In short videos, they often tease and say that today's society is like a gunpowder barrel, and it will explode by accident! Some people have become brutal "primitive people" for life. Some people are full of thorns because of all kinds of discomfort ...

If you really encounter such a "lunatic", I advise you not to fight hard with them, and you have to find a place to hide. Because those lunatic, maybe they will show their "dagger" when, Leng Buding will give you a bit, and even give you a fatal blow! Therefore, avoiding those lunatics is not a shame. On the contrary, this is the practice of smart people!

Before my mother retired, she kept accounting for several private companies. After retiring, she wanted to give me all the jobs on hand, but I had never received a company's account. why? Because the boss's mouth is very "poisonous", as soon as it initiates the fire, it is a "crazy wind and heavy rain" to the employees. Even his own nephew couldn't stand, and heard that he was scolded and ran away.

In order to facilitate the narrative, the company is said to be an enterprise A, and the boss is the boss A.

Last month, our dear company A moved (moved from the second floor of the original shopping mall to the third floor of the mall). This time, as a corporate A company, the residence (office address) on its business license must also be changed.

No, a few days ago, Boss A sent my mother to let her go to the government center to go through the business change procedures. In addition, Boss A was particularly intimate and arranged for his ability -to -help assistant -a male colleague who has followed him for many years to hand over the official seal, licenses and signature documents with his mother.

Speaking of this, it is a bit dramatic! Originally, the changes in the license address can actually be done online. It is neither prepared for a bunch of paper materials, nor the shareholders need to sign up to confirm (you only need to use the two -dimensional code to complete the signature).

But the boss A has to have a paper version of the business license, and feels that he is persuasive (he is afraid that it will only give the electronic version online, there is no paper version). Besides, their company has two shareholders -Boss A and his 70 -year -old sister. The sister is so old. How can I know what high -tech online? Online operation is more difficult to her!

My mother is sixty, and her body is obviously not as good as before. The knee pain was terrible when walking. For the sake of insurance, she asked me to prepare all the materials and let me be her "bodyguard" and accompany her to work in the government center.

When there was a glance at the information, the accepted person shook his head: "You can't do it. The acceptance time must be consistent with the start date of the lease. Your new lease contract starts in July. Now it is only at the end of May. You can't accept the monthly you can try it on the Internet. Last time, the scope of company A changed its business. "

As soon as my mother heard it, she immediately called my colleagues and told it. Colleagues said that boss A is stubborn and does not accept online processing. It is said that his sister will not use those high -tech stuff. My mother then proposed to let the boss's niece (his sister's daughter) assisted, but the colleague said it was useless. Boss A just didn't listen.

Because the procedures can not be completed until July, my mother decided to return the license and official seal first.

But at this time, Tian Gong was not beautiful, and it was raining in the pouring. At that time, I just came to my aunt again, with back pain and back pain, I just wanted to go home earlier. Looking at the rain, I was in a hurry: "Mom, let's get a car back to the company!" My mother gave me a glance: "I know enjoying it, I haven't finished it yet!" No, she still got a car.

After getting in the car, I started to persuade her again: "If you don't let colleagues wait downstairs, we hand over the documents from the window, and then go home?" My mother was on fire as soon as she heard it: "People are old employees Is it possible to do so? What if you have a fewer documents? I ca n’t say it!

The way back to the company is not far away, just two kilometers, but we have been sitting in the car for 10 minutes. My mother was in a hurry, and began to shout at the driver: "Didn't you start navigation? Why do you always turn around in one place? Will you drive?! Turn left at the intersection in front!"

As soon as my mother said that, the driver suddenly looked like a wolf, and roared: "Which intersection is turned! The left still goes forward!" I was frightened, shrinking unconsciously, sigh Tone: "Oh! God ... how did society be like this ..." My mother was reluctant: "Left the left!"

Seeing that my mother was lonely, I gathered the courage and assisted loudly: "Master, turn left at the intersection!" Then I stared at the dealer, while looking at it while reporting: "13 ... 14 ... 15. ..16 "" ""

Strangely, since I started to count, the driver's attitude changed, and suddenly it became particularly gentle, and he hummed the song. When I scanned the code and paid, he also said softly: "16 yuan."

After getting out of the car, I complained to my mother: "The driver is really pit! The attitude is bad! We haven't said him yet, he got angry first! Now there are so many ride -hailing drivers, and the taxi driver loves to make money."

My mother smiled: "Life is not easy, people are also asking for life on the road. You still want him to take us home before, maybe before you arrive, the wallet will be emptied!"

I thought about it again, why did the driver look better later? Suddenly, I remembered a video I saw on the short video platform -a female psychiatric patient was soaring on a taxi, but I was treated friendly by the driver. I suddenly realized that the driver may also see me wrong, for fear that I would crazy affect him to drive, so I became gentle!

Alas, this world, everyone is running for life. Sometimes the lunatic has to be afraid of lunatic, just like the driver I met today. But having said that, the lunatic I was going to meet next time -Boss A, it is even more difficult to deal with it!

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