Make up a file, originally wanted to post a article on Saturday or Sunday. After returning, my work and living conditions last week, but because of laziness, yes, it is laziness, and time hurriedly passed in the video. Although I felt a little regrettable and did not make a record, some A Q had to want to think about it in the future. Although the week is over, it will be calculated on the month, so this is just the beginning, so it is relieved.

In addition, I also received a SMS notification that was qualified by the blood, which means that the blood I donated will enter the body of a person who urgently need to treat at some point in the future to contribute to a person's treatment and rehabilitation. Make me feel better at the time. After all, the fun or happiness that helps people get is completely different from the happiness of entertainment. Of course, this is just my personal opinion.

So why do you want to send some complaints now? It's very simple, because it was very unhappy today, making me feel a little embarrassed. There are problems, various situations, objective factors occupy a part of the reason, and my own problems also account for a part of the problem. Originally I felt that it should be regarded as five or five, but if you think about it, it is even greater.

To put it simply, a considerable part of the reason why it is not happy today is that a considerable reason is that they are not considering doing things, and they are clearly planned with good planning, but the reality has once again hit her face. This makes me a little regret. People really think about the problem of responding to the problem after they really suffer, but a considerable part of the time. The so -called memory is not memorized.

I think that most of what I think in my mind is that kind of negative. This pessimistic emotion is not conducive to daily life and work, but my problem is this bad idea or feeling. From time to time My own brain, or long or short -term affecting the mood of doing things, this is really unhappy, and this situation makes me always in a state of unconfident what I do. For what I do, before being recognized by the outside world, once I think that there is no problem, I will often be beaten, which causes me to have a positive mentality in my heart. Will it sound alarm, will this result be the opposite of thinking, or even worse? Intersection

This is really annoying. Of course, it can't be said that every time it is like this. Only when you are preparing to be sufficient, you will not have much deviation from the results of the results. I have been in my life for more than thirty years. It can be described as a rare existence. Perhaps if it is counted, ten fingers are not enough, but compared with most of the cases, it is really a rare experience.

I have always felt that the direct leaders of the new job are a good person. Although I have a trembling feeling from time to time, it is undeniable that their personality is really good, that is, the leader who is not a matter of things. Newcomers also have a good attitude. Well, this also makes me sometimes feel uneasy and embarrassed. I always worry that I do something wrong and mistaken for others, and drag the departments' backward.

Alas, sigh long. I don't know how to go on at once. Suddenly I didn't know where to talk about it. I feel that I am really not in the state today, and this state affects my perception of tomorrow. I do n’t know when you see this nonsense, maybe shortly after this article, maybe after tomorrow or more, no matter which one, I hope this article does not affect your mood.

Although I am not too optimistic about tomorrow, I feel that I can still bless you who can see this article. I can live smoothly and happiness tomorrow.

good luck!

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