When Jiang Ping won the twelfth place in the Ali Mathematics Competition, at first the Internet basically praised Jiang Ping, thinking that she was a genius, and called on key universities in China to recruit this genius. Around Jiang Ping's hot incidents, many people began to stab traffic, including self -media, flowing traffic, news media, and Jiang Ping's hometown government to traffic.

However, such a positive traffic did not last long, and quickly opened the reverse traffic. The so -called reverse flow refers to the direction of slander and counterfeiting. In recent days, it has been overwhelming negative on the Internet.

The negative content orientation is mainly concentrated in the following directions: some people think that the Ali Mathematics Competition is the opening test, and questioned Jiang Ping's dark box operation to deny Jiang Ping's results; The reason for the poor mathematics results is that Jiang Ping's performance is fraud, and even the Alida Academy has assisted in fraud. Of course, Fang Zhouzi was originally uncomfortable. The domestic reputation was stinky. His questioning was basically a jumping clown; What is the name of the master of the master, Zhao Bin provoked that he must be faked by Jiang Ping, otherwise he would be willing to make 5 million bets. A master student at Peking University jumped out and said that these patterns seemed a bit small, which seemed to be the same as the villain on the street.

Various rumors are slanderous, and even compared other negative events to confuse audiovisual. Many self -media have no moral limit for traffic.

Of course, in response to these rumors, the parties did not come forward to clarify. Even Jiang Ping's parents secretly moved away from the village in order to avoid being disturbed. This makes those who disturb the traffic very angry, because they can't shoot the materials, they can only attract the attention through the reversal of the topic.

However, some people are obviously malicious, just to discredit Jiang Ping, put pressure on Jiang Ping, and interfere with her strength in the finals. Obviously, this kind of intentional person is obviously more perverted.

At present, Jiang Ping's incident, whether it is positive or negative, is obviously a bit too excited. When spreading forward, some people deliberately held particularly high, and had exceeded the spirit of seeking truth from facts. However, at this stage, Jiang Ping did not touch the Internet or united with business, which caused the commercial interests of other people. When negative spread, many self -media people have ignored the facts and questioned the other party's ability with the so -called non -standard symbols. They will be infinitely enlarged by any details that they think they have discovered. I don't know what their purpose is? Perhaps it is just for traffic monetization.

This incident also fully reflects that the Internet is a double -edged sword. When the incident occurs after a long period of time, it will be reversed immediately, resulting in some negative information flow.

At first, at the stage of positive communication, Alida, the organizer, was very surprised after seeing Jiang Ping's performance. He sent someone to the scene to verify it and took pictures. But recently, some self -media posted or posted a video saying that Aridham Academy denied that he sent someone to go to Jiang Ping. I don't know who said it is true, or the media deliberately interpreted themselves from the media. For example, if Alida Institute wants to express this result, it does not include the stage of verification later, and is denied by the media to verify by the media people.

Therefore, we do not rule out that some people who are inadvertent interrupted their righteousness, deliberately interpreted, and confused audiovisual. They consumed this hot event and wished to squeeze more self -interests from it. Whether these behaviors are moral or not moral, they have reached the point where there is milk.

Obviously, some people cannot see that Jiang Ping's mathematics is good. They prefer to fall under the stones. Even Fang Zhouzi hiding in the United States must brush a sense of presence, which shows that there are a lot of water forces on the Internet. The benefit is the basic principle, and there is no truth to see the spirit.

Of course, because many messages have not been officially settled, the relevant media platforms are around the source, and as the platform side, there is no negative news that can be limited. After all, the current Ali Mathematics Competition has not been completely ended. It is said that in the finals, the exam was closed. Some people even start attacks as unnecessary, and predict that there are zero points for people's exams.

So, why did Jiang Ping and the tutor of the counselor clarified in this case? I think the main reason is that when they come forward to clarify that they will confuse the entire incident, some people will say that they are guilty, and finally they can't help it. It will definitely cause a large number of water forces to touch the fish more vigorously. Another reason is that the most important thing is that people must review and prepare for the math rematch. If they are caught in these negative quarrels, they will obviously win the trap of these unscrupulous people.

Another kind of person is the kind of person who can't eat grapes and says grape sour. They make up the first identity in the past, and then say that the preliminary round is too simple. It was so funny to advise Jiang Ping to give up the rematch. It's like you want to improve your education. As a result, there are no culture around you that don't improve your education. It is useless. Your distant relatives are not obedient to improve their education. Now I haven't found a job. There are people in this kind of people. They are not good at others, and they always prevent your active behavior through lies.

Other people have obviously not seen Jiang Ping's parents, and they started to say that Jiang Ping's parents were not harmonious in marriage and life. They had been separated for a long time, and they did not know what the purpose of this person said.

However, since the media besieged crazy, the mainstream media seemed to be relatively quiet. They seemed to be waiting for a bigger melon, and then shot again. It was really the praying mantis to catch the cicada. However, due to the limited influence of the Ali Digital Contest, in such a wave of public opinion, it may be more feasible to keep silent. The reason why many colleges and universities do not really implement Jiang Ping have also reflected the basic attitude of colleges and universities on this mathematical competition.

The main reason why the Jiang Ping incident caused such a big sensation was that the gap was too big. A secondary school student can be among the twelfth place in such competitions, and others who have been promoted in the preliminary competition are either prestigious universities or key institutions. This seems incompatible and shocking. This broke the cognition of some people. They thought that such things should not happen, and they began to question the authenticity of the incident as soon as possible. They sought from various so -called clues. , To maintain your psychological balance.

Among them, there are some highly educated people. They strongly think that this is impossible and absolutely impossible! If a secondary school student can get such a result, where can their old faces go? They look down on the local education from their bones, which has challenged their self -esteem, and they need to take some actions to prove their cognition. Therefore, in this sense, it is not strange that some highly educated people start scolding their mothers.

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