This is a relatively backward village. Whether it is married or unmarried, it is yearning for the outside world. Except for the interest of going to school, those who did not go to the society early did not go to society. At the beginning, the transition from the status of the student to a migrant identity was quite excited. When I was working, I always hummed a small song. When the boss hears it, you will think you are lazy.

Everyone must not show happiness, otherwise they will be considered to be lazy, and then they will be aggravated. In severe cases, they will even be fired.

You must think this job must be very good? In fact, it is just the opposite. This is a small worker in the construction site, and even such a job is unstable. When a project is over, it means that migrant workers are unemployed.

There is no high degree of cultural level. Good factories can't get in, either to do zero jobs in the market or work in small workshops. The zero work in this market is generally some zero work on the construction site, which is very unstable, and small workshops are usually private families to receive some tasks. Usually the environment is relatively poor, and wages will also be pressed. It may be several months or there may be several or several times. No salary is issued on the month.

Twenty years ago, Chinese employment was not friendly to ordinary people. Not only was it difficult to find work, but even if they found a job, the salary obtaining was also a serious problem. Workers' sweaty money drifted.

At that time, the rule of law was not good. When you called the Public Security Bureau's call, people would refuse to accept it on the grounds that it was not its own business category. Back to justice.

When I had to go out, I had to stop school, thousands of miles away from home, and did the hardest work to take the poor salary and met some bottom -level migrant workers.

These people get up early every day and give hard sweat. The best thing for the rest day is to improve the food and drink a small wine, and they feel very satisfied. Their desire for life is very low. As long as they eat and eat, even if they live poorly, they can work hard. After paying a salary, most of them will mail to the wife at home, and then buy a chicken leg, which is equivalent to improving their lives.

However, even so, they have to worry about their work. Whenever they pay wages, they are bold, for fear that the boss will be in a bad mood. Every time, the boss who is not surprised will say that the recent turnover is a bit difficult. It is postponed first, and half of the salary is not paid until it cannot be postponed. This was only a little boss at the time.

They have not improved their own demands. Since they leave their school days, they will no longer learn progress. If they have to read a book, they must read martial arts novels and the like. At that time, there were few entertainment and the popularity of short videos. They could draw spiritual happiness from watching novels. Of course, most people hate reading books. They do not understand why reading books, how much time reading, and why do you have to have ideals. Can you eat it with ideals?

Even though these bosses cheated them, they were still grateful to Dade, thinking that the boss was their parents and food parents, no matter how bitter they were, they felt worthwhile at the moment they paid. They will give up their thumbs up with timely salary bosses, and they feel that the boss does not have a conscience without running.

Of course, there are more bosses without conscience. If they can't run, they will be rogue. They always say that they have no money. If they can run, they will quickly slip. For this reason, some people have no accounts, they can only take the risk, either climb upstairs to threaten the building, or gather a group of people to catch the boss. The crime will be held in charge. Therefore, in a sense, a certain degree of protection of the rogue contractor is protected. But to this day, this phenomenon is very small, the main reason is that there are more people who understand the Fa.

However, I write this article is not mainly to clarify the social phenomenon at that time, but to clarify that even in such an environment, there is still no abandonment of self -progress and spirit.

After all, I have left such a group after all. Although I also encountered countless arrears of wages and bosses running countless times. Later, I found a job with someone I met in the market. land.

The two of us talked all the way, watching recruitment advertisements along the way, and seeing a large red paper recruitment advertisement. My companion and I went in. I just entered the office. The manager -like old man asked: We need a deputy general manager here. Are you here to apply?

I shouted and wanted to talk about it, my companion hurriedly pulled me out, and apologized to others, sorry, disturbing, we can't do it, we go to the wrong place. I was a little disappointed.

I was silent, but my companions kept talking about it.

I sighed, no response, the road ahead was vast ...

The next day, I went out myself, and this time I didn't want to walk with my friends yesterday. Although I am a bit introverted, I am still eager to do sales.

However, many sales of sales are basically to make money. At that time, intermediary packaging cheated money, and the so -called working unit was basically harvesting leek.

Through the intermediary, I found the work of wine sales. I thought I could run the business. Who knew that the wine was fake.

I got up very early that morning and saw the girl who was also deceived. This time I followed, and the girl stopped.

Did you eat in the morning? I asked.

No, I don't eat in the morning.

I know she didn't have much money on her body, so when she passed a pie stall, I bought 5 yuan of cakes and handed it to her. You can eat it.

She was half separated to me. I pushed off the way, I am not hungry, you eat it.


Give you 10 yuan, buy something at noon. The boss said that the meeting may come.

I won't go. I can make some books in the square now.

I took her on the bus, but I went to the boss of the wine.

After entering the door, the boss opened the door to see the mountain and said, there are some faults that need to be a month. Do you have money? Pay a deposit of 1,200 yuan first.

It turned out that he wanted to continue to lie to my money again.

The result is of course unhappy ...

After N years, there are a lot of things in the middle. I still choose to do sales. Because I am diligent and easy to learn, my performance is also excellent. I summarized many sales methods and solutions. I really want to do something. However, I do n’t understand the political struggle in the workplace. I just do a wedding dress.

When I was quiet at night, I was thinking, where is the place where talents are exerting?

When I was about to be reused, I chose to leave because of the pressure of life and other development opportunities. I originally thought that I could perform talents in a small company. However, I ignored that small companies were politically politically.

Later, I focused on studying the Internet. Through a lot of learning and research, by chance, from PC e -commerce to WeChat e -commerce, I finally exerted their talents on a platform, but still made wedding dresses for someone.

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