Miscellaneous novels 积 Excellent activist Seng

At the end of 2019, although Comrade Saon lost his horse, because the unit leaders had used special cars, and no one rode horses, so the unit leader criticized him, and the matter passed. Then the unit drove the driver who drove the leader several consecutive accidents. The leader was very angry. By the end of the year, the logistics was safe without accidents. According to regulations, the annual excellent in the year fell in the leader of Comrade Seng Weng's head of the year. It should be a matter of iron plate nail.

The Political Science and Technology Division summarized the materials at the end of the year. Unexpectedly, the epidemic was overwhelming and the epidemic prevention was the first. This work had to push it back.

Immediately after, the unit notified the unified vaccine, don't go to work if you don't fight.

Comrade Sai Weng was afraid of injections since he was a child, and he was afraid to die.

Saweng thought that he did not take vaccines, did not need to go to work, such a good leader, and gave such a good policy, who was so stupid to get the vaccine?

In the first needle, Saon didn't hit.

After the statistical data came out, the disciplinary inspection department called Sai Weng why did not go to the vaccine? It may be possible to dye the new crown without playing. If you are stained with a new crown, you may be severely ill, and you may die.

Sai Weng replied: I am afraid of injections. From a young age, if I get a vaccine, I may not need to use a new crown without intensive illness. Besides, don't you say that you don't need to go to work without vaccination? Considering that work will affect the health of my colleagues, I firmly promise not to go to work, and resolutely prevent the bacteria from taking the bacteria to the unit, and the first level of personal epidemic prevention! Who is the grandson who goes to work!

The unit's soft grinding and hard bubbles, and even threatened that if the unit's evaluation of the unity of the unit is influenced by the non -vaccine, it affects the creation of civilization and affects the annual performance award of the entire unit, so wait to remember it.

Sai Weng said, if I was killed by the vaccine, wouldn't it affect the promotion of the leadership of the unit civilization? Isn't it the same to trouble the government compensation?

There is no way for the unit to register Saon in the category of "high -risk people with basic diseases", anyway, it is confused.

The leader hates itchy teeth and explains the disciplinary inspection department, not to mention the advanced evaluation, and wait for the epidemic to review and review the bastard of this surname.

Not long after, the second needle started, and Sai Weng and the unit repeated the first needle. Not long after, the third needle and strengthening the needle follow -up, and Seng and the unit repeatedly staged a tunnel war against vaccines and no vaccine.

In a glance, by the beginning of December 2022, when the leader summarized the work of the audit unit, he suddenly remembered the matter of Sai Weng, and he stabbed it. Should it be concluded? There will be no Saweng on the list of annual evaluation and promotion of cadres, right?

The person in charge of the disciplinary inspection department and the political and industrial section lead the mind, and immediately deployed their respective men to make all aspects of the backward performance of Comrade Sai Weng during the epidemic. Wages until dismissal, fired public office, and so on. After reporting to the leadership and approved, they were preparing to hold a full meeting as soon as possible to give a serious notice to kill chickens and monkeys.

The handling conference on Comrade Sevon was originally scheduled to be held on December 9.

Comrade Saon did not know the serious and dangerous consequences he was about to face.

On December 5, 2022, the national epidemic was released, and all the epidemic prevention measures adopted nationwide from December 2019 to December 8, 2022 were abolished.

But the conference must not be opened.

The meeting started on time at 8:30 am on December 9.

"Cough", the leader tried the microphone.

The dumb bird was silent. The atmosphere is a bit stretched.

"There is only one agenda today." The leader paused, "it is to select and pass the annual excellent activist through our unit."

The audience is full of expectations.

"The opinions of the collective research with the party group are consistent." The leader stopped again, and the air at the venue was full of suspense. "We believe that the excellent activists of my unit should choose Comrade Sevon."

There was a mistake under the stage.

"Comrades", the leader drank tea, and the fragrance of tea at the venue was overflowing. "Just yesterday, the Civilization Creation Office of our city asked all units to actively participate in the blood donation activities for free. Some cadres and employees have been vaccinated to varying degrees, and the blood samples of the vaccine cannot be used. " Come out, personal blood donation is 400cc, which has achieved zero breakthrough in the city's party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions! " The leader paused for himself, and the gaze of care stayed on Saon's face for five seconds. In the unpaid blood donation, he took the danger of life with a fearless spirit, and inserted the red flag into the peak of ideological awareness regardless of personal safety! For a moment, "And, just three years ago, because Comrade Sevon had a serious work and had no accidents throughout the year, it was already rated as the advanced and prepared to be promoted. Three years!


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