Which layer of wind meets how many layers, always embracing old thoughts, then wealth is just a dream, so, to reach success, first of all, you must liberate yourself from old thoughts, learn the habits of the rich. Many of us have thought that we wish to become rich, but how to become rich or simply advancing in our careers is not easy. Many experts also point out that the biggest difference between the rich and the poor is their mindset and those hard-to-break habits. To change your life, first you must have the habits of the rich, then use the mindset of the rich to make money, this is a very important rule of successful people.

The number of Jewish people in the world is only 16 million, accounting for less than 0.25% of the global population. However, they are known as the smartest race in the world, this is not unfounded as there have been specific studies, especially the number of Jewish millionaires accounts for 1/3 in the United States, 18 out of the top 40 Americans on Forbes list are Jewish. In history, most financial tycoons, industrialists, bankers, world-class scientists are Jewish. For example, painter Picasso, scientist Albert Einstein, oil tycoon Rockefeller. The key to Jewish success lies in the Bible, which is called the second Bible and becomes their compass, in which the Bible mentions the following four typical lessons to help you quickly become rich and successful.

1. Do not leave opportunities for your children

According to the Thamus Bible, a rich person needs to focus on educating their children rather than worrying about dividing inheritance, every parent wants to provide the best for their children so they don't have to suffer. However, children need to be educated about the value of money, even if they grow up in wealth, they must learn to save, not waste money, at the same time, parents should not let their children rely on themselves, they must teach them the virtues of hard work and perseverance.

In fact, the harm of letting children rely too much and be wasteful has occurred in many families. There is no effective education method when there is too much wealth, many billionaires have various interesting ways to solve this problem. For example, donating most of their assets to society instead of leaving a lot of money for their children. Bill Gates once declared that he will not leave a lot of money for his children because he doesn't think it's good.

2. Work diligently and you will succeed

Your life will be easier if you choose to work hard when you push yourself to do something with all your might. No difficulty can stop the poor, those without resources, without supportive relationships in life. Diligence is their greatest capital to reverse difficult situations. Without diligence, everything you desire will only be wishful thinking, including becoming rich. In fact, many poor people are not inferior, some even have ambitions and superior abilities, but most of them do not change their fate.

More seriously, they have to endure poverty for a lifetime, the main reason is that these people just want to sit back and enjoy life, take shortcuts without working hard. The vast ocean is formed from tiny water crystals, the long journey starts with small steps. If you want real development, you need to experience it practically, gradually accumulate experience and improve your abilities. In this process, with a solid foundation, the more perfect the process and the more persistent effort you make, the more you will achieve. Everything comes from accumulating little by little, and only when you accumulate a lot can you easily achieve that. Those with clear minds know that they need to work diligently and only those willing to work hard can truly acquire real skills.

Everyone's time and energy are limited, true masters usually do not try to seek more but focus on refining themselves by concentrating on a specific field. Persistently accumulating experience and honing yourself step by step will truly make you progress, maintaining a calm demeanor and unleashing your inner strength is the shortest path to success. In this world, no success comes easily, and no sweet fruit can be easily obtained, behind all the shining successes is the diligence and perseverance of a person. On your own path, advancing step by step and achieving little by little is the ideal state.

3. The 91st rule of the Jewish people

In 2020, due to the impact of covid-19, many people have been feverish and tortured both physically and mentally. The pressure is increasing every day, so many people cannot see the future, even losing hope. Here are the 91 rules of the Jewish people to help us find hope from despair and open up a promising future. A Jewish businessman told a poor egg seller that if he picks up 10 eggs every morning and puts them in a basket every night, taking out nine eggs from that basket, what will happen. After a while, the egg seller replied that the eggs will fill the basket. After some time, the wealthy businessman asked: Why did the egg seller answer because every day I have one more egg in the basket than the day before. At this point, the wealthy businessman said: now I will teach you a secret to become rich.

No matter how much money you earn each day, you must save a portion of your earnings. For example, if you earn 10 coins today, you must save 1 coin. If you earn 100 coins tomorrow, you should save 10 coins. If you start doing this, a wealthy future will await you. He continued: never think what I say is simple and laugh at it because I am wealthy today thanks to rule 91. Understanding rule 91 essentially means that expenses should not exceed 90% of total income, if you persist in doing this for a while, alongside escaping poverty, we also have savings for ourselves in the future.

The truth is, we always like to spend money when our income is limited, many people with high salaries still struggle at the age of 40 because they do not know how to save, therefore, the lesson of creating wealth is not just for anyone but do not underestimate the money you have just saved. Wealth is not created in a day or two but is the result of many years of hard work, perseverance, and striving. Difficulties are inevitable but if you dare not rise, you will never find opportunities for yourself. The secret to luck and the Jewish people's wealth mindset is striving, whether it's life experience or money, both need to be accumulated little by little. Gradually, we not only become wealthy but also have wonderful experiences, success belongs to those who are prepared and persistently work towards their goals and know how to save.

4. Overcome the machine-like work style

In the Thamus Bible, there is a classic admonition "if you want to become rich, just working hard is not enough. Since ancient times, the Jewish people have believed that if you want to get rich just by relying on strength is not enough. You must have both intelligence and mindset". There are three things drawn from the Thamus Bible as follows: First, money begets money. Many poor people do not know how to increase their assets but only know how to save money blindly. Money begets money is the fastest way to make money, you can choose to invest in stocks, buy gold, from there, your wealth will accumulate quickly and naturally.

Second, it is thoughtful thinking that for many people, poverty makes them feel they can earn more money. As changes and developments happen rapidly, people must face many challenges. Therefore, everyone needs to have thoughtful thinking before making any decision.

Third, apply investment thinking to things you need to invest in such as health, family, and education. People who spend more time studying each year become superior to ordinary people. Investment thinking can take you far, so the Jewish people often follow a proverb: when doing business, it is expensive and only for the rich, meaning money is in the hands of the rich. In fact, you will see more and more wise people and companies targeting wealthy customers or business partners.

Among the 22% of the wealthy people in the world, the course advisors of educational institutions will spend more effort and enthusiasm to win diamond customers, ordinary people who want to achieve great achievements must understand a fact that doing the same job but the income gap of each person is very large. This lies in the fact that the customers we serve are either rich or ordinary people. To become someone, first you must find a way to get closer to that person, and only then can you accumulate wealth faster and have the opportunity to advance in your career.

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