Various pressures in modern society suppress people's emotions like a tide. People must restrain their inner depression in order to get a little dignity.

Today, I saw a news story about the parents' picking. In order to save money, the parents treat her daughter very harsh. She always let her eat leftovers and leftovers. No matter how to endure it silently.

Compared with the leftovers leftovers, what is even more sad may be the depression of the mood. Parents saw that the older women had not yet married, and thought she was a loss of money. She often attacked Pua her in various languages, and she just endured silently and rarely resisted.

Later, the woman often had stomach pain and had to go to the hospital for treatment. As a result, she was diagnosed with the middle stage of gastric cancer, which was almost equivalent to difficult to treat.

This woman is only 28 years old. With her parents so much, it is difficult to take out money to treat her. Maybe she will leave the world forever in a few years.

I read it. Many netizens believed that the stomach was an emotional window. It was often invaded by bad emotions. It was very harmful to the feeding. Patients may occur over time.

I also agree with this. When our emotions collapse, we often have severe reactions in the liver and stomach, and even have unbearable pain.

I also encountered it once seven or eight years ago. I remember I was at a e -commerce sales company at that time. That day, I and a client talked about it in the afternoon that the other party had paid the package to buy our package.

As a result, when I was working the next day, my colleague said that it was his client. I was thinking that this customer was the first transaction. How could it become his customer?

Later, I learned that the team boss formulated a new rule that he assigned to whom the customer list, no matter who the transaction is the assigned person. However, the question is that this customer has always been a friend status with me, and I have made great efforts to deal with it. How can I give it to each other at once?

Later, the team boss called me and said that he had to follow his thoughts. So I refuted, you used to formulate a rule who said who was the first transaction, and now it is the one you all assigned to who you all assigned to, and the latter has not explained in advance. Destroy the rules.

Unexpectedly, the team boss was on fire directly, saying that that person is my fan, and I want to give it to anyone.

After listening, I was angry and hung up the phone directly. The more I thought about it, I finally made my liver and stomach breath unbearable. I had to go to the pharmacy to buy the liver and qi, and then gradually relieved.

Maybe you think me, why react so fiercely? Not worth it.

This is because there is another thing before, and that matter has formed a double -standard result with this.

I followed up to serve two customers. They both talked about the transaction, and the other party promised to transfer me the next day. As a result, the team boss asked us to pull our customers in the group that night, and he had to give a lecture.

At this time, the other people added other people's customers. The team boss thought it was not inappropriate because it was the principle of receiving the first.

As a result, the next day, one of my customers gave another colleague because of careless transfer, and then the customer also told me that it has been transferred to you.

I checked it, and I didn't receive it, so I asked him to take a screenshot, and I saw that he turned wrong.

But according to the rules of the team boss, although this situation is special, after all, another colleague received money, although he was still in a state of aggressive state.

I am a person who follows the rules and did not ask him to come back. He just transferred to me a red envelope, symbolic thanks.

Then the next day, the customer was intercepted by another colleague who did not talk about the rules. Afterwards, the client said that your colleague said that he could transfer it to anyone and let me transfer it to him.

Therefore, when I traded a client and the other person was sold for the first time, I thought it was no problem to follow the rules. I did not intercept others, but because of my colleagues' objection, the team boss directly ordered to change the night, and the processing method was different. This was why I was angry.

Later, although there were customer management systems, some colleagues still regarded rules as children's dramas, added other people's customers, or knew that they were other people's customers.

This is a very sad thing. The team boss thought that he had achieved fairness and justice, but in fact he became the perpetrator of the benefits of the destroyer of the wicked rules.

Since ancient times, there has been no rules that have no rules. Since the rules are settled, it is undoubtedly a reunion. Therefore, when a platform does not work, it is basically rotten, and the future development is blocked, and the platform project may collapse.

These things will make our hearts unhappy and not understand. When we correct it for the benefit of the platform, we will find that you do not have this permission. In the end, we find that the platform cannot keep loyal employees, and those unfaithful employees are unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to be unable to cannot When they continue to gain more benefits, they will choose to leave without hesitation.

Therefore, although it is a company in form, the substantial content of the land is very different. Some people choose to leave for more benefits, while others leave because they can't see hope.

The choice of loyal employees to leave will cause invisible losses to the enterprise, and these losses cannot be calculated from the perspective of finance. On the contrary, the employee of the company's infidelity chose to leave, usually because he is inaccurate in the enterprise. When the company's infidelity employees choose to leave, they are often corrupted by the enterprise itself. After they leave, the enterprise usually falls down in a short period of time. It is not how strong their ability is, but that they have already been in crisis.

On the contrary, all loyal employees usually do not choose the company to leave when the egg is finished. He will choose the stable development of the enterprise to leave at least when it will not leave immediately. They left seemingly no impact on the enterprise, but indicate that the problem of the enterprise itself will become cancer.

In terms of history, if Wen Zhong costs to choose to leave, he will never choose to leave when the Shang Chao is about to finish the egg. It must be retreat when he is in his heyday. This is the essence of loyalists. Jiang Ziya could not be loyal to the Shang Dynasty, so he chose to stay when the Shang Dynasty was not exhausted. When the Shang Dynasty's vitality would be exhausted, he chose to rely on Xiqi.

Therefore, from this perspective, we should pay attention to the employees who come out under the good development of competitive companies. They have a loyal heart, and even the grace of dripping water. When the competitive company is in a poor development stage, the employees who come out at this time are usually because of no proficiency or other interests. Most of them are unfaithful employees. Enterprises continue to be loyal.

Loyalty is the most valuable intangible asset in the enterprise in a sense. Once this asset is lost, it is more serious than the adverse consequences brought by the loss of any form of assets. The influence of users' loyalty and brand effects is a butterfly effect that many people cannot see.

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