Because someone resigned, a colleague took the initiative to say that his brother was just going to change his job, and he could introduce him to interview. This internal push interview is often just a walk, so the next day his brother came to work.

When he first came to work, his brother was very diligent, but in less than two days, his brother began to touch the fish very boldly.

When a colleague went to the stand, he excused him to go to the toilet, and he returned when he changed his work to rest. If this situation is understandable, then he became even more bold. Looking at others to stand, he actually went out of the job to follow others to rest, and then played the game desperately.

At this time, there are people who are unaccustomed to start talking. You have to be more serious. It is our turn to stand up and go together. Unexpectedly, his answer was also very amazing. I would like to touch the fish.

The meaning of words is full of contempt for the current work. So, you must think that his previous work must be easier, right?

In fact, the opposite is the opposite. I have interviewed him. He said that his previous work was very heavy and worked at the assembly line of a factory. He feels very good at work.

Since he feels very good, why not cherish it? It turned out that his brother was also a king of fish, so he might tell his brother in his back that it would be good to touch the fish at work at work, and it was not strict here. This is the black who is close to the ink, so in such a short period of time he started to touch the fish unscrupulously.

Secondly, maybe the group atmosphere of this job is not very good. Everyone opens a glance on the matter of touching the fish. No one is willing to take care of it. Although they feel dissatisfied with other people's work affecting their jobs, they are too lazy to compare it, because in such an environment, the consequences of their own care may not be corrected by the other party, but that the other party not only does it, but she may also get it, but she may also get it. revenge.

Therefore, for personal interests and security, they are not so intense for this phenomenon. However, these fish -touching people have experienced experience for a long time. They notify the whereabouts of the leaders. Before the leadership appeared, they immediately performed very positive and gave the leaders a beautiful impression. When the leader left the scene, they immediately resumed the state of touching the fish.

Therefore, many of the phenomena that leaders see are false phenomena. Once the people in front were busy for more than 20 minutes, and they all looked a little tired. It was precisely at this time the leader had to pass here. The person who touched the fish immediately put down the job at hand and squeezed them in two steps to everyone. In front of it, then busy diligently. After the leader came, he saw this phenomenon that he thought that others were not working, and he was working alone, so the leader said, why is he alone? You should learn from him!

The leader thought it was appropriate. It was the so -called seeing the real ear as a virtuality. However, when the leader said this, it suddenly made others feel disgusted. They did not refute the leader's words, but also added a busy state. Among them, of course they know what the truth is.

At the time of get off work, the leader had to meet everyone. The leader named the person saying that today I found an example. When he was working, he worked very actively. Others had to learn from him. In order to carry forward this positive spirit of hard work, he decided to give him a 100 yuan reward and include the talent reserve team.

The leader just spoke this, and everyone sighed for a while, but no one refuted the leader, and the leader thought he was doing it very correctly. That person was gloriously accepted the leadership reward and became the role model for everyone to learn.

Someone said privately that since the leader let us learn the fish, we also touch the fish at work. Anyway, touching fish is to be rewarded. So when you change the shift, you are touched fish and whistle each other. Once you find the leadership inspections, they immediately put into work hard.

In this way, the phenomenon that the leader saw every time everyone worked very hard. So at the next meeting, the leader said that it seems that the power of the example is very great. Since we launch the example, everyone's atmosphere has changed a lot, and everyone is improving. This is a very good thing. Therefore, we cannot forget the role of the previous role model. I decided to reward him for three hundred yuan again, and everyone applauded.

This time there was no sigh of signs, but everyone laughed and applauded madly. Everyone expressed support for the decision of the leader. However, there will always be a small number of people who will not turn around in a group. They think that leadership is not distinguished, and they actually reward such a fish -touching person. How can the group be better? They are not more and more accustomed to these colleagues, but they are more and more unaccustomed to this leader. They say that the leader is just a pig. It is better to leave such a group. Good treatment.

In this way, those colleagues who have a sense of "justice" have left one after another, and the rest are basically clear fish touches.

This incident reminds me of when I was in junior high school. When I was in junior high school, the school always worked with some obligation to work every three forks, such as planting trees and trees.

They saw that the head teacher was not present, so he threw me his head to me and asked me to dig the tree pit alone. When I dug it, he suddenly grabbed the hoe in my hand and dug it hard.

I immediately felt really strange. Why did he snatch my hoe? I looked up and found that the head teacher came. The head teacher walked in front of him, and saw him so hard, dug such a large pit, and immediately praised the Tao, which was good. Then I told me that Yanwei should learn from my classmates. Don't just stand and watch this way.

Then he took the opportunity to hand over my head and then it was my turn. I immediately felt a little aggrieved, but I couldn't point out the other person's Xiao Jiujiu, and I was thinking inside. Your class teacher couldn't check the autumn.

Coincidentally, one day the class teacher went out, and the school organized the tug of war between the school that day. Those class committees began to organize everyone. When I and other boys who were not good at coming on the court, I was reprimanded by the learning committee members. Why do you come up? Hurry up! You can only choose these people according to regulations!

We immediately felt very injured and had to leave the team. However, the reality was very facing, and they were defeated by the opposite class. At this time, the learning committee members began to shout again, what are you seeing you? Blame you not playing!

Later, after the class teacher came back, he specially held a class meeting on this matter. The head teacher said that some people did not have a collective spirit. Our Banjianhe failed because some people were unwilling to play. Then the head teacher began to criticize these people who did not play.

Now I encounter similar situations in work, and I can't help but make people sigh. This may be the so -called disadvantaged elimination advantage! Just like that year, I started to choose the class committee again. I refused to participate directly, and I found a legitimate reason. I have no ability. But now I am living in middle age, and I can see it. In fact, many people are ordinary people. They have no wise mind. They can only rely on seeing the truth. Do not believe in the ability of others too much.

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