The wisdom of the ancients can gain benefits once they have thoughts. In the family book written by Zhuge Liang to his son Zhuge Zhan before his dying, there is such a word to persuade his son: the husband's trip, quietly self -cultivation, frugality to nourish morality. The following sentence is also very famous: it is not indifferent to be clear.

Quietly self -cultivation is about improving my own cultivation with tranquility. This is what I agree with. Because of this sentence, I have also been grateful from my heart for ten years. Although the career stagnates because of the wrong cognition, I can use this time to calm down, so that I was originally chased by the evil dog. Gradually calm down, although this time and process are relatively long and tortuous, this has also made a very good way for my growth in recent years, so that I can endure the difficulties when I set off again, and in the face of myself and others' human nature In those dark sides, you can use mindfulness to see, accept, and transform.

This world is so noisy and hustle, people's time has been occupied by various information, turning their heart into a garbage landfill. In such a scene, even my mother's adult cannot be spared.

Yesterday, I took my parents to watch "The Heart of the Swimming". It tells the story that happened in the 1920s of the last century. A German girl in New York broke the discrimination of women in the field of sports at the time. Di's butcher's daughter crossed the British Strait more than two hours faster than men.

The film is very touching. It tells the dilemma of women in that era and the courage to connect with each other and the courage to overcome the dilemma. For such a touching film that belongs to women's genre, my mother can't stand it. After brushing the TV series, after a girl in front of me frequently turned back, I whispered to her mother. She reluctantly put down her mobile phone, still couldn't stand it, and fell asleep again. Later Essence

At that time, I was very angry in my heart, and I felt shame and a cold, but soon quietly, seeing that I was separated again. I was me, my mother was my mother, so I was not angry. Just after I watched the movie with my dad, after going to the lobby to find my mother, I asked her why she couldn't see it. She said she couldn't understand. I asked if she couldn't keep up with English subtitles. , The more you look, the more uncomfortable it is.

I understood my mother, and it was uncomfortable to sit there if I couldn't understand it. In the future, I encountered such translations without Chinese dubbing, so she would not book a ticket. She agreed. I and my dad told her the content of this film again, and she was quite willing to listen. At the same time, I also told her that even if I do n’t understand, do n’t stare at places that I do n’t understand. After watching the entire body with the movie, some parts will understand. Of course, this is my experience. In this way, you will never be tangled when you encounter a place you do n’t understand. Continue to look forward. Sometimes you do n’t understand. Even if you do n’t understand, it will not affect the understanding of the full text.

Writing here is really grateful to the practice of meditation, which can make me quickly pass the emotional binding and find a way to deal with it.

What is the solution of frugality to raise virtue? Fullness also refers to the lack of waste in life, but spending consumption and maintaining a suitable attitude towards material resources. Fackage is not only a way of lifestyle, but also a values. It is a respect and protection of the environment and resources. It is also a manifestation of wisdom. It allows us to learn how to use the least material to play the maximum function.

In this regard, I also have some practices. For example, I only have one set of sportswear and a pair of running shoes. The reason is that I am not so enthusiastic about exercise such as fitness or running. You can also wear it at night and then wear it during the day. In addition, I am also the same principle in bedding, so I only have a set of bedding at present.

But this does not mean that I will no longer be placed in these items. If necessary, such as the old need to be replaced or the exercise needs are large. It is unknown to buy it. I think I can accept these situations.

It can be seen that frugality can also cultivate our self -discipline, so that people can restrain themselves when facing the temptation of material and desire, and do not take the priority of enjoyment as the priority of life. I admit that enjoyment is very good, but just like screws, it may be risk of sliding silk when enjoying the screws. The cost of enjoyment will become higher and higher, and the time that will be satisfied will become shorter and shorter.

At the same time, frugality is also a contribution to the human community. By reducing unnecessary consumption and forcing the innovation and development of the industry, people no longer at the cost of undermining the environment and resources, in exchange for short -term benefits, and sacrificing future well -being.

In this era, frugality can be regarded as the expression of minimalism. When we understand our lives and life, we can return to the essence, know who we are, know our talent mission, and know the limitations of our cognition. At the energy level, it also avoids meaningless consumption, but can use energy to improve itself.

The understanding of the above is because in recent years, while pursuing the internal growth in recent years, it is also facing the financial crisis caused by the lag of career in many years. Understanding and understanding of knowledge in different fields, I hope to find a breakthrough in career, but forget the simplest way to act with their own talents. It can be seen that the energy must be focused. When my main task is to use talents to engage in career, the supplement of those knowledge is not so urgent and necessary. Of course, this is the reflection at this stage. Things, but now I will be more clear about the direction of my actions.

What is the most difficult for people is the act of morality, honesty, kindness, justice, and brave morality. It is not only the manifestation of the internal quality of the individual, but also the foundation of the harmonious development of human society and the common progress. When people's collective consciousness can be separated from self -benefit, but when it is for altruism, then human beings will enter a new state of life.

The cultivation of morality is a long -term in -depth process, and it needs to be practiced in every bit of life. As a life attitude, frugality can promote the improvement of personal morality. Fishing will make people cherish the parts they have, so as to be more grateful. Therefore, it can cultivate the virtue of humility, loyalty, and gratitude. At the same time, it can also cultivate people's sense of responsibility and The spirit of dedication, when we spread the beauty of life caused by it, will affect more people to cultivate this virtue.

When we continue to practice quietly, frugality to nourish morality, we will have a indifferent mood at that time to escort us on our own.

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