On the last day of May, my mother was "grass mud horse" in the microphone seven or eight times in the microphone. At that time, I was sitting beside my mother.

My mother is the finance of Company A. In May, the boss entrusted my mother to handle the change of the company's industrial and commercial license address to change. The change can be delayed until early July.

On the same day, I accompanied my mother to the lobby of the government affairs center to submit the information. The accepted personnel refused after reviewing. One was two: First, the start date of the new lease contract in the office was July 1, and the current period was not yet. Second, the charter, the articles of association The content of the amendment (accepting documents) does not match the terms of the original charter.

At first, Boss A asked colleagues (following his more than ten years of capable assistants, men around 50 years old) to hand over the certificate with my mother, and let colleagues B report to him in time.

Coincidentally, due to the busy business of the property company, the lease contract was signed at the end of April (the deposit was paid in May), but the contract arrived at the hands of colleagues at the end of May. superior. When preparing the materials, my mother only rely on a deposit receipt to determine the office address and the lease date.

Company A's last change of license operation scope was entrusted to handle an intermediary agency. Afterwards, they did not return to the separate service documents. They also deliberately deleted one of the articles of association, causing the amendment of the articles of association to inconsistent with the original charter.

If things were not done, my mother decided to return to the company first and pay the document to the colleague B.

On the road, we intercepted a taxi and rushed back to the company. But the driver was not a matter of time. When there was navigation, he continued to go around and intended to collect more car fees. My mother pierced him, but he was so angry that he was crazy at us. In this regard, my mother and I were unyielding, increasing the horsepower to constantly urge drivers to go to their destinations, and eventually finished 2.5 kilometers at a price of 16 yuan.

The driver's mad state made me feel that life is not easy, but my mother said that the boss is not easy except to fight workers. They have the same temper, and they are as humble.

Talking, I unconsciously threw my mother behind and walked to the company's door first.

Looking at the office, there was only a colleague B in it, so I immediately called his name -to signal me to return. As soon as the words fell, I realized that I was not coming -colleagues B were calling with Boss A. He frowned, his eyes were chilling, looking at me, and then lowered his head and continued to talk to Boss A.

"So you are calling Boss A." I said softly.

Regardless of me, he looked down on the microphone, lowered his voice, and made a small report: "I haven't seen Huang's accounting (my mother) back, and only see her daughter ..." I heard him say that, I reacted it- -Mom does not know when to "lose".

Soon after, colleagues B hung up. However, in order to avoid greater misunderstandings, I didn't speak to him. The embarrassing state seemed to calm time -I comforted myself and never stepped into the company.

Fortunately, one or two minutes later, her mother came in and broke the original solidified atmosphere in the office.

"Huang Yin, Boss A asked you to call back. I just reported the progress of the work and was" swept "(scolded) by Boss A.

I have followed him for many years, and I am most familiar with his temper, and you have to prepare for being scolded. Colleagues B explained to their mother first.

After my mother listened, she nodded and picked up her mobile phone to make a call.

"Use my mobile phone, I am his old man. He saw my phone number, anyway, it would stop."

In order to make things clear, my mother answered the call of my colleague B and opened the removal. After getting through, Zhenger started to explain to Boss A through ...

"Why do you always get out of trouble? When I pay the salary, I also get out of the son. Okay!" After listening, Boss A first used the salary to talk about things.

"The new lease contract was only available today. The lease period was in July. It did not reach the acceptance period. People from the government center refused to accept ..."

"If you have been an accountant for decades, you won't ask clearly!"

"This situation is rare, I haven't encountered it before ..."

"I don't care! What I want is the result, not the process!"

"If it is really troublesome, you can handle it online so that you don't need to worry about your elderly sister (one of the shareholders of Company A), and then come to the company to sign it. She can sign the QR code to sign her face. If she doesn't understand, you can help your nephew to assist she..."

"Grass mud horse, my sister is seven old and eighty, how can she get those high -tech! Grass mud horses, you take my salary, you should not run a few more times! Grass mud horses, don't take convenience to make an excuse, you are lazy ..."

"The way to handle the online process is strongly recommended by the staff of the government affairs center."

"You and your daughter are not reliable. Next time, let colleagues B with you! Grass Mud Horse ..."

I sat next to my mother and observed my mother's reaction while listening. Although Boss A kept insulted me and my mother, I dare not refute, because he was the owner of my mother. If I helped my mother in their heads and anger Boss A, my family would lose a stable income.

I saw that the boss A in the microphone kept release the poison gas. When the mother saw him, she laughed, just like hearing a funny joke.

"It's not a joke with you, you have to get things good. You ask the property management office, the lease period is not the case ..." The mother's laughter stopped the boss A's mouth, and his anger gradually disappeared. Start calm down and seek a way to solve problems.

"Boss, I know you are anxious, but things really need to be handled according to the prescribed procedures. I will communicate with relevant departments as soon as possible to strive for this problem as soon as possible." Although my mother's voice is calm, it is full of firmness and determination.

I have thought that the younger brother of the Property Management Office responded like this: "There are a lot of our tenants. The time for signing the contract and the lease period is inconsistent. You should raise it as soon as possible!"

After listening, colleagues B criticized me again and said that my words were too ugly.

After returning home, I asked my mother: "Mom, you are so insulted, do you be sad?" Mom said, the "grass mud horse" is not a cursing, it is the mantra of Boss A!

"Mom! I think boss A is insulting people, and your daughter, me and an old guy are present, so shameful! At that time, why didn't you vent on me and refer to Sang Huai to return to him?!"

"If I really scold you, don't be more shameful?! Don't entangle those bad things, just meet a bad temper and laugh!"

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