After the epidemic, the work may not be easy to find in recent years, and many people have reflected that work is difficult to find. However, the opposite phenomenon is that some units are recruiting all year round. Does their unit need so many people?

With a curious mentality, I decided to go to a while, what cat is greasy in it. These units are recruiting all year round. Their recruiters are generally very enthusiastic and hold you high.

So I chose a company, and the company was registered during the epidemic period, but they claimed that it had been in the outside world for many years, and it was iterated to compose the company.

Such a company also has a very strange feature. The other party will not take the initiative to ask for your resume, but always invite you diligently. As long as you are loose, the other party immediately pushes an invitation interview. They seemed a little bit impatient.

For the recruitment website, once the two parties agreed with such rules interviews, they generally go, because if you do n’t go, it is equivalent to breach of contract. After the breach of contract, the platform will be punished. I don't quite understand, because I have not made a breach of contract.

When I found their company that day, I found that their company was still a long distance from the subway. I did not disturb them, but I went to their exploration road. I found that their company was a hall. There were indeed a lot in the hall in the hall. Everyone called and contacted customers.

After I came, a male colleague came out from it. He was holding a piece of paper and a pen in his hand, and then we sat down in front of a table. He began to explain to me the model of their beauty products.

First of all, his packaging paper is a very high -tech thing anyway. As for whether it is high -tech, we are not clear.

Secondly, he began to explain the model of their company, to call the beauty salons across the country to sell their package, and then once the transaction can be obtained, this is the front -end business. The corresponding mentors will organize further activities to the scene, and then turn on a larger list.

Again, not only can you make this commission money, but the corresponding commission height obtained with the level of personal level is also different. The way to improve the personal level is that you have to recruit more salespersons and let them promote you to a higher level.

Later, their company had no salary, no basic salary, and only named it. If there is a basic salary, it has less achievements. It is not worth it. The earnings should be a commission.

I took a look at their model. This model is to say that the empty glove white wolf. On the one hand, the cost of employees was wiped out. As long as one or two have performance, the boss will not lose.

Although they packaged the products as a magical and great product, in fact, their real purpose is to pull people's heads and pull those free labor forces to enter the company.

This form of MLM has turned employees into free labor. The difference between their money to make beauty salons is that traditional MLM is not only pulling the heads, but also the money of earning people. It is money to earn beauty salons. They do not need to pay for the people who are pulled in. They act as free labor. If they have performance, they will be commissioned.

Do you think there is only one company such a company? Then you are wrong. There are many such companies. Most of them are registered that kind of biotechnology company. Once there is a problem or cannot continue to operate, they will cancel such companies and start a plate. They have to pay for salary. Administrative and accountants need to pay, but the company is very low. In addition, the lecturers who go out to make a lecture on the lecture also have to pay the salary, but it is basically a low base salary. I used to go as a lecturer to go to the lecturer After applying, this base salary is about 4,000, but they have high amount of commission, which is positively related to the sales of beauty salons.

Their products are either so -called patented high -tech products or OEM products of some well -known manufacturers. The target disease is those incurable diseases, which directly brag about the effect.

Since I did not go to work, I don't know what kind of routine is there. However, before they joined the job, they often exposed their performance and income when they communicated with you, saying that they could make 70,000 to 80,000 a month.

But when you meet and communicate, you know that the other party rents the cheapest village and wears the clothes of migrant workers. Although they sell them that they think they are so good, they never use it by themselves. Essence Therefore, I guess it is their internal fraud and realize some ingredient materials through WeChat transfer.

The reason why they have to recruit all year round is because the recruitment people have a relationship with themselves. The more free labor recruited to the company, as long as they have performance, your corresponding income will also increase. Of course, in this process, some people are unwilling to do it, or run away when they do it. The team is always in a state of flow, so they can only desperately recruit people.

Many recruitment websites are no longer the original meaning, and it has become a tool for their drainage. In the name of publishing the recruitment, they actually do this way of recruiting free labor. Of course, they must not say that they will pack this free labor with various names such as co -founders, partners, and investment directors. The constraints of Fa, they think that it is a big grace to not let money to come to work. They will say that work after the epidemic is not easy to find, which is equivalent to the company's free opportunity for jobs. The boss spends money to rent venues, set up a company, and give you a chance to go to work. This is a great cause.

Not everyone must succeed, and not everyone must fail. Some people always achieve good results in this model. Once they have achieved better results, they are unwilling to stay in the company in the company. Inside, they will start another platform to copy this model, and they also start to be such bosses. So after all, the excellent talents will jump out after all, and then copy a team. For them, they are not only the largest salespersons of their platform, but they are also in their pocket value. Why not do nothing?

Their model should be the money of every order of the boss. In fact, if the more people in the company, the more the volume of the transaction is transmitted, and the more the boss earns Their company seems to have always lacked people.

But for those who have no resources and connections, it is more disadvantaged in entering. However, in order to recruit more people, they will say that you do not need to have resources and connections. They have a call from various places. As long as they call every day, they only need to make a call. As long as you do it according to the requirements, you can copy it successfully. They reduce the standards of talents again and again. In the end, as long as a living person calls to read words. They always persuade newcomers like this.

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