In the previous article, we talked about the encounter of a girl working girl in Qingdao. Why did the boss dare to say that she would jump, and she saved her vicious words when she died? In the environment at that time, workers were in an absolute disadvantage.

Therefore, if the job seeker heard that it would be hesitant when he had to press the salary for more than a month, they would usually hesitate, and they were very afraid that the boss would not give money. This has caused a large number of mobile labor to wander in the market. They would rather do temporary workers and settle in one day, and they are unwilling to accept the so -called high salary January January.

Some bosses often recruit workers in the labor market, but they did not dare to go, but sent the elderly in the factory to the market to recruit workers. The reason is that the boss owes the money of others. These people return to the mobile market again. The boss may face the problem of personal safety.

At that time, I saw such a case with my own eyes. A elderly man wandered around the market with recruitment paper, and was recognized by a young man who was deceived at once. He shouted that he was a liar at the moment. So the two quarreled, and the old man took the opportunity to escape.

However, he was quickly surrounded by a large number of workers, giving them the space for grievances. The two began to fight, and both sides were injured, and the old man who recruited might have been penetrated, and bright red blood flowing from his ears.

Even if it is a temporary work, the account will happen. For example, a contractor on the construction site to move the market to recruit workers, and people may not be found when settlement at night. However, the monk could not run the temple. This group of people could still find the corresponding person. When facing personal safety, they could not be guaranteed. The other party often obediently sent their wages to the other party.

Therefore, these people who look for temporary workers usually do not work alone, but a group of people or three or five people to work together, that is, they can take care of each other when facing emergencies.

They are not inherently unrealistic people, but that this is the case of life. Of course, even more sad is that even if it is not in the liquid market, it will exist in the workplace to suppress each other. There is no room for living in such an environment.

At that time, the most risky at that time was the construction site, because architects often contract to the contractor, and once the contractor gets the money, he will run immediately. In order to avoid mass retaliation, he will pay the salary of those who are not entangled. , Even more, send them to leave or let them deceive everyone.

For personal interests, these people often obey the meaning of the contractor. When they go back, they say that the other party runs away. The sea of ​​people cannot be found.

Such tricks are usually effective, but there are exceptions. Because the group is composed of small groups in various places, some small groups will continue to collect debt for their interests.

Among them, the most dramatic is that someone uses the beauty plan. Someone added WeChat from the contractor, and then they made a group force to impersonate a beauty to chat with the contractor. They are convinced that ten men are nine colors.

The contractor's owner is not a good person at first. It will be good at eating, drinking, and gambling, and naturally you will not let go of the opportunity to harm women. When the contractor owner was caught by the agreed beauty, he was caught by the crowd and had to settle their wages.

This is a real thing and was reported in the newspaper. I couldn't help but feel funny when I saw this news at the time.

At that time, it was basically the golden age of real estate, so it seemed to solve the problem of employment of a large number of migrant workers on the surface. In fact, it was only real estate developers, and contractors and some forces. Migrant workers did not obtain dividends from it, or even even Legal rights and interests are severely damaged.

Now that the real estate industry has fallen, the vacant houses can already install everyone. The country has also regulated and strictly control the sunset industry. However, his problem may be diluted in many years, and he has to promote the issuance of a large number of banknotes to alleviate the risk of finance.

In this way, the wealth of those who lived tightly quickly shrinking quickly. They have to seek more job opportunities to meet the needs of survival. However, with the attack of the epidemic and the occurrence of the sequelae, the development of the corporate platform is not very smooth, and the positions provided are relatively limited. In addition, so many graduates per year are rushing to the market to make the employment situation more serious.

Under such circumstances, for people who simply sell cheap labor, they will gradually be solidified at the bottom of society, and they need to use more generations to realize family revival.

Of course, the reason for this situation is complicated, and it is a systemic reasons. This includes the lack of innovation of corporate platforms and aging productive forces. In how to solve this economic puzzle, the new era also put forward more stringent demands on them.

In the new era, we realize that the workers are no longer a simple tool for the past, but the dynamic productivity. Whether it is advanced science and technology or ordinary operations, human factors become more and more important.

First of all, the survival problems of the entire society are basically solved. Basically, there is no large area of ​​food to maintain survival. They are yearning for a better future, so in essence, they cannot allow the quality of life to decline in their own wisdom's eyes.

Therefore, their ability to be motivated will only exert the greatest value force only when they recognize the future of future development in their wisdom. Any platform that cannot mobilize this maximum value is actually a loss of excavation.

Secondly, the solidification of talents has been broken, and open education allows anyone who is willing to work hard to become talents. Of course, in this process, it is still accompanied by the influence of the old concepts, but these old concepts are destined to be purified by the entire society in the future.

On the one hand, with the gradual passage of the elderly, on the one hand, with the gradual expansion of new ideas, the popularity of new ideas is just a matter of time.

Therefore, if the enterprise itself cannot keep up with this trend, it still has a thinking model that still stays in thirty years ago. Recruiting the public is still the standard of the past, then the company itself is making a cocoon. This harm may not be found in the short term. In the long run, companies will definitely fall into trouble.

Third, age standards may become the biggest jokes of the times. This joke may travel to the middle of the next century to see the present. Now we see that the age standards are still mainstream. But this does not meet the requirements of the times, and it is bound to be broken by the times. Any system that is obsessed with age will definitely be damaged in the future.

In the end, what I want to say is that the times are already asking to treat honest people. Only by treating honest people can they give play to their maximum value. Only those who are honest and honest can they create greater wealth.

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