I went to work in a company, and the company said that it was a month to rest for six days. When I went, it happened to be April, and everyone knew that April was thirty days. I just went to work on No. 16, so it was just half a month.

According to the principle of fairness, I should allocate three days of rest time. In fact, I arranged a three -day rest time after two or three days earlier than me, and I was just arranged for two days of rest time.

I am naturally unwilling to decide from the supervisor. I think the supervisor will feedback that I happen to be half a month of employment time. Based on a month and six days, I should give me a three -day break.

At that time, the supervisor was unwilling. He said that the reason why he gave others three days was because others came for three days earlier.

I was naturally unwilling to answer such an answer, so I said that I happened to be half a month, six days a month, and three days of rest for half a month.

Of course, before arguing about this issue, I asked other questions deliberately. He said that there was a salary on the rest of the rest. This also caused me to be unbalanced in my heart, and there was the above -mentioned controversy.

So he looked at the arrangement of the attendance form, and then said, counting you for overtime, calculating you overtime, and saying that it is mainly because people are not enough, so they can only be arranged like this.

I think since I am working overtime, I won't care about it. Although I hope to get rest. I remember that the rest was on the 25th on the last day. It was not until the 7th of the next month that I arranged for a rest. I actually went to work and worked for eleven days in a row. In fact, I really exhausted me.

When the salary was paid the next month, I did not calculate the right calculation, and gave me a day's salary. So I sent a message to the supervisor to give feedback. Give you a three -day rest, this depends on the arrangement.

It seems that this is obviously wanting to rely on the account. So I said that last month, the supervisor said that I would work for overtime for one day, and it was arranged because of lack of hands.

Suddenly, the leader had no temper, so I said that I will calculate it for you.

Then he also explained that we calculated according to the cumulative attendance, that is, how many days you attended.

At that time, I didn't care. I would like to calculate the total of 13 days of attendance according to this calculation. Unfortunately, it seems wrong to calculate. So at this time, I asked about how much my normal work was working on my normal work. The leader told a number. After I calculated, I found that it seemed to be more?

The leaders in charge were also confused. In the afternoon, I came over and asked me again. I said, did you attend the attendance twelve days last month?

I said, no, I took two days and attended 13 days.

He thought about it, oh, yes.

Then asked again, how many days have you worked overtime?

He thought I had little time to work overtime, so I asked this way. I said that there were more than four hours of overtime every day. Then he walked slightly.

I was also fainted at the time, and I attended 13 days? Just calculated in thirteen days? But I always feel a bit wrong, it is impossible for the other party to send me more.

I woke up early the next morning, and I suddenly realized that I had a few days of rest. I was occupied as overtime that day when I was young. Calculate my salary.

So I calculated according to this 14 -day attendance, and I found that I gave me dozens of yuan less. I don't want to care about it now, but the leader in charge may not understand the principle of this. He may still think that I am a 13 -day attendance.

Many people are easy to suffer for this problem. I remember when at the Linyi factory many years ago, some people were often arranged to work on the rest day, and then calculated according to the accumulation of attendance. There was no problem in form, but in fact, they suffered a loss for the worker.

Because for salary, many less formal private companies have two calculation methods. One calculation method considers how many days you will calculate how many days of salary will be calculated. Salary.

For me, they believe that rest days are employees' benefits, and they can still get wages. Therefore, occupying the rest day is equivalent to owing you a rest day. If this rest day will not be issued to you, then you should add a day's salary.

Many private companies say that rest days are employees' benefits. However, when they are occupied as work, they are unwilling to calculate your salary in the right way and stole your money directly.

More than ten years ago, some private workshops or small factories often used this trick to squeeze the remaining value of employees. For example, if you take four days a month, the basic salary is 6,000 yuan. Because of some business tensions, the company occupies a two -day rest day of the employee, and then only willing to increase the average salary of two days to employees. Welfare of employees.

Because the employee's two -day rest is a welfare day, there is an average salary inside, but these two days have been occupied again. It seems that the boss paid for two days. Essence Because the company will not give you a two -day rest day in the future.

However, many people will think deeply about the logic in it, and basically the sentence is that how many days do you pay for you to give you a flicker.

In addition to considering the rest of the employee, the average salary can be obtained. There is also a salary that is considered that only the day of diligence will be obtained.

Many ordinary migrant workers understand this way. They seem to be very fair, and they are actually greasy. This first is to negate the rights of some workers. It is believed that the rest days of the workers are not only not benefits, but they also make less money. Therefore, they encourage workers to use holidays to make money at work, otherwise the value and significance of holidays.

Secondly, he will use two sets of standards, and then use the method of friendly the company during the specific implementation. In this way of calculation, the cost of asking for leave for employees is increased, but when employees are working on the rest day, the company often uses the algorithm of the average salary of natural monthly monthly salary.

They will say, yes, there is no money to get the rest day, but the financial calculation method of our company is calculated based on the average daily salary of the natural month. This calculation is also fair.

Do you see it? Since this is the calculation, does the basic salary be full of rest days? However, when they invade these people's interests, they say that this is fair. When employees are unwilling to go to work on the day of rest, they also say that you make less money. Is this contradiction?

Therefore, in this state, the time of rest has been paid for the company for free, this is the hidden excess profit.

There is also a disguised way to squeeze according to the distribution of labor. Theoretically, it is fair to work more. In fact, the technical proficiency, fatigue status, and the advancedness of the equipment will affect the result of the distribution of labor. If you try to try the employees, the employees will be attempted All the rest days are occupied, and it is said that it is allocated by labor. You should not oppose it. This actually violates the labor law.

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