In fact, those people are considered intelligent. They are always the first to discover and seize business opportunities in a timely manner. Many people never find a way to make money for themselves, not because they cannot seize business opportunities, but because they are not quick-witted enough. In fact, sometimes intelligence is a great money-making weapon, your brain may suddenly light up at some point and you immediately find a good opportunity to make money for yourself. I would like to share with everyone some tips on making money with intelligence even when you have no money in your pocket.

First money-making intelligence - Accumulate in a 1:10 ratio.

Profession and job are ways to help us make money, and each way to make money is a method to create a cash flow. Therefore, everyone can transfer money into their pocket, and the size of that cash flow depends on the person's ability to work. If every morning you put 10 eggs in a basket and only take out 9 in the afternoon, after a while the basket will be full of eggs. To be more specific, every time you put 10 coins into your pocket, you should only spend 9 coins. Over time, your pocket will also become full of money. Do not mock what I just said as too simple, as I am only passing on the methods that have helped me get rich and how I started to get rich for myself. I seriously set aside one-tenth of the money in my pocket and found that my money gradually increased. If you do the same, I guarantee that your pocket will also swell.

Second money-making intelligence - Control expenses.

The second money-making intelligence - Control expenses.

Different professions have different incomes, some people earn double or triple the income of others every month. But why do everyone's wallets end up equally empty? Have you ever wondered about what we often call necessary expenses in daily life? Do not confuse between necessary expenses in life and all expenses due to personal preferences. In fact, you and other family members still often want to buy things you like, not things necessary in life, and these expenses may exceed your ability to pay.

I can be sure that you can hardly meet all your desires, with the wealth of the rich, do you think they can buy everything they want. That is a misconception, they still have limitations that money cannot help. As I understand it, human desires are endless and we can only meet some of our own desires. From my experience, you should list the items you plan to buy on a piece of paper, then choose a few essential items for life and suitable for nine-tenths of your money. As for many items based on your preferences, boldly cross them out and consider them as thousands of other things that you cannot afford for yourself. Planning to manage expenses from now on will help you meet essential needs, enjoy the pleasures in life, meet legitimate desires, and ensure a comfortable life in the future.

The third money-making intelligence - Making money profitable.

To keep your wallet always full, everyone needs to diligently save a tenth of the money they earn, then control their expenses to ensure that money is put in more than taken out. Today you will consider the method of making money profitable. If left idle in your pocket, money cannot generate profits. So how to make money profitable. Take a simple example like this. If you deposit 100 million in the bank with an interest rate of 6 percent per year. After 1 year, you will have 106 million, after 2 years you will have about 112.3 million.

After 3 years, you will have 119 million. So it's not that after 3 years you have 18 million, but 19 million, meaning the interest will earn back for you. What I mean here is that every dollar will be like a diligent worker for you, then your descendants and their descendants will also work for you, making your money constantly increase. Your assets will also grow stronger day by day.

The fourth money-making intelligence - Preserve assets.

Once you have money, everyone must know how to carefully preserve it, otherwise it will quickly be lost due to your temporary desires. First, you must learn to protect small amounts of money, then you can keep large amounts of money. From my experience, before embarking on any work, you should carefully research that work, and always remember that every decision requires safety for your capital. Do not let temporary desires or the desire to get rich quickly cloud your judgment because this brings a very high risk.

Before lending your assets to anyone, you need to consider whether that person has the ability to repay, you need to consider their credibility, income potential, and job to ensure that when deciding to invest, you must anticipate potential risks and how to resolve them reasonably. Protect and grow your assets by investing in safe and reliable places with the highest possible interest rates. You should seek advice from experienced and trustworthy people, so that your money can generate the most profit. Let their advice protect your treasure, avoid the risk of losing capital or not making a profit due to investing in the wrong place. This is very important in getting rich. For business investment, this method helps you develop money instead of the risk of losing everything.

The fifth money-making intelligence - Determination to own a house.

If you allocate nine-tenths of your earnings for living expenses and save the rest, that is the wisest way to ensure a stable source of income in the future. In my opinion, lenders will usually be willing to help, but anyone who wants to own a house and land of their own. You can borrow money or use accumulated funds to build a house. Then your whole family can live happily in your own home, your wives can grow more fruits and vegetables to improve meals, your children can play in clean and safe places.

Then you can work with peace of mind to pay off the debt in a period of 2 years, 4 years, or 10 years, for example, this job is like paying rent monthly. But from now on, your life has taken on a new and better meaning because you own a valuable asset and have full rights to your own home. Once you have a house, you can reduce some other miscellaneous expenses, making your earnings more abundant and able to meet other requirements to help improve your standard of living.

The sixth money-making intelligence - Ensure long-term income.

Everyone's responsibility is to know how to prepare a necessary asset when you get old. This is not only to support yourself when you enjoy old age, but also to provide for family members when you are no longer able to work. This is the next lesson to ensure long-term income when time and energy do not allow you to continue working. Those who understand the laws of getting rich and have some assets should consider this. You must plan to invest or carry out activities that can ensure long-term security for the future.

If you divide your spare money into 10 parts, set aside 2 parts for savings in the bank or buy reserve gold in case of emergencies. Allocate 3 parts to invest in business with friends and relatives. The remaining 5 parts, if possible, you should buy a small piece of land in the countryside or near the city, or buy stocks if you understand. Business investment is correct, but never put all your money into a business project that you think is new or uncertain. Otherwise, you may lose everything.

The seventh money-making intelligence - Enhance earning capabilities.

We often dream of being rich, but we do not realize that being in poverty and wanting to be rich immediately is just an impossible thing, but if you wish to have 1 billion dong, that is a clear and specific goal and within your capabilities. This is a strong motivation to push you to achieve it and then nothing can stop you, similar to the way you did to get the first billion. Continue to have 2 billion, 10 billion, 20 billion. So obviously you can become a wealthy person, no matter what you do, you always need to constantly learn and improve your professional skills.

If you are a craftsman, you must learn new methods and how to use new tools to make your skills more proficient day by day. If you work in the legal field or hospital, you should consult or exchange ideas with colleagues to improve your knowledge. Or if you are a businessman, you should regularly go to many places to find and buy the best goods and resell them at a lower price.

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