In fact, when I was in college, I was a little high. I thought I had a little personality of Guan Yunchang, but sometimes I especially liked making friends. I liked to be friends with some strange people on the surface. I don't know if this is divided. In short, my friends group has some polarization.

In the small record company, even if there are not many people, there are complex interpersonal relationships. Still, there will be rivers and lakes where there are people.

Lan Yue is the first friend I met in a record company. He is more spicy and direct than Brother Liu. Brother Liu strictly like a poet, with a sullen voice. Walking will mumble to himself. Lan Yue was more reserved at the beginning of the moon, and the second side began to put the waves. The words are also bolder, and the joke of Duan Zi belongs to that is very open. I don't belong to the Swen deficiency, but during the time of HKUST, I also won the favor of colleagues because I was good at talking. So, what kind of environment faces is a more interesting topic.

Lan Yue loves drinking, smoking, and loving rice.

If I was born in the Tang Dynasty, it would become like Li Bai, and when I was born in the Song Dynasty, it would become Liangshanbo, and there will be a big bowl of drinking a big bowl of drinking meat.

In those years I just joined the work, the salary was basically used to invite guests to dinner. The feeling of Xiaolu Shanlin is easy to get on. I am not a lack of friends. After decades of grievances, I will not work too much. Life is short, even if it is a friend of wine and meat, he is still looking for it (the idea at that time, now it is already indifferent).

The friend I met the second, to be honest, I don't remember the name. It seems that I have helped me make one or two songs. It looks very rough, much like the feeling of power train. As soon as they speak, they are very funny. When they talk about their dialects, the mighty and sharp taste will be diluted by dialects.

He tied his hair and was like the pony tail in Du Qifeng's gangster movie. In fact, very polite and easy -going. They all respect me, and Brother Xiao Xiao shouted. I think, if I am in Jin Yong's novels, it will be a hero. Everyone's idea of ​​communicating the music, sitting together and chatting, it feels good.

At that time, he also invited a few friends to come to sing the harmony of the chorus. I do n’t spend much money, because the record owner Lao Liu is very picky, and he always wants to save all the ways to save money. Lao Xu invites meals to sing and sing with this group of people. For the integration of resources, the two of them played.

Of course, the two buddies who helped me photography were more interesting. Forgive a long time, it was a matter of twenty years ago.

The little man is called Jiao, there are two small dimples, similar to Lin Junjie. The older is called salted fish. Strange personality, people from Northeast China are difficult to deal with. But I may have some cohesion hahaha, always becoming friends with them. Talking, a little narcissistic. Depend on.

But the past few years of the past, one by one, I am indeed a relatively appealing guy. Although I have poor intelligence, the personality charm is finally a little.

Remember the winter morning in the winter, we went to the cover of the album on Huanglongxi. There is no special car driver, and Fu Li's husband Lao Li came to help. The car seemed to be Pu Pu Sang, who had stayed in Chengdu in Chengdu. It took a few hours alone. It's hard to take pictures. I am suitable for people behind the scenes and go to the front desk. I was really tired at that time.

However, the shooting process is quite fun, and I also taught me how to choose the scene. The world in the eyes of the photographer really has uniqueness. Later, I went to the Sichuan Daxin campus to take a picture. At that time, I didn't need the access control. I just entered. I really didn't remember what the school looked like, but that year, I kept my shoulder hair and was very elegant. Finally it turned into what the idol Qi Qin looked like.

Leave long hair and thin, otherwise it will become Xiaosong's big head in minutes.

The strange temper in the whole recording studio must be Wang Yang.

At the beginning, I couldn't understand his relationship with the record company. Because he talks with his boss is always full of gunpowder. And he is not pleasing to everyone, as if everyone owes him.

I saw him for the first time, and I was a master who didn't like to get used to it.

Perhaps it was not very satisfied with the style of the arrangement during that time, and he wanted to replace it. The boss was looking for a weird little master. They guess me and he may be able to collide with sparks.

In fact, the communication between us two is also extremely unpleasant, because he does not accept any opinions, says that he has to roar, and he cannot make any opposition to his work. No wonder the boss couldn't take him. They should belong to the employment relationship, hired at the clock, my understanding hahahaha. It was the boss for him to work, and did not support him. He also depends on the boss to find resources, but he does not ask the boss to give the rice bowl. In short, my understanding. So he is not afraid of the boss, and he is always fierce.

But in addition to roaring with him, I also have a way. It is the old method that can't be broken. After chatting, I invite you to dinner.

There are foods near the record company, food in the street. Step. You said why you are not fat. Generally, you can go to the night after recording the sound. Go to drink two cups and eat two hoof flowers. You can not be fat.

This is how Wang Yang was defeated by me. He ignored anyone in the company on weekdays, ignoring him, but with me, he became a bun. Tiannanhai and North, speak freely.

Unconsciously, I grew into Xiaosong's Plas version. Xiaosong had a photo with me. I am half -headed, but he is strong and looks very big. My weight at that time had seriously exceeded the standard. Therefore, it was Plas, which was completely fine. Looks like a bear.

Wang Yang's arranging concept is relatively unique, so the boss arranged for us to collide together is actually gambling.

Let the strange guys gather together, it will always cause different chemical reactions.

With him, I always have a lot of topics. Instead, there are not many talked about music, and when you recording, you will communicate immediately for a while.

The most interesting thing is one day of August that year.

I asked Erwa (girl) to record the second voice in the shed, and then she rested outside, and I then recorded the chorus of the butterfly.

I suddenly heard a strange sound in the accompaniment. I raised objections, and Wang Yang felt that it would be impossible. There was a small dispute between us. Several times, he changed to the recording room. I listened outside and could not hear the strange voice. Only when I recording, wearing headphones can be available.

Because he couldn't hear it, I insisted that he could hear, he knew that I would not deliberately make the bad and deceive him, so he was very annoyed and puzzled.

So I proposed to eat first, we added two babies, bought some marinated vegetables, and drank little wine in the recording studio.

During the meal, I joked and said whether it was a ghost.

By the way, the spiritual experience during college will certainly have some rumors in the world. Quan Dang is just a talk after tea.

As a result, Erwa was so frightened that she quickly called her husband and said that Lao Qiu, you do n’t want to play cards, so come to pick me home. It ’s too late, and I am scared alone. In fact, it was only eight or nine in the evening.

Wang Yang was more brutal at this time. He took advantage of Jiu Xing and opened his magical experience about him. (To be continued)

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