Bai Qiu's younger brother Tie Xiong ran everywhere to raise funds. Two weeks later, he raised the money and silled. He finally withdrawn 300 yuan to compensate Junzi's husband for 300 yuan to avoid criminal sanctions.

Bai Qiu suffered from depression and mental compression disorder, but at this time, he continued to create new works. More or less in these works, or bright or dark, always bring the marks of this wife. In May of the 44th year of the Meiji, he published a second collection of poems, known as the "Lyrics Collection", which consolidated his position in the poetry.

In this "Memories", there is such a section of "disconnection", chanting for Junzi ---

That is someone else's wife

It is the story of the unique Franciska

The baby cried again

Climb around

And you just don't care

That is someone else's wife

"If you don't see it for a moment, you will be unbearable, and the fox fans are generally sad."

"When you can't see you, you are in the bedroom where your heart is dead, and the cherry blossoms are dazzling at dusk."

"When you go back, listen to the crisp footsome footsteps on the road of the stone slab, and the snow falls like an apple's aroma."

(Poems in the collection of Baiqiu Poems "Tung Flowers")

Bai Qiu Shi Collection "Tung Flower"

There is also a poem with "Surphy who gives me sad" ---

The white moon came out, Sophie.

Come out and see, Sophie.

Like forgetfulness

That, the blue sky, Sophie.

(The above is the first section of this poem 6, and the "Sophie" here is also Bai Qiu's nickname of Junzi. It can be seen that as the love is deeper, the poet's works are more supposed to sing.)

"Wild Exposure"

More than when you die

Flowing life

Distency this body is exposed to the field

I only knew what was the real tears at that time

Because it is someone else’s wife

It's so dirty to myself

You can only be in the desire to stop


----- The above published in the second year of the Great (1913) "Zhu Luan" "Zhu Luan"

Map of Miura Peninsula

Baiqiu Memorial Hall (Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

A few years ago, Bai Qiu's family went bankrupt, and his family life was heavy on his eldest son. In the second year of Dazheng, he was defeated by his family to cross the sea with his family to the southernmost tip of Miura Peninsula. Here are the guests and younger brothers who serve as fish. Back to Tokyo. Bai Qiu had decided to die, and then left the thought of life with the help of a friend's persuasion. Later, Junzi divorced her husband and came to Miura Sanzaki. Baiqiu worked hard to get rid of the mourning year, relying on the spirit of rejuvenation. Family Liang Tianzhen was composed, and later sang at the Tokyo concert.

Miura Misaki Port

One year after Junzi and Bai Qiu lived in Misaki, they crossed the sea to the father Island of Ogasawara. In July of the third year of Dazheng, they returned to Tokyo. In September, the two divorced. Bai Qiu and Junzi ends from the end of the relationship. Although life is hard, his poetry and short songs are rich. Bai Qiu's most unforgettable period of life "dark period" brings endless sorrow, as the poet said: "I turn straight and become tears. I am embarrassed, sinking, mental abnormality, deserted in my heart, and my loneliness is dark in all directions."

After that, Bai Qiu exiled herself to Xiaoyan Village, Nange. The residence was called "Purple Tobacco Society" and is located in the center of the rice field. His life is still bitter, and his second wife, Jiangkou Zhangzi, is unlike his ex -wife Junzi vanity, worked hard, and support him. The two lived in the countryside and ate Korean cabbage.

After the sixth year of Dazheng (1917), Mikuki Kunichiro, who was similar to his age, and Nagata Hideyoshi, who was older, and Nagata, who was in a carnival of Yoshihara, suddenly remembered Bai Qiu who lived in seclusion. He planned to visit him. Sichuan is very at 9 o'clock in the evening, and took him back to Tokyo while drinking the wine. Bai Qiu wanted to go home, but everyone had to get off at Edo Sichuan again from Chai and went home with a lantern. Essence

Poetry Collection "Evil Gate"

Friends remembered that when the "Shepherd Club" was just founded eight years ago, Bai Qiu just published "The Gate of Evil". At that time, Bai Qiu was quite old -fashioned, cheerful, and liked to take care of others. But today, how can I not be sentimental. This time, my friend did not want to relive the old dream with them even if Bai Qiu was drunk.

Sugiyama Miyagaki "Women's Fantasy -The career of Mrs. Kitahara Mrs. Jiangkou Zhangzi"

In order to raise funds located in the new house in Chuanzhao Temple, Odaka, Zhang Zi and Bai Qiu's family contradicted. In the eyes of Kitahara's younger brother Temu, his brother felt that his poems were not as annoyed as before, and at this time Zhang Zihe, a newspaper reporter Ikeda, was fell into love. Tanazaki agreed to separate the two, and the anger was so angry that he broke off with Tanazaki.

The two people's marriage ended in just five years. Zhang Zi wrote a collection of poems of this "Heart of Points", and the "Port of the Party" was written to the lover Ikeda. He went to Berlin to reveal her mood to send it in the port. Zhang Zi later fell to a prostitute house in Takawa District, and he was overeating in his later years. In his later years, his whole body was covered with excreta melancholy and ending. Seto Ni Lisan had a detailed record.

Bai Qiu's third wife, Juzi, can be called a virtuous housewife, who is good at cooking French cuisine. Bai Qiu, 36, finally found a good life. After that, life was smooth. Essence After a year of age, the eldest son Romaro was born, and was affected by the children's smoke and the movement of nursery rhymes. He began to actively engage in the creation of nursery rhymes and children's stories. His poetic creation broke out again. And the fragrant fragrance. The poets thought of the words in the words and sentences, and the language control was sparse, reaching the conciseness and simplicity of ink painting.

For Bai Qiu, Zhang Zi is the best wife. He lives with the two women, two women, and Zhang Zi, all over the thorns. Finally, he found Jizi to live in peace and career. For him, these three wives are indispensable. Life is so. In fact, the person you meet is right, no matter what you meet, this is destined to hit.

Lichuan Baiqiu Festival

It may be that because the nutrition is too rich, Baiqiu suffers from diabetes. In his later years, he suffered from eye diseases and relied on weak vision to perform oral writing. In the 17th year of Showa, due to kidney disease and diabetes hospitalized, he soon insisted on returning home from the hospital. He started the editing and editing editors of three nursery rhymes and a dozen works to work hard to complete his art.

In the autumn and winter friend, he showed signs of breathing difficulties. After injection of forced needle, he shouted "I won't lose", the situation is slightly stable, he wants to eat, his wife gives him apple juice. At that time, he could only eat liquid food. He ate two apples, and the people present couldn't help admiring. His son Romar opened the window to let the indoor air circulate. Bai Qiu said to him, "Today November 2 is my freshman day! You must remember it, it is my shining commemorative day, a new start." After swallowing the last breath, he died at the family of Azo Valley, Tokyo, at the age of 57, and was eventually buried in Duo Mo Ling Garden.

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