When we know the image and style we want to shape, how to choose a single product is a relatively simple thing. Yesterday's image and style: Among the best sparring experts, I introduced how to use the mirror to recognize our image to understand our image And style. This is something that needs and it is worth spending time. Especially when we have a low self -awareness of our own image and style, we need to give ourselves some time to objectively sort out the image and the image and the image and the image and the image and the image and the image and the image and the image. style.

After choosing a single product that suits you, it is relatively simple to match the clothing. We can treat this as a game that is arranged and combined, but we need to practice and try different matching methods. After finding fun, naturally you will try more. Create your own style language.

Once we have made great progress in dressing, self -expression will become more and more confident, and gradually develop our own image style system. The system I refer to is a vision. It is not only in terms of dressing, but also related to home decoration, lifestyle, and affairs. I think we can develop with this so that we can live more and more. Essence

How to choose clothes

A piece of clothing obeys visually, including color, silhouette, material and pattern (premise that there are patterns on the clothing, including the dark flower pattern formed by the fabric itself). It should be noted that what I express is a high probability situation. It may be different to apply to the individual.

1. Color selection

Consider our own skin color: Our natural skin color presents our own color, so we also show an excellent relationship with clothing. Some skin tone presents warm tones, and some skin tone presents cold tones. There is a particularly simple method to help us judge. It is also wearing a white shirt. The probability of skin tone is warm; if you wear very pure bleach and look good, the probability of skin tone is cold.

The warm -colored skin is paired with clothing with red, orange, and yellow as the base color. The warm skin is matched with blue, green, and purple clothing. It is a harmonious relationship. However, if you need to wear a strong contrasting color out of the image and style, you can also reverse. The warm skin tone can wear warm blue, green, and purple; And yellow.

Color is a very professional category and requires professional learning, but as long as ordinary people try to penetrate different colors of clothing and observe it carefully, they can also distinguish which colors can make them look good and which colors can easily make themselves look of indifference. Essence

When we are psychologically needed, we may prefer a certain color, but maybe this color does not make ourselves look good or not suitable for ourselves, but if we must wear it, we can also find it. It is suitable for the color that is suitable for your color, or to balance it through makeup styling. In this regard, you can seek professional consulting services.

Consider mood and occasion: Colors can pass different emotions and information. For example, dark clothing can display formal and professional, and the bright colors look more lively and friendly. For example, in the hospital, we often see the combination of white and green. White represents clean and purity. Nurses are known as white angels in white. At the same time, green brings hope. These two colors are classic colors commonly used in hospitals.

2, silhouette selection

Choose the silhouette according to the body shape: Our body shape is related to tall and thin, thin and thin. Thin people usually have a direct lineization of the body shape.

The silhouette of clothing can emphasize or balance the body lines. For example, if the fleshy body wants to look thinner, you can choose a slim style, and the effect is better than the loose style that you want to hide; of course, there is a special case. Yes, but the face and limbs look thinner. At this time, the loose models that are inclusive will be thin.

Therefore, even between the same body shape, there will be differences in different individuals. It is very important to try to penetrate more. It is very important to feel the effect of being wearing.

Consider the degree of comfort and the degree of freedom during activity: When performing daily activities, you can choose a slightly loose clothing, but pay attention to the shoulders not too loose, which will make people look unless it is skinny, right -angle shoulders and visually thin and highly tall and highly high. The body shape will show the elegant sense of "Xianfeng Road Bone".

3. Material selection

Consider the season and climate: summer is the season of cotton and linen and silk, autumn and winter are the season of wool, and various chemical fiber fabrics are also imitating natural materials such as cotton, hemp, silk, and hair. Essence

Of course, with the development of fabric technology, you can also wear ultra -thin beautiful slave laniferous fabrics in summer. Not only does it absorb sweat and breathable, but you will not have sweat. It is a very worthy choice.

