There are people who love beauty, especially women, more beautiful. When I was young, the skin was tight and tender, like a beautiful flower, at a certain age, this delicate flower will gradually become disabled, but now the medical beauty technology is very advanced. Make yourself beautiful and younger.
I also love beauty, get older, and troubled by many skin problems. In recent years, I have two more annoying eye bags, and my skin is a bit drooping, but I have never dared to do bags under the eye bags, so I went to the beauty salon to do bags under the eyes. Stone and ductin (that is, use a small chopstick stick to dial on the face), and also use a large brand of eye cream and eye mask. These are all white spending. In the end, I still opened it. Life is happier and more beautiful!

This is a matter of yesterday. My friend introduced me to find a female doctor of the ophthalmology and medical beauty of the three hospitals. She is a postgraduate mentor. She has done countless cases to go to the bags under the eye bags. She went to her to make an appointment the day before yesterday.

I have always been suffering from high blood pressure. I had made an appointment in the morning, but my spirit was a bit tense, with a amount of blood pressure, 150 high, 98 low, which was a bit dangerous. Essence Then there is an electrocardiogram, drawing blood. It is not actually surgery, and regular hospitals must be done. After each test, the afternoon surgery was available.

At more than one o'clock in the afternoon, the nurse helped me disinfect me around. I was afraid that I was too nervous. The doctor asked me to swallow a stable film. I changed to the hospital's clothes and sat outside the operating room.

Just now the blood pressure has dropped to 132, low 80, and I feel a little nervous, but I thought of today, my appearance is at least ten years younger, and I am a little excited and desire. The surgery must be painful, because anesthetic needle is to be anesthetized, and then liposuction, cutting skin, and suture.

I lay on the operating table bravely. For beauty, I seemed to become so brave, but I still asked the nurse to put light music in advance to alleviate a little nervous mood.

For the sake of insurance, measure the blood pressure again, and the blood pressure is normal.

The operation began in the soft music sound, and I was intoxicated in the music.

It turns out that anesthetic needles need to be hit several times, first make the right bag. The injection is a bit painful. For beauty, tolerate, hear the scissors and cutting the skin, I do n’t know when the fat is drawn, and the needle. The sound of music became fine, and it was settled and almost fell asleep.

Then make the left eye bag, the same program. The right hand has been around the blood pressure meter, and the nurse is tested every other time.

Seems to have a dream, there is music and pain in the dream, there is a pain in my fantasy when I was young ... Finally, the operation was successfully completed.

I am still wrapped in gauze, and each eye is half exposed, and it can be unlocked after seventy -two hours. For beauty, for beauty, she can be able to bear it and give yourself a praise. Bleak

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