In the past few days, such a thing happened in the community where I lived. A well -known female UP master on station B was harassed by male neighbors in the middle of the night and eventually had to report to the police. After the harassment was taken away by the police overnight, the old man was re -applied the next day, and finally the family members who were in a hurry after being detained for a few days were taken away from the local area. Things make trouble!

At first I was just a social news, but when I thought of the encounter in the few days I came, I couldn't help but be afraid.

This is the case. After I lived in Chengdu for a while, I planned to light up the house for one and a half hours from Chengdu, Emeishan, to see the house, and then I returned to Chengdu to get my luggage after a good residence. On the day of finding the house, it was just a heavy rain. In addition, a friend's home in Chengdu had lunch for a while at noon. It was already six or seven in the evening at Mount Emei. I have heard that friends in Chengdu have said that the environment of Emei is very good. Leshan is a food capital of food. Both places are suitable for lying to live flat and not far away. Measurement in the third, I don't think these two places have not been there, then choose the oldest method: throw coins. In the end, Mount Emei was selected.

By the way on the train, I watched the listing of Mount Emei, basically there were a number in my heart. So when I got off the car, I went straight to the current community. As mentioned in some of the posts in Mount Emei on the Internet, I got the phone number of the property in the security guard of the community. After dialing the phone, I briefly talked about my needs. But because time is indeed a bit late, most of the staff of the property have been out of get off work, leaving only a few duty, and naturally can't accompany me to see the house. Coupled with the still rain, I plan to find a homestay in the community for one night.

It should be explained here that this community is an investment house. Although it is very large, the vacancy rate is extremely high. Most homeowners will entrust the community property to rent a house by custody. However, such houses generally rent at least half a year, and rarely rent a monthly short monthly, so many hotels and homestays have also been spawned. The average daily price of the homestay in the peak season is about 100 yuan, and the off -season will be cheaper. But I am very puzzled that although the community walks at the foot of Emei Mountain for ten minutes, it is not cool. Later, after staying in it for a while, I heard the neighbor saying that this was the rhetoric of the hostel owner. If it wasn't for Mount Emei, few people knew this community at all. However, the community itself is a rotten project. Many homestay owners have multiple real estate in the community. Now house prices have fallen, and they even have a mess, so they have to try to save the loss.

After taking me a few houses after taking me a few houses, the time was almost ten o'clock in the evening. Although the hostel owner is still very enthusiastic, I am too lazy to move. After watching a set of room with a small balcony, I decided to talk to the boss with a monthly rental house.

It is a one -bedroom. In fact, there is no obstruction between the living room and the bedroom, even if it is a big room. If you only stay for one night is 100 yuan, the monthly rent is 1,000 yuan, and the water, electricity and gas costs are at your own expense. Although I think the price is okay, I later heard that the neighbors said that the rent was expensive. Generally, the price of such a house or half a year of rent was between 600-800. However, I think it is a monthly rent, and I can understand it slightly, so I didn't care so much.

Later, I have seen the first room of the eight classics. It is also a hotel -style apartment with a small balcony. There is a screen -like wall between the living room and the bedroom. The TV is placed in the partition wall. In this way, whether sitting in the living room or lying on the bedroom bed is convenient to watch TV. However, such a partition wall will make me feel that the room appears smaller. It is not as bright as my big open room, and my heart is becoming more and more balanced.

After living in, the acquainted neighbors pulled me into a local group of lives. Most of the group friends were young people living in this community and next door. It was just that I retreated, because I would be harassed by my friends by boring people. And this is also very similar to the experience of the female UP master at the beginning of my article. It's just that my experience is relatively simple.

