Speaking of each platform or team, as a leader, it is very liked to act automatically. Unfortunately, users seem to have no habit of automatic spontaneous action. Automatic spontaneous action seems to need to be conscious, and users seem to never have such awareness.

As a member of the animal world, all the creatures maintain their own original impulse. As for automatic spontaneous, it has never been primitive.

We can only activate the original impulse and conscious impulse only through certain means. There seems to be no automatic spontaneous spontaneous for no reason in this world, everything is based on some kind of demand.

For example, merchants do activities, attracting a group of people to actively participate with cost -to -value discounts, gifts, and benefits that are close to costs or less than costs. This is the temptation of interests to play a role. Although the user still shows the swarm, this is not the user's automatic spontaneous behavior, but a kind of greedy and cheap psychology.

From the animal world, we can also find a variety of similar behaviors. The temptation of interests is one of the key reasons for the original impulse. However, as a human beings of all things, some people will automatically be influenced by acquired consciousness and surpass this temptation.

Responsibility, sense of honor, or vanity will also trigger the automatic spontaneous spontaneity of some people. In life, we see that some people who see righteousness may be due to the responsibility of self -quality. And there are some abnormal things. For example, Ming knows that he will suffer losses or be harmed, so as not to let others say that they are timid or cowardly.

The emergence of the above behavior comes from the impulse of human consciousness. This impulse is influenced by cultural cultivation, moral level, values, and outlook on life. People who automatically need a spiritual identity, or a kind of spiritual resonance, can only automatically spontaneously pursue talents in the spiritual resonance.

Based on the above reasons, we seem to have found the key to open the user's automatic spontaneous door. The original impulse does not require too much will to work hard, and it is easy to promote it; conscious impulse requires a certain degree of effort to promote a certain difficulty.

When promoting primitive impulses in a way of interest, one question is whether the user is affirmation of this interest? To solve this problem, the operator must constantly cultivate users' recognition of this interest. When users recognize this interest, they can use binding marketing or other marketing methods.

Users' recognition of this behavior and self -emphasis need to be continuously output training. In the subtle way, it makes users feel that they are making some decisions, rather than being urged by external forces to make some decision.

I find that many people emphasize how powerful they are. This is actually a wrong behavior, because it is not conducive to letting users self -perceived as automatic spontaneous, destroying the in -depth effect of automatic spontaneous spontaneous. For so many years, I have found that any of those who have shaped the image of a niu and the super performance promotion project cannot continue to operate for a long time, and it will inevitably encounter serious bottlenecks and inevitable failures.

The reason why some activities failed was that the benefits of this transfer did not be recognized by users, and did not make the influence of interest in the early stage. Instead, they stood on their own stand -alone stance and believed that this transfer benefit was very rich.

The user cognition created on the self -standing is a false cognition that may destroy everything. For example, a platform invested some money new and kept complaining that the user was not obedient. This complaint itself reflects such a kind of thinking logic, that is, you have taken advantage, you should at least cost feedback, otherwise you should give back, otherwise There is no conscience. Based on this thinking logic, the force emitted by this thinking logic is actually harmful, or the mutual harm mode, which is very easy to cause money to spend a lot, but things are getting worse and worse.

The above is an exchanges on the way of benefit transfer. This exchange was an unequal at that time, but over time, it will gradually become energy conservation. It can be seen that energy conservation also takes time to fill the deficiencies. Therefore, the material power you pay is due to this conflict of concepts, which causes the two forces to offset. When the user does not recognize and does not recognize your behavior logic, whether this logic is formal logic or essential logic, it must never be There are good results.

Let's talk about the impulse of consciousness.

The fundamental purpose is to cultivate the culture and ideas of an enterprise. In fact, the fundamental purpose is to let employees form an automatic and spontaneous consciousness and practice. Generally speaking, large and medium -sized enterprises attach great importance to this. Small and micro enterprises do not need to focus on the original impulse that does not need to work hard. The primitive impulse that needs efforts to work is closer to the animal nature and wildness. The moral power in this field is easily destroyed. The culture of the enterprise is vulnerable to reaction, and it will destroy the overall development power.

So, why do small and micro enterprises focus more on the original impulse to work hard? One of the important reasons is that this is a bit difficult and requires a certain amount of formal cost. For small and micro enterprises, this investment seems to be superfluous, and they want to use performance rewards or no rewards. From the perspective of small and micro enterprises, the culture of soft power can only be used for packaging, and it will not be classified in the category of cost. However, in fact, the soft power culture has dual attributes. It is two sides of cost and assets.

For example, for an agricultural enterprise, employees will go down to work quickly after work, or continue for a period of time for the interests of a farmer, which can explain this problem.

Usually there is no such corporate culture concept. Their consciousness or subconscious will tell themselves that no one pays themselves after work, or what can a farmer decide? Moreover, there seems to be many things that this farmer buy here.

Therefore, when the enterprise itself does not have such constraints or the cultivation of consciousness, it will lead to personal self -selfism or exquisite self -interest. For a group of people, ten people may have ten different values. In this way, everyone's claims will be formed. Each thinks that they are not wrong, and they hope or take practical actions to force others to obey their requirements. At this time, the collective interests have been gradually eaten.

Sometimes you may go to a small company but find that people are engaged in the so -called "chicken blood". You may feel ridiculous, but in my opinion, this is not a ridiculous problem.

Users are educated, and employees need to be educated as users of enterprises. It is just that some companies may be dogmatism, swallowing dates, which is counterproductive. Dong Shizheng, self -entertainment, a lot of flowers, no internal skills. For example, some companies may be the boss's words. It has not yet risen to the height of the enterprise. Naturally, it is impossible to cultivate employees who are loyal to enterprises, love for business, and farmers.

When the mobile Internet just emerged in the past few years, some entrepreneurial figures with visionary knowledge grew from grass roots to leaders. When they live in remote places, they shouted in the rude office to settle in office buildings one year later. They have their own office buildings and the like. They are considered heterogeneous and funny. They are diligently worked hard to maximize their efforts. This is a spiritual identity resonance that affects behavior without any excuses. Their self -burning is the best of spiritual Pareto.

Who can appreciate the feeling of working until early in the morning? Who can experience such hard work, but has always maintained the passion of combat effectiveness? Who can realize that rumors have not stopped them from being firm?

This is a strong awareness impulse, and this strong awareness impulse is because of their education and self -education. When the loaded garbage is eliminated, this is the door to the opening of the quantum world.

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