The moon hung deeply in the night sky, there was no cool evening breeze, and the weather was sweltering. The author Xue sat in front of the hospital's bed and listened to his mother about the past. Some things she once said, but for her, every time she said, it was a very vivid passion burning.

The old man named Xue turned off the air conditioner and said that it would be only for a while, so it saved electricity. The author Xue said: "This is the hospital, and we don't need to pay the electricity bill." She said: "Is this level? Just this quality? No wonder you can't write a work like a passionate burning years. If your dad is still there, It's good to criticize you. The hospital is a public.

She said at that time in 1948, when she was a student of the three district teams of the Corps. The school's life is very difficult, and the logistics supplies are scarce. 150 female students wear men's rubber shoes. The shoes are large, so they have to be tied up with a thin rope. It ’s too much trouble every morning and night, and it is too much trouble to solve it. When I go to bed, I do n’t take off my shoes. Due to the severe lack of water in the local area, the students lined up in front of a faucet every morning. Wet the towel, wipe the face, and sometimes run back to the dormitory to wipe the body. One morning, she saw the student's squad leader Ren Miaofeng picked up an old toothbrush with almost bald hair, so she asked curiously: "What are you picking up?"

The squad leader pulled her aside and mysteriously told her that this was called a toothbrush. The squad leader also stretched the toothbrush in his mouth to demonstrate, and then handed it to her: "Let's try it."

She took it over and looked at, "I don't want it, the things in your mouth will stain my mouth."

The squad leader encouraged: "Not dirty, we will use it in the future. You don't understand, we use this, the teeth will turn white."

She didn't believe it, saying, "We never use this, and the teeth are very white. People in our village do not need this."

The squad leader further encouraged: "The heads of our Corps have to use this. That's called cultivation, there is a matter of particular. You will know the head of the Corps in the future."

She seemed to believe in it and said hesitation, "Really? But ... we don't marry the head of the Corps, you are the squad leader, or you can use it yourself."

Although she did not use the old toothbrush, she gained a new knowledge, that is, people with toothbrushes are cultivated people. She will work hard to learn and work hard. I believe that one day she will also become a cultivated person, but she must use a brand new toothbrush that does not use it with others.

During the whole year of studying the school, whether it is a cold day or a cool summer, she has never taken a bath, like other students, has a lice on her body, and often sit in the sun. Looking for lice, but none of them called bitter complaints, but they felt very happy. They sang and dancing when they were resting during class, and played a "hand scarf" game. She did not expect that it was this "throwing scarf" game that she threw her into a marriage hall like a game.

It was noon a day, and the female students played the "Hands Towel" game on the grass, and the cadres who came to several military regiments stood aside to watch. She found that the cadres smiled and applauded hard, sometimes, but she didn't care too much, thinking that it was the higher -level chief who came to the school for inspection. She was very devoted to singing the nursery song with everyone: "Throwing hands, throwing hands, and quietly putting it quietly behind the children. Don't tell him, catch him quickly, hurry up ... … "She ran quickly and was flexible, but was caught by others. Later, she knew that this was intentionally arranged by the monitor according to the meaning of Instructor Wang, because once he was caught by others, he had to perform a show. She has a good voice and will sing a lot of Shanxi folk songs. Although she has not been trained in professionalism, the singing is still melodious, attracting the applause of those cadres. One of the cadres voted to her with a hot gaze and said to others: "She just."

The author Xue intervened and said, "Mom, I know, the cadre who said this is my dad, and he dares to love him to choose the object of your school, right?"

The old man is still immersed in rose -colored dreams. She is happy to use silver -white hair, and it seems that she wants to stem into her youthful vines and chase her sweet marriage along this vine: "Of course it is of course Isn't your dad still? But at the time, I didn't know who he was.

After dinner, the district captain Zhu Yali informed her to go to the team and said that Instructor Wang asked her to talk alone. On the way to go, she was a little nervous because this was the first time she went to the team to talk to the leader alone. She drummed in her heart, and carefully recalled that there was nothing well in the past two days. Oh, remember two things--

The first thing was that last night, she woke up urinating, no lights, and could not see clearly. She accidentally kicked the large urine basin in the dormitory, scaring her to urinate quickly, and stomped back to the bed. Since the school has no bed, the students are sleeping on the ground. A pot of urine is flowing on the ground of the dormitory, and gradually wet the straw of the ground, and then wet the bedding on the straw. The squad leader Ren Miaofeng woke up and called more than a dozen students in the class to queue up. He shouted in a hurry: "Who did it? I said! If I was found out, she was good -looking! This is a damaged case , I must find out. "No one dares to speak. She didn't dare to speak. The crime of destruction is not small, and it will be expelled by the school.