This is the case. In the first few days I just entered the group, I consulted many related matters living here in the group. For example, which store's economy is economical, traffic transportation, and what brand of anti -mosquito solution is used in the room, it is more suitable for climbing Emeishan I called me ... One day, I heard the recommendation of the group friends to eat in Zhaotang in the community. After eating, I asked in the group for a walk for a walk after a meal. At that time, no one in the group responded, but when I washed the bowl and walked out of Zhaitang, I was not far away, and a insignificant man riding a bicycle stood on the side of the road and shouted me. He asked me if I was someone in the group. After getting a determined answer, the other party was very enthusiastic to add my WeChat friend. He claimed to live here for a long time. If you have any questions, you can consult him directly. At that time, my first reaction didn't feel how insignificant he was, but just as a enthusiastic group friend. After walking for a while, I found that the opponent's negative energy burst, and I have been talking to me various shortcomings in this community. For example, the sound insulation effect is poor, and he hasn't taken a good rest for several days; for example, the housing rent is expensive, and you should go to a more remote community; for example, the female neighbors here are very cold and can't come out ... No right. Recalling the lines when he only wants to add my WeChat, one by one respects the girl very much, and almost every sentence is available, no, no, this seems very polite. The heart is vigilant. So after he proposed to send me to the downstairs, I decisively refused. But the other party was still indifferent, a very enthusiastic look. In the end, I said that I had to find a landlord something to throw away him.

Unexpectedly, the next day, with a few people in the group, he met dinner in the form of a dragon, and he didn't ask for it. To be honest, if he picks up the dragon in the group, the first reaction I see the name is not going. But now I do n’t ask for it, and I see him very familiar with several other people. I do n’t care too much about a group of friends in private.

The original restaurant is a string shop near the community, but when all of us came to the door, he suddenly said that the oil here was not good and the dishes were not fresh. A local authentic specialty store recommended by his friend. Looking at him with a vow, we didn't care much, so I took a taxi to the store far away. Later, all of us were drinking and chatting, but he was so hungry as if he was hungry. In the last checkout, wow in this place where 350 has been consumed, AA actually costs nearly one hundred per capita. Isn't this a greasy dicky man. Thinking of his previous behavior, the word insignificant jumped out of his mind. A money, pull black delete.

Later, I occasionally encountered the insignificant man in the community. It should be that I was not easy to mess with me. He would deliberately pretend to be unknown to me, and I would like it.

Coincidentally, a few days later at the dinner of the boss of the homestay, he was empty -handed, and he commented as if he came up, as if he came to everyone, and everyone had to turn around him. During the meal, the scene of beggars was reproduced. Later, the owner of the homestay said that he was not his own tenant, but he lived in a tenant's room before. Later, I did not know why he moved to a more remote and cheap community, did he rented a house or continued. It is unclear to live.

Under normal circumstances, people who participate in such a meal should bring their own drinks, dishes or something, or buy food costs together, which is already the rule that everyone knows. But because of his illegal regulations, although the owner of the homestay was unhappy, he actually didn't care about it. Because there were a lot of ingredients left that night, the hostel owner proposed to gather again the next day for lunch. Unexpectedly, he passed again. I didn't go, I just saw the group photos and listened to the neighbors to chat. Sure enough, human behavior logic is inertia. It is not enough to take advantage of it and it should not be too disgusting!

Now I think of the experience of the female UP master. I don't know if this insignificant man has harassed her. I personally judge 80 % of this thought. Because of these experiences, when I looked at the news in the group, I would pay attention to his speech and found that there are many people who have similar odors as him. In addition, there will be other strange men's group friends who add my friends in the group. So, decisively retreat. In fact, I could not retreat, but whenever I saw their chat content in the group, I would feel nauseous. So, let's not be annoyed. It is good to be happy that before the group, I have added a few of the female group friends WeChat. That is my later neighbors.

In fact, this incident reminds many girls from another aspect. There is no diligence for no reason. It is best to go out to go out to be less filters. Sometimes self -righteousness, gentleness, kindness, and helpful ... are exactly the points that are controlled by others, and these lights will also stabbed people with dark inner heart, so they become the reason for their violence. My personal suggestion is to increase their vigilance away from bad things. If you are in danger, you can't avoid the opponent of the other person when you are in danger.

Well, let's come here today's article, what else will happen in the next living? We wait and see.


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