If people are single for too long, they will always feel empty and lonely ~ even hope to be in the blind date software. Once upon a time, my cognition also had a deviation. I thought that the girls around me couldn't see themselves. Can't make money in Tangshan, how much "Jinshan" can dig gold ~

Not long ago, I used World Talk, a "cross -border dating" app. It can be said that basically any country users have it, but I always know a lot of cat greasy. For example Users who collect money have clear signs. You can add it to the penguin or green bubbles soon after chatting. It will always let your help register for short video software in the country, such as fast hands to bury the vibrato, and ask you to transfer Those who go to the bank to buy a ticket, these are collectively referred to as "rolling friends" ~ those who always mention the money, don't pay attention to it.

But I have been playing this platform for so long, have you been deceived? The answer is no, after all, the predecessors planted trees, and the future generations were cold ~ But even so, I would not have a big deal, always armed mind with security consciousness ~

But I can encounter it. I talked about a few words on the World Talk, and got the green bubble account, and added to each other as the "Indonesian girl". Her name was "Lynn". At first, I sent the photos of the coffee shop environment to see her and asked her the environment? She said she was beautiful, I asked her, do you want to work here ~ But I can't think of her answer. You may not be able to afford to work here. It seems that it sounds like being a boss. Is it quite bright? I had to say, "I never asked, you promised to be a girlfriend?", According to the development of the plot, this will also be a positive answer ~

Although it is too fast, why is it a good thing to have a relationship? Even if we are in two sometimes bad countries, sometimes we can pass tenderness through chat. Today's level of science and technology can solve the problem of language failure ~

At the beginning, we used a limited level of English to chat. What I was most impressed was that she asked her not to like to drink coffee, and add milk and sugar in it ~ Her answers also like it, and sugar and milk are a must -have, otherwise they will be a must -have, otherwise they will be a must -have, otherwise they will be a must -have, otherwise they will be a must -have, otherwise they will be a must -have. Very bitter; then I sent her black coffee I was drinking with her mobile phone, telling her that my coffee was not added, but it was sweet to drink. This naturally stimulated her curiosity. Also given the answer that might make her amazing, saying that when I was drinking coffee that I didn't add nothing, she thought about the most beautiful her, and the taste was naturally smooth and sweet ~ I also got a reply from expressing joy and joy. For me, it is a good opportunity to get hot and iron.

So I always paid attention to the update of her circle of friends, and took the details in life to send photos and share with them. The attitude I got was naturally not perfunctory.

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