I often write diaries these days, but I do n’t appreciate it after writing. It's to share the trivial things around me ~

I personally feel that since I want to publish articles here and share and communicate with my writers, I must write an article that I feel. Whether it is a memoir or a novel ~ As long as you feel it, I believe it must be a boutique.

As mentioned earlier, although I am a college student, the direction of my major has not developed smoothly and has to switch career. These years have been mixed in the catering industry, and my family also wants me to have a stable job. I have called me many times to take the teacher qualification certificate, street office, urban management, and so on. However, in the early years, the minds were unsure. Reading and brushing questions were neither resistant and inefficient. Instead, coffee was brewed.

However, the stores or companies encountered in the past few years have a downturn in business conditions. The repurchase is basically a place to play a place to play a place ~ even allow employees to go to work to play games, cigarettes, and drinking. The principle of "born in worries and dying in peace", every time I resign, I am a manifestation of peace of mind.

My first job is an apprentice in a coffee shop, the second job is the clerk, and the third job is the clerk of the lemon tea shop. Later, I was promoted to be a deputy store manager ~ I know that I am not working well. No matter how the position is useless, I have resigned.

After passing the file, I went to the Brazilian Jiu -Museum for sales at the front desk, but later stopped my progress because of injuries during training. Until the injury improved during my epidemic, I went to the Chi Ji Restaurant in Yangzhong Zhonghui, Guangdong. Yes, I do n’t know why I went to the floor. Later, during the trial period, I would “terminate” my labor contract when I did not meet the standard. I did n’t want to stop myself. Let it be finished without complexion and end up.

But after going to the house, the Yongying Tea Restaurant, which is located in Huifu East Road, is known as Guangzhou's first Hong Kong -style tea restaurant. It was founded in 1996 ~ It is really amazing. Before returning, we should absorb a large number of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan culture, why delayed the year before the return of Hong Kong?

When I was a student, I patronized as a diner. At first, the products of the agricultural and forestry branches were acceptable, but it became much worse after more than two years. Until I became the man of the brand, we knew why.

I mentioned the three -month trial period for a three -month trial period before joining the job. After the trial period signed the labor contract, there was no more than just on the spot. I asked for the "Employees to automatically abandon the purchase of social security applications". This is not the main reason.

When the educational intersection is pulled to the shop daily, it is pulled to the shop like Niu Gengtian. After returning to the water, when the water is not cut, I will continue to work at the water bar. Nothing has seen a great improvement. The old owner did not hold the epidemic after the epidemic. Banned my account, then I canceled it, and then issued a new number before sending it ~

Until the five -star praise diners replied "I just passed a meal, I am innocent." That's right, the above is not an effective information for it, and the sanitary condition is more important than the taste that the diners care about.

At that time, the guys were wearing small shoes with their hands and feet, and they were not allowed to order the company's meals. The price was deducted from the 3500 base salary. Enter a large amount of soy sauce, vinegar, and chili sauce cannot cover its odor at all. Even so, it will not allow employees to order takeaway, and catch 50 mosquitoes at a time ~

Furthermore, I have witnessed my own eyes that the boss and the Pineapple bag who fell over the landing was put back and returned to the bun cabinet, and turned to continue to sell.
Will employees do so kind? The answer is wrong. There was a kitchen guy. Because there was a unique invincible strong strength in Lingnan when fried river powder. Two hundred oceans, colleagues on the face of the building outside the window were blinded.

And the same happened in the water bar, the degree of excitement was beyond the time, and the colleagues of the night class did not use the cubes of the sandwiches and the Sidos of the Sados, and they were not put in the bread cabinet. The mouse bit the half, and the foreman told me to cut the net half to continue the production. After all, under the surveillance of the camera placed in the office of the office building, the 200 major ocean was deducted. Essence

If you read this article, you have dine at the store, then I hope that you will have only one thousandth of the possibility of the above situation.

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