For the first time, I made an appointment with a friend to a warm coffee shop. The name is Shili Fanhua Coffee Shop, because the TV series (Cyclonus) fire in Jiangmen. As soon as I entered, I sat in the window with my friends, and the environment inside was quite clean. Play my favorite idol song! Then ordered a cup of Hong Kong -style milk tea and Sidos. The boss is very good. I also recommend the dessert on the menu. The boss said: Just call me Feng, just have any need to find me. I thought to myself: The boss is handsome and strong. I accidentally touched his tip! I said: Oh. I accidentally. 说️ He said: It's okay. I didn't touch the hands of such a gentle girl. Then he was busy greeting the guests after a while. He looked really handsome. Friends said: You won't you like him, right? " I said: How can it? Whoops ... Then I took the initiative to talk and asked, what kind of girls Brother Feng likes! He said: Isn't it the girl I have been looking for in front of me! In fact, I have been paying attention to you for a long time. You keep staring at me. I focused on work, and I jumped in my heart. I said: I am glad to know you. Brother Feng. After that, I went to Feng's restaurant every day. Share with him what happened every day, and it feels good to get along slowly. Later, he was with him at Jiangmen Temple and bought a gift from each other. Send a message to each other. Every time I change my way to tease me. After his work is over. Just wait for him to get off work. Take a walk with him. Brother Feng asked: Why do you like a 94 -year -old man? I said: Because men who are older know how to take care of people. Carefully gentle. Speaking of holding hands, he suddenly kissed my back. I said: Brother Feng, why do you like to kiss my back? He said: Because of his hand lubrication. (The story is not ended)

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