The words that have been haunting around the ears in the past two years are that work is not easy to find. Does the whole society really don't have much job? This made those who were looking for a job to be discouraged, passing by the rumors, hearing on the way, it was terrible to find a bad job into a tiger.

So I decided to investigate the authenticity of this matter. Why do so many people say that the work is not easy to find? What is the reason behind this?

Objective reasons, we don't need to emphasize anymore, this is familiar, the blow of the epidemic, the tightening of the policy, the cautiousness of the consumer market, and so on.

But is these macro -level things really be directly related to the poor work? In fact, this is simply a misunderstanding. You need to know that when you are going to find a job, society just needs to satisfy you as a position. Is it not suitable for you all vacant positions?

This answer is obviously negative. In fact, basic positions, service positions, etc. all require a lot of personnel. Although many people have joined the job, they are arrogant and can leave the job and move away. Then they roll up with those who have not yet employed. Essence

Society may not be able to meet the work needs of everyone, but society can certainly meet the needs of a person, but only requires this person to adapt to the environment of the post.

Yesterday I tried to apply for a service position. I found that there were still a lot of service positions. They also urgently needed personnel to hurry to work. As long as you promise to work immediately, you will definitely have a job immediately. This is strange, why not be saturated?

So I joined a basic position, and I learned almost all the truths on the first day. There are always unexpected factors inside any work field. They either complain that the work environment is not good or complained that it is too hard or find other reasons, and then they will change jobs.

There are many such people in the service industry, especially in the younger generation. If the enterprise will be used as a so -called agency or other conditional cardholders, the loss caused by the company will not be able to make up. In this case, enterprises can only make the operation of the enterprise more smooth only by more rationally to the market.

I only went for a day. I heard someone began to state the company's phenomenon just in the morning. Who said that as long as he changed his post, he immediately resigned. People, after saying a word, did not come to work the next day.

If you are not in the workplace, you can never understand these high -frequency sounds of the workplace. You can only observe from the outside, and then you can never know what the truth is.

When I got off work, the supervisor said that I had received the so -called work clothes, but the result was not new clothes, but was thrown by the person who jumped. I just smelled a pungent scent just when I picked it up. This has to be said that there are certain problems in the enterprise itself. It is a bit digging to treat new employees. At least the clothes should be new, right?

However, I don't care about these, maybe this is the normal state of the current enterprise. When I hear these voices within the company, I don’t surprise why they stop saying that they should not say that they should not be more than thirty, but not lower than the college diploma. If you set your own limit, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Then, I went to experience the difficulty of this job. I found that the work itself is not difficult, especially for these grass -roots positions, the skills I needed can basically be available in less than half a day.

Most of the jobs do not need your innovation, you can just make it happen. Because the difficulty of work is easy to get started, this means that the replacement of the post is relatively strong.

It is precisely because the replacement is relatively strong and the personnel flow quickly. As long as the basic personnel supply is guaranteed, the accelerated flow of personnel becomes normal.

Many companies now realize that age should not be a limited factor, and they are gradually aware of the talents of responsibility and ability.

Those private companies that are still in the same age and all the people who are consistent with the age of the public enterprises basically live well. Because the labor cost they did so, not only did not drop, but it became higher and higher, but the productivity results they expected were still far away.

Of course, compared with such enterprises, more companies have realized this problem. They are allowing the power of enterprises to gradually integrate in with a more open attitude and more inclusive spirit.

I think that private enterprises are aligned with state -owned enterprises, which is a wayless way. First of all, many state -owned enterprises include public institutions, where they can get more funding advantages from the country, and some even fiscal funding. But for private enterprises, there are no good trees in private enterprises. Private enterprises must be more compatible and stored in order to find their own way.

The tolerance and innovation of private enterprises may lead to accelerating the flow of staff in the entire market, but in a sense, this phenomenon can make employment a easy thing, and in practice Style.

Many private companies still maintain their development mentality twenty years ago. They think they can always be high, and still have a disregard for talents, or to talk about the so -called co -founder. In fact No, they packed such words or that like that, all to deceive the cash of the other pocket.

I have also been to a few Internet companies. They are keen on their business model and think that it is an invincible model in the world. They do not like hiring employees, because the cost of hiring employees is too high, they have given more famous names That is the co -founder or partner, and in fact, the basic rights and interests of the other party cannot be guaranteed. To put it bluntly, they are a group of fishingrs who go fishing but do not even want to bait. They worship the object of Jiang Ziya fishing. However, they do not have such a good attitude. They should all hook them.

I wrote the story of a certain beauty company before, they engaged in the OEM, and then recruited a large number of people to come in by recruitment. The company is a cooperative relationship with them. The company can provide such a place for everyone. You can make a commission, but what the company wants to achieve is lying and earning.

This phenomenon in many metaphysics is not uncommon. They can make a lot of money in the business field, but they have never been willing to pay for people who are truly talented. They think that wool is on the sheep. The achievement is fine.

However, they went to those who were looking for a job in the name of recruitment, hoping to continue to dry their remaining value. In fact, the company likes to share risks and share risks to these people, but they are unwilling to share the fruit of victory with them.

This kind of business model that first sells risks to others is just like the company recruited a batch of free salespersons. They can get profits in the business model, but the company can live excessive profits forever. Therefore, in a normal sense, these companies are not lacking employees, they are just creating anxiety and panic.

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