Twenty years ago, my mother and brother worked in a wooden board factory in Linyi. We haven't seen each other for many years, so I went to find them. At that time, I bought a ticket from Pingyi, and I finally came to the private wooden board factory away from the village.

This boss and his brother are driving a wooden cart, but his brother seems to be more arrogant. After having money, he starts to mess with a woman. Finally, there is still an old man who does not pay attention to a woman's car. Knight. Later, I accompanied a bottom pants to the sky. The factory could only enter some rotten woods, and the economic situation became worse.

His brother opened this factory. It is said that he was not too smooth. Because the safety was not in place, an old man was injured and accompanied a lot of money.

When I came to the factory at that time, I was arranged to do some physical work that afternoon. If according to my thoughts, I would not consider that such a factory was working. Go to work in the place.

At that time, I was responsible for recording my brother -in -law's brother. The method he recorded was to record according to the lunar calendar. At that time, there seemed to be a difference between the solar calendar and the lunar calendar. My mother's record was recorded according to the solar calendar.

After doing it for a month, I proposed to leave this place and go to Qingdao. They did not dare to go to Qingdao because they had not been to, but after all, they had to go first, and I decided to go alone to Qingdao.

At this time, the boss gave the settlement salary, and then the boss's brother, according to the replenishment of his lunar calendar, thought that I only did it for 29 days, and claimed that he would not be wrong.

I said it was come to the 16th, and the ticket was on the 16th, but it was the solar calendar, not the lunar calendar. The brother of the boss said that the day you came was the sixteenth calendar, and there was a contradiction. Although the salary of a day was not much, it involved fairness and justice.

At this time, I thought of finding a ticket, so the time of the ticket was impossible to fake them. As for the other party believed whether the ticket was in the solar calendar or the lunar calendar, he would just go to the station to inquire.

At that time, my brother was not willing to find it, and I didn't participate in it. I found it all in the luggage bag. Since my brother has been talking to me, we have a certain difference, but let me miss the small bag on the luggage, but The ticket is just in the small bag on luggage.

In this way, I ca n’t do tickets, and they are all disputes. My mother insisted that I came on the 16th of the solar calendar, and the boss ’s little sister -in -law insisted that I came on the 16th of the lunar calendar.

The reason why such differences occur may be related to the lag of the boss's little sister -in -law. When I first came, he did not make the account in time. Instead, I asked me when I came for a while. He recorded it according to the 16th calendar.

The boss's little sister -in -law also moved out my evidence, and your children said that they came on the 16th.

Oh my god, who would tell you that it came on the 16th calendar? I came to the sixteenth day when I took a car, but it was the solar calendar.

Later, the boss said that according to my mother's solar calendar records to give me money.

However, his little sister -in -law and his wife were unconvinced and thought they were not wrong. They also emitted rumors among employees, saying that my mother deliberately remembered a day's salary in order to take advantage of them.

In the end, when they gave me money, they still paid a few days of salary in accordance with their lunar calendar records.

My mother said, don't care about this, and will not work in this factory in the future.

Later, I returned to my hometown and wanted to wash the luggage. At this time, I opened the small bag on the luggage package and found the ticket. However, at this time, everything has been settled, and with this ticket, it is impossible to go to Linyi Wooden Board Factory to discuss the facts.

My heart was very desperate and angry. If my brother also believed in my mother at that time, I did not talk to me to disperse my attention, and I might open this small bag on this luggage. If he was also filled with indignation, he might help me check again. This luggage is wrapped again, maybe it will open the small bag on the luggage so that this ticket will be found. Once this ticket is found, we can take this evidence to verify that the ticket is in the solar or lunar calendar, which proves that my mother is whether it is whether my mother is whether it is Correctly, his little sister -in -law was wrong.

At that time, my mother only cared about being angry, and did not help find my package, and they just stayed at the debate. Why do they find this key evidence together?

Only I was doing the most correct thing, but I was still dispersed, causing nothing to find. People thought we deliberately hid the ticket.

Therefore, from that time, my impression of Linyi was not good. They had neither pattern nor pursuing the facts of the facts, but stayed in argument and slander.

Later, unless my mother was in Linyi, I had to go, and I never returned to work in Linyi again. Later, my father rushed to work in Linyi what ceramic factory to work. He was pressed by others for more than a month. It seemed that he didn't want to come back later. At that time, I was far away in Guangzhou and could not help. The impression of Linyi was even worse.

Although I am from Linyi, I am a native of Pingyi, but my impression of these small workshops is no longer good. I remember when I rushed to my mother, she and my brother worked at the elder brother of that man. After I went, I worked every day. As a group of people went to the road, they took the rolls. Go back to the factory and process it.

Each of us is very fast, and I am very fast. These workers, especially when the boss drove over, picked up the wooden rolls like a gyro, and gave the boss very desperately.

Once we were desperately picking up the wooden rolls, my brother told me that you went to the small shop on the roadside to buy a pack of cigarettes, and he was addicted. As I followed the troops, I told my brother, you can bear it, now the boss drove beside it. This is not good.

My brother said, if it's okay, you just buy a bag of cigarettes for me, and there will be no impact.

There was no way, I had to quickly go to the small shop on the roadside to buy a pack of cigarettes for my brother, and then returned quickly and joined the work of picking up the wooden roll.

Later, the boss was unwilling. He told others that I was lazy and ran on the road, and could not keep up with the rhythm of everyone's work. But I didn't actually do less.

I don't know if this boss knows the truth and deliberately says this, or including my brother and others, did not explain the reason for me. Later, maybe my mother was worried about my brother and did not dare to tell the truth of the facts, and I was determined to do it. My mother later blame me in my eyes. No wonder they are unwilling to use it.

Later, my mother found another factory for me. The boss was even darker, and the salary had to be over a year. This is Linyi, Linyi people who can't understand. Although I am also from Linyi, I don't think Linyi people are good. Maybe my fate is not good. I always encounter such a species.

When I no longer accept the arrangement of my mother, some good changes have undergone my fate. I also encountered good Linyi people, such as the chief of pesticides, which is a person who is thick and worthwhile. It's later.

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