The second thing was to clean the toilet this morning. Because of the cold weather, the dirt in the pit was frozen. She was small and couldn't shovel with iron shovels. She was worried. Wang Xiuying, who was tall, ran, and asked her to stand by the side. Walking outside, I turned around and said, "In the future, when you are your turn to clean the toilet, you call me, otherwise I will be angry with you!" She did not thank Wang Xiuying because I was worried that others would say that she was lazy and the like The gossip, to make a small report to the leader, she still wants to be advanced. The squad leader Ren Miaofeng came over and met, and he couldn't do this for Wang Xiuying. Wang Xiuying said unconvincedly: "This does not need to be in charge, I am willing."

She wondered, will these two things be discovered, and the report has been reported to school leaders? Her mind was full of chaotic thoughts, and walked into the team's department with a hard scalp. Unexpectedly, when Instructor Wang saw her, she laughed and greeted: "Suo Lan, you Huang Mao girl, it's blessed, there are nobles to help you! "

She thought it was a matter of cleaning the toilet this morning, and hurriedly explained: "I did not let Wang Xiuying help me, it was her herself ..."

"This matter has nothing to do with Wang Xiuying, let's not mention her." Instructor Wang interrupted her, "Today is talking about your personal affairs, sit down and sit down and say."

She sat down and found that the look of Instructor Wang was different from the past. Not only did she brought her a glass of white water, she also looked at her with a smile, shook her head and said, "I didn't even expect it, you will be so blessed."

"I am blessed?" She remembered a remuneration that everyone loved to say, so she quickly said, "Oh, the blessing of the instructor."

"Of course it's my blessing!" Instructor Wang's eyes smiled and became a line. "You see, the line you just came, the face was yellow and thin, and it was white and tender in less than a year. Beautiful big girl, uh, just a bit yellow, and more nutrients in the future, the hair becomes black, then you are the beauty of our military regiment, people love it. no?"

She didn't know how to speak, and dared not laugh, just looked at the red -faced instructor Wang, thinking, "Did he drink today?"

"Today, I talked to you, which does not mean individuals, it means the organization." Instructor Wang's expression became serious. "That's it. The organization is ready to assign you to the work team directly under the Corps. Before reporting, you, you, you To see a person first, this person is the Red Army cadre, surnamed Xue. He is now the chief of the Department of Defense of our Corps. He just appointed the 62nd Army Defense Minister. Before he went to take office, he cared for and caring for care. Considering the perspective of cadres, you need to solve his personal problems as soon as possible, that is, to form a family problem. No one takes care of that? If our party organization does not care, then the Kuomintang reactionaries care about it? That is, let you marry Minister Xue, see what your opinions have about the organization's decision? "

The decision of the organization is higher than the personal wishes. She has no opinion, but she really does not understand the meaning of marriage: "I resolutely obey the decision on the organization, but ... what does marriage mean?"

"Marry ... Tell you like this, getting married is two people together. In the future, studying each other, helping each other, taking care of each other, revolutionary, fighting together, and progressing together!" Instructor Wang's fist tightly in the air meal in the air, a meal in the air, mealing meals and meals in the air. The ground is strong, making people feel that the meaning of marriage is so sacred and glorious.

"Then I'll get married." She nodded carefully.

"So, you agree." Instructor Wang patted the table happily. "I have to praise you here. You have no learning here. Our troops need to be a good comrade like you. ,understood?"

"Yes! Understand!" She rose up from the stool and worshiped.

"This is an excellent student trained in our school." Instructor Wang breathed a sigh of relief.

She was still wondering when she returned to the dormitory. The school leaders announced their strict discipline at the conference many times. They did not allow female students to have any contacts with gay men, let alone fall in love. Is Instructor Wang dare to violate discipline?

The next day, Minister Xue and the guards Xiao Deng were the school of riding. Xiao Deng took two Malaysians and went to the team. She was called to the team and waited. Instructor Wang deliberately closed the door when going out: "Suo Lan, no one is here, what's the love words, even if you say it slowly."

No love. Minister Xue asked her family situation and age, and asked, "What are you learning now?"

"The history of human development." She lowered her head.

Minister Xue was vigorous, opened the box, and talked about how humans from apes to people, how people learned tools, and then talked about the formation of primitive society, slave society, and capitalist society. She felt that Minister Xue was better than the school's instructor, but Minister Xue said that there were some places that he could not understand. But she didn't dare to ask, and didn't dare to look up. During the whole meeting, she always stared at the old cotton shoes worn by Minister Xue.

When the old man said this, Lehaha said: "At that time, my deepest impression of your dad was the old cotton shoes. Now I think of it, that is the love thing that your dad gave me. Hey, this dead old man."

The author Xue smiled: "Mom, why do you scold my dad like this?"

She also laughed: "Of course, your dad is the dead old man. He is twelve years older than me. Son, I want to sing a song to your dad. "

The author Xue held her mobile phone and recorded her: "The sun in the ninety -nine is here, the eighteen -year -old brother ..."

The song is full of her nostalgia for her husband. It is unquestionable. In her mind, her husband is always eighteen -year -old brother.

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