Considering the sensation of the material: Some materials will be very wide, and it will have a swelling effect when wearing; although some fabrics are thick but very drooping, they will create an elegant and atmospheric feeling. At the same time, if a person's perception and material look also need to be balanced. For example, if a person looks very atmospheric, then wearing too soft fabrics will look cheap; if a person looks very light, then the heavy fabric will "press the pressure The feeling of this person.

Consider care and durability: Choosing fabrics that are easy to take care and wear can reduce the trouble and cost of maintenance.

The real silk in natural materials is very good from the luster to the breathability from the hand, but the cost of nursing is also the highest. New fabrics such as acetate fiber are very good flattened fabrics. reason.

In addition, if the main money of men's wardrobes is a shirt or a partial business model, then you can consider the fabric of anti -wrinkle treatment, which is more worry -free whether it is worn or washing.

4. Pattern selection

The size of the pattern: the big pattern is eye -catching, the small pattern is elegant. If the body is tall, the facial features are three -dimensional and large, then it is more suitable to wear a large pattern; if the body is petite, the small pattern is more suitable if the facial features are not so prominent.

Pattern style: Geometric patterns are suitable for people with a sense of straight lines, and the flower pattern is suitable for the curve. For example, Faye Wong's deserted temperament feels like straight lines. She wears geometric patterns is better than flower patterns.

Pattern color: coordinate with your skin color and overall dress style.

How to match clothing

Regarding the clothing with clothing, it is already involved in choosing clothing. In short, you need to use more hand -to -match to wear and find your own way of dressing. There are a lot of picture resources on the Internet to provide reference. My article focuses on theoretical aspects It will explain it from the two most essential aspects of clothing matching.

1. Percent

The proportion of its own body: refers to the relative size of each part of the human body, such as the ratio of the head body, the proportion of the upper body and the lower body. After the cognition is clear, the clothing matching can play a balance and adjustment.

For example, there is a single product, low waist pants, and the degree of popularity was particularly high. I also bought several pieces, but I felt very awkward. Later, I realized that the proportion of my upper and lower body was relatively close. It seems that the lower body is short, unless wearing high heels to balance, so I gave up all the low waist under the low waist.

Of course, there is a type of friend in life. The upper body is particularly short. Even if you are not tall, you can wear low -waist pants. Otherwise, you will look cramped and give people a feeling of poor breathing.

Created the proportion of wearing: For example, the upper and lower body ratio is closer to the body shape, you can use short tops, high waist pants, and belt to shape the visual impression and lengthen the lower body ratio.

Color ratio: Different colors account for the overall proportion. For example, dark colors may make a certain area shrink, while light colors will swell, such as pear -shaped figure. When the lower body is fat, if wearing dark lines Simple fabrics are thinner than wearing light -colored lower clothes; single products and fabrics and materials also have a linkage relationship and require specific analysis, so it is very important to try on.

Level ratio: Especially in winter, we wear multi -layer clothing. For example, the collar can have a high -necked bottom shirt, shirt collar, sweater V -neck, and suit coat from the inside to the outside. Compared with a single high -necked sweater with a coat, it will appear to be rich in layers and meet the demand for warmth.

2. Line

Varling lines: It can extend the shape and make people look slender. The vertical lines can be manifested on the silhouette of clothing, such as H -shaped long coats, or straight shirt dresses; it can also be manifested on the fabric, such as very vertical fabrics; The dense horizontal stripes can also extend the effect.

Horizontal lines: can increase width, such as shoulder seal design, or horizontal lines with horizontal lines on the shoulders, which can increase the width and sense of measurement of the shoulders, but avoid using horizontal lines in a very wide or not wanting to be prominent. For example If you don't, don't choose to decorate horizontal lines at this part.

Light: You can guide sight to move, creating dynamics and directionality. For example, when wearing a shirt with texture and falling, you can tie the hem of the front button into the waist of the pants to make the hem pour V oblite line, creating the slenderness of the waist (premise that the abdomen is flat) and the proportion of the lower body. Essence

The above are the two most basic things about dressing. As long as we operate and manage our own image, we will better explore our inner world through this beautiful thing.

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