listening to my cousin said that they were also colleagues, because the cousin was not big, so many relatives introduced the objects to my cousin, and the cousin was more introverted and told her parents half a year before marriage.

At that time, I was going to go to the car in the first half of the day or I could drive to get my kiss. After I got off work, my dad drove to the restaurant together. Tonight, I did n’t know him at the beginning of a restaurant named Shunde Fishing Village in Shunde. But I have a feeling of looking up at the scene, because it is very big, to what extent? At that time, I went in and saw that there were also newcomers taking pictures, but I saw that it was not my cousin, and then unexpectedly there were three new couples on the spot. I couldn't imagine how big it was, and there were many employees.

Before the meal, I took a photo with my cousin, and the photos could be printed immediately. Basically, I am waiting for the meal. It is not special to see the menu. In addition to the abalone red waist bean stew abalone is more special, it will be eaten almost every banquet. But the restaurant here is very good, and I feel that this is relatively high -end. The focus on the decoration service is not completely on the dishes. The table is gone.

After drinking the soup, someone will take away the soup bowl and some people will ask people if they walk around with white wine or red wine? After the meal was opened later, there were specialized people in pretending to meals. There were specialized people to send drinks to collect residues. I felt that the waiter had to do something, and there were many waiters. I thought about how many people had so many people? It turns out that there are many branches in this shop, so where is the simplest and the easiest can be prepared directly. To be honest, I rarely see the restaurant in such a scale. No wonder the lobby is all trophy medals.

This wedding banquet is the best time I have ever served. Of course, good services are also worthy of good prices. Guess how much it costs this table dish? I thought it was almost about two thousand. As a result, two thousand and eight 888 scared me. The dishes were not called delicious. Many are just spending on decoration and service. It still feels very powerful. I took a look at it before and after, and the other two meals of the meal spent a lot. At least it took more than 100,000. Is this the reason why this young man does not want to get married. Is one?

After eating this cousin's wedding, it didn't take long for my cousin to get married. After eating so many wedding banquets, I finally looked forward to being able to sit on the master's seat, but there are still many things to do. My dad helped my uncle to run the wedding cakes and invitations everywhere. When it comes to the wedding cake, eat one day like a moon cake, and it feels tired to eat it, let alone eat the whole. My sister got married at the door. I still have to pay attention to my friends and relatives. It is time to take out the suit on the bottom of my box. I hope that if I get fat, I can wear it.

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