"Grandma, I will get married next week. My grandson is looking forward to your wedding. If you know, you will turn into a butterfly to see your grandson!"

This is a WeChat sent by an online blogger to the late grandmother on the eve of marriage. Unexpectedly, on the day of the marriage, he said on the wedding banquet to say that he and his grandmother had a deep relationship with his grandmother. A white butterfly suddenly appeared on the podium without flowers. It flew directly to the blogger and landed on the blog The Lord's chest was also on the top of the dress.

The appearance of the white butterfly seemed to be the incarnation of the late grandmother, bringing her blessings and care, and came to the grandson. At that moment, the movement and thoughts in the blogger's heart surged like a tide. He knew that his grandmother had been with him and guarded him silently.

The white butterfly stayed in front of the blogger for a while, and then slowly flew towards the sky. The blogger looked up, and saw the butterfly dancing in the sun, as if saying goodbye to him, as if telling him that his grandmother would always accompany him until the end of his life.

After the wedding, the blogger shared this experience to the Internet, which instantly resonated with countless netizens. Because everyone always has one or two ancestors, occupying an important position in their hearts. When I was a child, they accompanied you to grow up, cooked deliciously for you, taught you homework, and even satisfied your large number of "unreasonable" requirements. They are the closest people in your life, and it is the existence that you can never forget. Even if they have died, the relationship is deeply engraved in your heart.

Before my grandmother entered, I also encountered a butterfly. At that time, my mother and my aunt were discussing the funeral with the funeral service staff in the hospital.

The butterfly was three times larger than the average. It flew out of the ward of the grandmother's death and rushed to me until I was separated from me, dived, and wiped it from me. Back. I was very scared, I didn't dare to look straight, I dared to glance secretly, so within a few effort, it slipped away and disappeared inexplicably.

Like bloggers, I believe that butterfly is the incarnation of grandmother.

In ancient my country, butterflies symbolized love, so the story of Liang Zhuhua Die. In ancient Greek and Roman culture, butterflies were considered souls that were released from the body and came from the world.

Therefore, butterflies are given a symbolic significance of death and rebirth, and they are often used for funeral and sacrifice occasions.

More importantly, before and after my grandmother's death, many coincidences happened unexpectedly on me.

Before my grandmother died, I never saw her.

When she was seriously ill, she was always placed in different hospitals, because the beds in the intensive care unit were insufficient, and each time she lived, she had to be transferred to another hospital.

The last transfer of my grandmother was the procedures for my mother and aunt.

On that day, the ambulance from the patient came very late, causing us to wait for a long time. The car did not come to the hospital until 1 noon. The car is like an imperial decree. As soon as it, the patient's family has to pick it up. As soon as it goes, it is not waiting for anyone. At that time, we were moving out of the restaurant near the hospital for dinner. When we learned that the car was coming, my aunt decided to let her go to the ambulance with my mother first, accompany my grandmother to move in, and let me be responsible for the aftermath -checkout, take a taxi for a taxi, take a taxi for a taxi. Go.

Later, my mother told me that on the ambulance, the long -term coma and deaf grandmother opened her eyes and heard her mother and aunt call her, and she looked around in the direction of the voice. Perhaps, in order to look at her loved ones, she has gone through the strength of her body.

After I arrived at the hospital, my grandmother had been sent to the intensive care unit, and she couldn't look at my face anymore.

The documentary says that after the human heart jump stops, it will not immediately lose all consciousness. The organs of the body will stop operating step by step (from useless to useful). at last. Before the death of some people, the energy of other organs will be transported to the perspective nerves, because he has to swallow a breath and goodbye to his favorite loved ones.

My Taisun (father's grandmother) hurts my dad the most. When she died, she had been supporting the weak body until my dad came, and Fang Ken met his eyes.

A few days after my grandmother transferred to the hospital, "the wealthy wealth" hit me -I was inexplicably pulled into a WeChat group that made money. The group will issue a lot of "tasks" every day. Those tasks are very simple. After finishing, I can get it. Dozens or even hundreds of income. Therefore, no matter at home or outside, I always stare at my mobile phone, for fear of missing any opportunity to make money. In order to make money, I took the risk, and I was reluctant to put my phone when I across the road. The road traffic is complicated and there is no traffic light, but I can shuttle safely without any accidents.

Three days later, the owner began to let me do a large amount of cashback task, and the start of the bet was 1,000 yuan. Coincidentally, my WeChat and Alipay's balances are not enough for a thousand oceans. Because I had "cooked" 600 yuan before, I had a little trust in the group. In order to make more money, I boldly borrowed and borrowed from my mother.

Unexpectedly, my mother resolutely did not borrow it, saying that there was no pie in the world! My mother's knock made me gradually wake up. I looked at myself carefully -I was born and honest, and I was often stolen by my classmates in elementary school. What about money? Intersection

In order to prove that I had no blessing, I was looking for a case of scam scam on the short video platform against my experience. Interestingly, a hour later, I actually brushed an experience that was almost the same as myself. The difference was only that the blogger was deceived 100,000, and I was not deceived, and I took 600 wool.

One week later, the hospital issued a notice of illness to her grandmother, and the doctor said that her grandmother would leave within three days. On the evening of the day, her grandmother's heartbeat was weak, and the medical staff worked hard to rescue her. When the grandmother slowed down, the cousin (grandmother's grandson) went to the hospital to visit the grandmother.

I hope that my grandmother can open my eyes again to see me, so I proposed to my mother to visit my grandmother at the hospital. However, my mother said that her grandmother's situation was very unstable and could leave at any time. At that time, I had to go to the hospital to go through the procedures. To do such a thing, you must retain sufficient energy and spirit. If you lack enough sleep, and are too sad, it is easy to get sick.

Listening to my mother said that, and the fact that I couldn't accept my grandmother's upcoming leaving for a while, I opened Taobao (shopping website) and carefully collected the folk supplies of the puppet -Shouyi, coffin, mouth money ... and inquired online The rules of entering the puppet -it turns out that people who have no religious beliefs have to meditate on the "Amitabha" in the face of the deceased; before entering the mortuary, you can knock on the "Sky Drum" to dispel evil — the upper and lower rows of teeth are constantly bumping; After that, he can be overwhelmed by reading the raw curse and let him leave with peace of mind ...

Why did I think that in just two hours of effort, my grandmother died because of the invalidation of the rescue -she failed to wait for me to come ... But in the first half of the year, I dreamed of her three times: the first time, the first time, the first time, I lied to her and talked about the object; for the second time, she reported to me safely and said that in another world; for the third time, I was married but encountered abortion. Do I participate in the grandfather's funeral ...

Today, whenever I see the black butterflies dancing, I think of my grandmother's kind smile. I know that the butterfly is the incarnation of her grandmother. She is telling me in her way: Don't be afraid, don't be sad, I will always be with you until forever.

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