Suddenly, the old man named Xue's author stopped. She sat in a wheelchair and said, "Come, son, help the mother take off this shoe."

"Mom, have you entered the sand in your shoes?"

"Don't ask so much, take off the socks of your mother."

It turned out that the old man wanted to show her a little secret. The author of Xue stunned at her left foot softly, and asked, "How did this get it? It's all disabled. When will it be done?"

The old man said that this was when she was still a student at the school of the Corps, and she was engaged in military training on the mountain all day long. She accidentally fell to the ravine and her toe bones were broken on the spot, but she endured the pain. People say that because she is worried that the school will expel students with disabled. During that time, she hid everyone and fixed her toes by herself. She pretended to learn and train with everyone like everyone, and gradually did not hurt her toes. This was better. She said: "Son, although my toes have disabled, but my heart will not be disabled. Remember that one day marching, I saw that the Ceremony of the cooking class led to the marching pot and walked very hard, so I couldn't help but want to help. He carried back for a while, he didn't give me, and he joked with me, saying that women can't carry a black pot, otherwise they will become ugly in the future. He helped him back and looked at him so hard. I couldn't bear it. At that time, we were marching almost every day, and sometimes we were in the direction of victory.

The author Xue carefully stroked her disabled toes, feeling that the style of her marching seemed to solidify on this toe. She walked from Shanxi to Sichuan, walked to Xikang, and walked to Tibet ... silently left a series of magnificent life symbols on the journey with her disabled toes and no disabled heart.

The old man said humblely: "In fact, I am not so glorious. I stole laziness during a march, violated the discipline, and almost fascinated."

It was the electrical order on September 19, 1949: "The 60, 61, and 62s immediately returned to the 18th Corps to participate in the war from the Southwest of Liberation." After entering Sichuan, the road was dangerous. She really experienced the "Shu Road difficulty, Difficult to go to the sky ". The soldiers said: "We have passed the three sufferings -the battle of Taiyuan is miserable (cruel), and it has worked hard in the northwest. This time it is really hard."

She felt very tired because of the continuous side of the army, her feet were covered with blood bubbles, and her soles were worn out. After marching one night, she was dozing beside the road, and she woke up several times by others from the river. Several carriages passed by the front of the queue. The car was all resolutely required to be on the front line. She was anxious to climb the car to sleep on the car, sleep positively. , Listen to the shore scream: "Quickly go down the river to save people!"

It turned out that the enemy broke the bridge when the enemy fled, and the bridge collapsed when the carriage passed. I only listened to someone shouting: "There is still a female soldier who is not dead here! Come and set the handle!"

She was dragged to the shore by several soldiers, sitting on the ground like a soup. The politics department rushed over and shot her with a flashlight: "How can you get drilling on the carriage? That is the wounded, and you are also injured? See what you look like, the hat is gone, the backpack and rice bag are gone, the backpack and rice bag are gone. The leg tie is also scattered, one is water, more embarrassed than the captive soldiers! "

In the dark, only one soldier cried and shouted to save the horse. At that time, horses were very important. Only cadres above the camp were equipped with horses, but the cadres were reluctant to ride and let the horses put them out of materials and wounded. Due to the robbery when the enemy escaped, the people's homes along the way were already ten rooms and nine empty rooms. They could not buy horses. Cut the grass, the horse is fat and strong, and make a contribution to Chengdu! "At this time, the associates walked to the river to look at the terrain, and said," Comrades, this cannot be salvaged, it is useless, sad, sad It ’s useless, let’ s go forward. We rush to find the enemy to settle accounts and ask them to double the repayment! ”The soldiers watched the rolling rivers, and then went forward to the sacrifice soldiers and war Ma Mo Mo.

The associate staff came to her, and asked her to change her clothes before leaving. She thought that the associates just reprimanded her in front of everyone, and she was still angry. "

She did not expect that the wet clothes were blown by the cold wind, the pants were frozen into a hard shell, and the road was getting harder. But she didn't say a word, gang her teeth, and walked faster and faster, hoping to warm up and warm up. Suddenly, she felt a heat flow in her lower body, and remembered the physiological common sense that the sanitation captain told her, and immediately realized that this was a routine holiday. During the rest of the troops, she went to find the sanitary captain for first aid bag. Captain Health gave her two, she said two were not enough. Captain Health asked: "You fell into the river just now and were injured?" She said, "Don't worry about it." After grabbing a few first -aid packs, he ran away.

But she wanted to deal with the regular vacation. The only way to avoid others was to rush to the unmanned area in front of the army when the troops were resting. So she hurried to rush forward alone. When she managed to handle the example, suddenly drilled a Kuomintang soldier from the grass on the roadside, scared her, and raised the grenade nervously and shouted, "Don't move! Kill you!" The Kuomintang soldier was hungry and hungry The yellow muscles were thin, and he hurriedly held his hands to eat, saying that he ran out of the small difference, specifically in such the PLA, and said that he knew which road was buried on the landmine, and was willing to bring the PLA.

The old man proudly said: "Our first troops caught up with the fourteen divisions of the Five Army of the New Five Army. The battle was beautiful and captured the next 1,600 people of the enemy division, Yao Mingde, and we were all casualties. We did not stop, and accelerated the pace and continued to chase ... "

The author Xue helped the elderly down from the wheelchair, because she had to try a few steps, and also sang the song: "Zhongshan's wind and rain are yellow, and millions of male teachers over the river ... It is advisable to chase the poor kingly. Overlord ... "

The moon looked down at the vicissitudes of the old man, and the old man used her tenacious and optimistic spirit to use her heart that she would never disabled. The place sounded, bringing her a different kind of elderly happiness ...

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