In the half -year training training in the Chongqing Shuangbei Iron China Art School Art Test, bathing became a more troublesome thing.

The school is a cottage at all. Without a real professional teacher, he dared to recruit students. Candidates (most of us are) from all over Sichuan, as if they were on the thief boat, they had dilemma, and we could only mix a day to count for a day.

The environment of professional learning is extremely bad, and the accommodation conditions are also strange. Six or seven people are crowded in a small and humble bedroom, and the healing has become a big problem. In fact, the school did not pay attention to it at all, and after recruiting money, he did not care about the life of the students. Even if you really want to manage it, it is just a stroke.

I don't remember where to wash it at that time, in short, the toilet was in a far corner. Because the art test period is winter, Chongqing's weather is extremely cold, which is the only year for me to have frostbite. It can be seen how bad the conditions are. Besides, I am still a person with a high temperature. Remember vaguely, all with a bucket, wiping in the washing room trembling. As for whether it is smelly on the body, it is unknown. Another possibility is that my roommates and I gritted their teeth and grinned their teeth in the cold wind. However, we still trembled the beautiful grassland, my home or the white roses on the bank of the Heilongjiang River.

It is not the simple wash room of the bathhouse, and there is an unbearable memory of our half -year bitterness.

However, there was hope at that time, and that was looking forward to the monthly living expense remittance list. That was our important expectation once in January.

If you have money, you can go to buy goose wings, and you can go to the video hall beside the Jialing factory to watch Hong Kong movies. You can also spend a few kilometers away to spend money to wash the real hot water shower once.

After taking a shower, you can go to Shapingba to stroll around. Even if the money in his pocket is not spent, his heart is solid. When you look at the expensive piano spectrum at Xinhua Bookstore, you naturally have a determined temperament. The clothes and shoes in the clothing store are tried and took off, took off and tried, and they would not really start buying back and forth.

After taking a bath, it was like a molting, and the pores on the whole body seemed to be opened. Every day's heart is better than being crying, and it is the most important thing at the moment. On such difficult days, you must learn to see some starlight.

In the days of the art test, you can live in the Southwest Normal University. There are better hot water baths there. Although it is more expensive, you can experience the happiness of a moment, which is a hint of warmth in spring and cold.

In 1993, I learned that the Russian -style building in the dream can only be in the dream. The most characteristic things with the former Soviet Union are just the wooden buildings that are loud.

The bedroom conditions are quite good in the entire Chengdu universities. The design of the room that is transparent to the front and back of the north and south has made the environment particularly dry. However, Sichuan Yin did not have a hot bath.

There is a bathhouse in name, but the seniors said that the seniors said that the bathhouse has not been used for a long time. Similar abandonment. The bathhouse was behind the cafeteria and was connected to the water room. The cafeteria is very simple, and there is no trace of college style.

The most important thing is that the grandson of the canteen's turtle is ruthless than the other.

Every time I make vegetables, my hands are like Parkinson's late stages, shaking even more powerful than playing. With a spoonful, it seemed to scoop up a few piles of meat, and there were few left in the trembling. Spending money and being calculated again. The college has a benefit, and you can carefully strip students one day after day. Of course, these guys, especially the crooked neck, are led by the crooked neck. For many years, few days are not swollen nose.

Therefore, close to this broken cafeteria that broke the water room, it was naturally breaking the bathhouse.

I am lucky for so many years in Chuanyin. Finally, I got a chance to enter the bathhouse. Even the female bathhouse. It was originally a waste, and it was difficult to divide the male and female.

We still participated in the basketball competition of the college that year and took the first place. Students will make an exception allowing us to take a hot bath and apply for the open college bathhouse. Because there are many athletes, the bathhouse is too small, so it is divided into two dials. I and a group of people were divided into the female bathhouse. In fact, it is no different. It is not as good as the toilet of men and women.

What I want to say is that we have just washed one -third, and we have just washed one third. The soap was painted, and the shampoo was covered with our heads, but the hot water stopped abruptly. In the winter, I almost died a few of us. Throughout the college career, the only hot bath in the highest level of art in the Southwest, the only hot bath was just a super castle. Most of the time, our boys and girls are not clear, and boys have almost grown up in cold water baths. Even in the cold winter of the wind sword frosty, it was not absent.

The best thing is to go to the nearby passenger car factory bathhouse. You can spend two yuan there, rubbing yourself like ginseng dolls. Girls are holding foreign porcelain pots, filled with baths and changing clothes. They come back from the fish from the people. In the crowd, they laughed like a breeze, like a breeze blowing gently.

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