This incident is the story of seventeen years ago, but now I still feel vividly remembered. Many people fall into MLM because they have a big dream, but because they believe in friends, and this belief is disappointed by friends.

That year, I worked in Jimo in Qingdao. I was in a farmer's workshop. I remember that they undertake a part of the Haier refrigerator. Processing, then ensure that strict silk is seamless.

At the beginning, because I had some pseudo -myopia, the work efficiency was not as good as the other colleagues of the peers. Later A market in Jimo, and then let me choose on a stall, remembering it seems to be five yuan or ten yuan.

Later, I could see clearly, my work efficiency went up, and soon became an excellent carrier. The key to work efficiency is two aspects, one is the skill ability of grinding knives, and the other is the material of the iron and the fixed car knife.

After working for a year, people in my hometown came to me and injected fresh power into this workshop.

Before the end of the year, it was said that it was necessary to reward the high and low output of the last month. I was very working hard that month. I estimate that it was the first place. The output of the month was used as a basis for ranking, and the result made me go to the second.

The reason why the second month was wrong was not that I did not work hard, but the little boss of the workshop for granted to let us change the car to each other, which seriously interfered with our work efficiency, especially for me to change to a problem -related car machine machine. And my car machine machine was broken again.

Later, after changing it back, I improved the efficiency crazy. However, after becoming the first, the little boss's sister and brother -in -law asked me to go to the room to rest, saying that I was too high, too tired, and then watched others catching up.

Therefore, these reality contradictions make me very tired, and I have a plan to change my job. However, I still improve the efficiency in the last month, exceeding others, and the estimated salary should be more than 3,000 or 4,000.

Later, at the end of the year, I told the big boss that if I set up all the settlement, I will definitely come next year. If not, I won't come.

The big boss is the master of their family. When I hear me, I was willing to believe it, so I urged me to settle. But his wife screamed loudly. You settled for Lao Zhao like this. He won't come in the coming year and cut off your head. His son, that is, the little boss, decided to oppose his father on the grounds that the account was too chaotic and had no time to calculate.

At that time, I felt a chill, and I was a person who said it, even if I suffered losses.

Coincidentally, friends who studied technology in Qingdao before came to Qingdao, saying that they had worked in Tianjin, logistics work, followed the car to deliver the goods every day, and easily earned about 4,000.

I have a little bit of excitement. I am more than I am tired of living, and I hate my current job more and more. But after I understand it, I found that the salary of the regular recruitment channels was not high, usually below a thousand, which made me doubt about his words. However, I was disappointed again about this workshop in Jimo Wangjia Village, and I decided to take a try.

After the New Year, Jimo's little boss's sister and brother -in -law made a special trip to our village to pick us up. Before he came, I went to Tianjin. Later, the owner of the workshop did not answer the phone call, or if he didn't want to ignore it, he hung up. I would rather lose, and I don't want to violate my promise. However, the two apprentices I had brought in the past were taken over.

Then they served them with a guy of Pingdu, but later the little boss had different business differences with his sister and brother -in -law, so his sister and brother -in -law were separated. Then under his operation, the small workshop closed down in less than half a year. I heard that their father and son had a physical battle on the limbs.

Yes, except for those who do the heart -to -eyes and live, others are people who cut corners. There are me. They are willing to treat me as a leading leader and can do it well. I am not there. Expressing it.

After I came to Tianjin, I called my friends. My friend said that he rushed over right away. As a result, thirty minutes passed, and there was no trace of friends. At this time, some people who pulled guests said, did you be a fooled guy? There are a lot of MLM here.

Just when they argued whether they were MLM, my friend finally rushed to a motorcycle with a tent, and then picked up my luggage and took me to sit on another convertible motorcycle and left. But the strange thing is that it is getting farther and farther away from the logistics park, and it is getting more and more remote. I asked my friends, why did you advance in the direction of the countryside?

My friend's eyes flickered, but he still calmly said that the place where they stayed in the countryside, came to the logistics park when they were working, and just caught up today.

I don't have any questions, but I have no question in person. I think it is peaceful, so I came to a village in this way, and then I walked around to a yard. He knocked on the door, and he heard someone asking, who?

My friend said it was me.

Hearing this familiar voice, the people inside opened the door of the yard, and then he took me into a room. I found that there was no bed in the room, and a layer of plastic cubes were covered on the ground, and the direction of the bedroom was stacked neatly after another quilt.

At this time, I have basically determined that this is indeed a MLM dens. However, I haven't experienced it before, so I think about it.

In the evening, friends are also staying here, and everyone sleeps on the ground on the ground. But the next day, my friend excuses something to leave, and then a strange person accompanied me.

This is actually their routine. This person who accompanies me to choose a stranger is to avoid some contradictions. He follows good temptation, and then takes you out to stroll. It seems to be inadvertent. In fact, he is intended to lead you to participate in their classroom.

I heard their courses in the classroom. These people's enthusiasm for listening to the class was very high, and the instructor explained was also enthusiastic. The whole process created a more harmonious and caring atmosphere. However, after listening to a class, they will also evaluate you, and then take you to the door and come into contact with some people like people and the like to evaluate you.

Of course, before contacting these supervisors, they will shape the personal stories and successful cases of these supervisors, making you feel that they are very powerful. The so -called assessment is just some simple problems, and then in this process, you induce you to enter the trap of their thinking.

However, what I really touched is that these at the bottom children have their own bitter past. They would rather wait for the poverty here to wake up from this state.

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