Before I wrote with everyone, after the May Day holiday, I was ready to go to work. I was desperate and chose to take a takeaway job.

In fact, before choosing, I would ask my family in advance. Don't look at my parents when I do n’t move at home, and help work and be awkward. I agree that I will go to takeaway ~ After all, the city of Foshan is not as good as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, but the time of the commuting time is still the car.

Whether it is "hungry, don't be called a mother" or "yellow kangaroos", any takeaway platform riders regards time as money or even as life. Because the performance of a bad review day is gone. The bad review received as a rider may be because the merchant is dissatisfied with its attitude, or because the buyer did not send the product because the rider supermarket, so the rider will not care so much during the delivery of the meal delivery. , Under the sun and rain, the wind and the wind were abused, riding the small electric bicycle, shuttled with the road or the streets and alleys ~

When there is a dull passerby, or a motor vehicle driver with severe road anger, one accidentally hit the former or was hit by the latter ~ This is where the mother worried.

The boyfriend once said that his grandmother once was hit by a takeaway rider on the road. Because the elderly staggered and fell to the ground at the same time, fortunately the rider immediately sent her grandmother to the hospital to deal with the head wounds. The rider's life difficulties are not held accountable ~ If the latter is the latter, what is afraid of is just the driver escaped, and the parents should not want me to be a "little moon moon" ~ even if they get solidarity and not rescued in time, the consequences are even more unimaginable.

Because the situation mentioned like the beginning of the article, it will be depressed in my heart over time. At first, I also wanted to set up a stall and adjust some simple and delicious drinks to sell.

When I first met, my boyfriend and I often shared some things around him with him, and sometimes I would tell him some troubles and dilemmas. Indeed, he could provide me with emotional value, so how will my boyfriend purchase raw materials and buy it back to buy it. How to save the treatment, how large the capacity of the production cup is prepared, what the long size of the straw to buy, and the experience of collecting money from 1.51, this is why we can reach a piece. Even if he does not chase South Korea With the idol star in Thailand, I don't watch any martial arts films. I rarely care about the genuine and text, and I can suck each other ~

However, my mother thought that I couldn't make money, so this idea was put on hold. I hope that I can operate with my boyfriend in the future. After all, he has technology and experience, and his understanding and experience of his products. Compared with the average master of water, he has a better understanding and higher knowledge level compared to the average water bar, so he has the same ideas in a tacit understanding.

Then the reason why he obeys his mother is because there is no choice. Don't hold these living expenses given by my mother, I did n’t buy a cup when I was idle, or I had some snacks and had addiction ~ Later, I had anemia and had gastritis. The resume tells me that that's the work that can be given to me.

Now that my mother has changed the hexagram, I do n’t let me send takeaway. I should sigh helplessly that my palm is flesh, and the back of the hand is also meat.

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