It is a common phenomenon that honest people are losing losses in the workplace. Because in the wayward, many people like to bully softness and hardness. However, in the simple education in rural areas, it has always emphasized that the loss is a blessing, a good man who does not eat before, and so on. This is a contradiction, but what is the root of this contradiction? I'm afraid no one has studied it seriously.

After more than 20 years of career career, I concluded a iron law, that is, honest people will eventually suffer in the workplace, whether it is the ranks of migrant workers, the ranks of white -collar workers, and the ranks of blue -collar workers. The most serious group of people.

There is another saying in the people that people are deceived and Ma Shan are riding. When they say that a person is too kind, they are easily used by others to bully this kind person everywhere.

In the workplace, the most common manifestation is that for an old good person who is working hard, everyone is habitually asked the other party to do some additional jobs that serve themselves. This phenomenon is the unpaid activity of employees and employees.

For example, it was originally a job in the division, but asked this kind of honest person to complete it for himself, and he did not need to thank the other person to treat each other like a slave.

The boss explained that someone had to do something, but the person liked to touch fish at work, so he turned to the incident to the honest person to do it. As a result, because everyone transferred a lot of things to the honest people, the honest people did not complete something about someone. This person was criticized by the boss because of this, so he yelled at the honest person, and he couldn't do anything about you. He was punished for 50 yuan because of this incident. Then you should pay me a hundred yuan. The reason is also very simple, because the reputation is damaged.

Honesty is very aggrieved. He not only has to complete his extra work, but also to complete these extra work. Once the error occurs, they will intensify their heads.

Therefore, he has two choices for honest people. The first choice is to endure silently, to withstand this punishment, and compensate the person's unreasonable demand, but in this way, the other party will look down on honest people, and will intensify the reasonable and honest people. As long as the honest person does not leave the workplace environment, he It will become more and more difficult.

The second choice is to resist the honesty people. There are reason and rejection of unreasonable requirements for others, and resolutely oppose this rude requirement. But in this way, the other party will feel that this honest person is overwhelming. They will unite to clean up the old people, and then reverse the black and white to say that the honest people are disobedient, all kinds of discreditation, and even the boss to tell how bad the honest person is.

In this case of being alone, no matter how honest people are argued, the boss will have doubts about the honesty people. The boss will say that a person says that you are bad. This is the contradiction between you, but so many people say that so many people say that You are bad, are you really a good person? Therefore, the harm of the three people into tigers and the gold will happen, and honest people may lose their jobs.

However, chasing the roots is actually because of the result of the honesty people swallowing and resentment. Is this a bit ironic? Yes, what happened in this matter. The excellent character that we was educated in the school became a disaster for self -destruction in the workplace. In addition to the personal reasons and group reasons, what are the reasons?

In fact, there is another deep reason for the system. After the reform and opening up, the platform experienced several development stairs. In the early days, various systems were not sound. People used the results as the sole judgment criterion, and they did not pay much attention to process management. It is impossible to get fair benefits to obtain bonus. However, for many people during this period, their thoughts did not change quickly, and they still conducted very traditional character education for their children, such as silently, blessing, and scolding without being back. These people are often worked in the enterprise. I hope that the boss or others can treat it conscientiously, but their expectations are often used as the best breakthrough.

Coupled with the incomplete social security opportunities in the early days of the reform, the main contradiction is various factors that promote productivity and liberate economic development. The rights and interests of workers are not only diluted, but also seriously lagging behind the development speed of social productivity.

During this period, we can see that there are often arrears of migrant workers' wages, but they have no way to consider themselves unlucky. Originally, they were not easy to make money. They were even more poverty in their lives, and their gaps between the rich and the poor will become bigger and bigger. Those excellent social traditions will be seriously impacted.

Therefore, after thirty years, most people still think that only the courageous, ruthless, and bad talents in that era can be moisturized in the storms of business, but they have made them become rich bosses. Letting such a person is driving first and then wealth, it is simply a dream.

Since the 1990s, the rights and interests of workers have gradually improved, but the main theme is still vulnerable to damage. The honest people in the workplace were gradually eliminated and suppressed, and they became the bottom of the society. Among them, there were several different pessimistic arguments.

The first argument is fate. They think that Longsheng Longfengsheng Phoenix Mouse will have holes. They will not think of resistance or safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. society.

These people usually do not do their best in educating their children. Instead, they will let them go to society early, learn to support their families, and hold their tails, but just look for peace in their lives.

The second argument is social pessimism. They believe that government departments such as the Labor Bureau cannot fight for justice. Their personal strength is really insignificant. When they meet the black -hearted boss, they think they are unlucky. They regard normal benefits as a lucky winning, and people around them sighs so lucky. Then he said that who has done a year in September, and in the end, the boss runs the way, and then feels lucky.

They don't expect society to be fair to them. They just look forward to encountering good bosses from probability. They have strength. Whether they meet good bosses, they never want to be lazy.

The third argument is to go out to strive for personal rights and interests. When I was in Qingdao, a girl worked in a workshop factory and did not pay for three months in a row. Later, the girl received the news that her father was sick and hospitalized, so she found the boss to withdraw the salary. Who knows that the boss said that the money was used to buy, and there was no money at present.

The girl was very sad, so she urged again and again. Unexpectedly, the boss was still unmoved and said that she was blind. The girl had no way, so she climbed upstairs and threatened. She jumped down if she didn't pay.

Unexpectedly, the boss laughed, and you jumped down if you have the ability. The girl finally jumped, and the boss was also aggressive.

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