Sett Shopping Center has finally opened.

The employees of the two and B of our Sett Shopping Center are facing the work under the leadership of the Japanese Yaohan Store and the team, and in the face of the four -story floor area of ​​the shopping malls. It was very excited. It took a long time to calm down, after all, this is a new thing.

As a set of teams sent by Party A, the operation of the shopping center is not very related. Although working in a building in a shopping mall, you can see all kinds of things appearing in the shopping mall every day.

There were several things that I remember most that year.

Before opening the door every morning at 9 am, the leaders, supervisors, managers, and functional departments of all floors must stand in front of the door to gather for a few minutes. Before the morning meeting, he shouted loudly under the leadership of the Japanese store manager.

Because our party members were not asked to stand here, I was just curious at first. I didn't know what they shouted. When I was closer, I realized that it was a shop training loudly, and it was a particularly interesting paragraph:

Collar: "Look at my front ~"

Everyone shouted: "It's a good person!"

Collar: "Look at my left ~"

Everyone shouted: "It's a good person!"

Collar: "Look at my right ~"

Everyone shouted: "It's a good person!"

Collar: "Look at me ~"

Everyone shouted: "It's a good person!"

Ling (last): "Why is this ~"

Everyone shouted: "Because I am a good person!"

In the early days of the shopping mall, in order to ensure the smooth business, the person in charge of the five functional departments of Party A took turns on duty at the night shift. The purpose is to do a 24 -hour guarantee service. Afraid of the fault of the hydropower and air conditioning of the shopping mall, we can notify the personnel of the company's engineering department in a timely manner to deal with it in a timely manner.

When I was on duty, I often turned around in the building and felt fresh everywhere. So I discovered the scene where everyone shouted in the morning when I opened the door.

On the east side of the first floor of the shopping center, a small warm water swimming pool is built. Large glass walls are surrounded by, with a small area and shallow water.

Foreigners often take children to swim when they come shopping. The hardware of the small swimming pool is very good.

When I was on the night shift, I also visited several times after closing the store at night in the shopping mall.

This small warm water swimming pool has attracted the attention of countless shopping guests.

After I left the shopping mall to Hainan, I heard that this small swimming pool drowned a guest.

In the mid -1990s, the Sett Square and Sett Club successively completed and opened. This swimming pool in the shopping mall was removed.

On the southeast side of the shopping mall, there is a big elevator for transportation. The first floor is the unloading platform. This is the busiest place in the weekdays. After the shopping center closed the store at night, the large ladder was still working. My office is also in the southeast corner, and there are always elevator sounds and noisy speaking sounds outside the office door.

Since I am the personnel department of Party A, in addition to many employees of the shopping center know me, the managers of all floors and the departments of Party B are also particularly familiar with me.

For about half a year of opening, the female section chief of the person who originally worked at the Personnel Department of the Pharmaceutical Company found me and asked her daughter to discount in shopping malls.

At that time, her daughter was the first batch of international flights of Air China. Seven or eight years ago, when I was working at a pharmaceutical company, I met her and her brother. At that time, her sister was still very young and often came to our office to play. The chief daughter is now growing up and preparing to get married, and her boyfriend was the most famous private enterprise in Beijing at the time. The two looked at a South African diamond ring at the Sett Shopping Center and were going to buy it as a wedding ring for the bride at the wedding, but the price was very expensive, as if it was about 90,000 yuan. Find me to help discount.

At that time, I promised to help find someone immediately. Although there was no bottom in my heart, the beauty of adults and helping others was the principle of being a man. So I found the four -story manager Qin. He was responsible for selling imported jewelry and watches. Usually our relationship was also very good. In addition, he asked him very simply.

The daughter and boyfriend of the section chief learned that the letter was ecstatic, and the on -site payment was bought and saved 30,000 yuan.

After they got married, they kept in touch with me. The men's surname Hu was very famous in Beijing.

At that time, the busiest job at that time was to save archives in the Beijing Talent Center. In addition to the first batch of students in the shopping mall, Party B is also conducting recruitment work, so in 1993, there were the second batch of third batch of students.

The archives of these fresh graduates are sent to our Human Resources Department after being admitted. I led Director Chen and clerk Xiao Dai responsible for opening a receiving letter, file collection, and then went to the Beijing Talent Exchange Center to archive.

The Beijing Talent Exchange Center belongs to the Beijing Municipal Personnel Bureau and was also established to adapt to the increase in the flow of personnel after reform and opening up.

In the summer of 1992, the scenario applied for the recruitment of fresh graduates in Beijing International Club in the Beijing International Club became a sensational news at that time. Later, I went to the Beijing Talent Center to open an account and went to give hundreds of graduation survival files that were hired. At the same time, I also became a hot figure in the Beijing Talent Center.

It is particularly coincidental that I also met acquaintances here. The former Director of the Personnel Office of the Beijing Pharmaceutical Corporation was returned to work here after retiring. It was my superior leader in a pharmaceutical company and was very familiar with me. She is a particularly amiable eldest sister. She also recommended me to the head of the Municipal Talent Center and several directors, and boasted that I was particularly capable. Happy.

My archives at the Beijing Talent Center are very smooth, and I have become friends with these archived procedures for archiving procedures.

Through this, the comrades of the National Talent Exchange Center were also met.

In those two years, due to the recruitment and archive of the shopping mall personnel, I established a good cooperative relationship and personal reputation with Beijing Talent, National Talent and Chaoyang District Talents, Social Security and other units.

(To be continued)

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