The love of an old mother

After coming to Shangluo, we have always wanted to go to Lantian and Xi'an to take a look. Just right, my son and daughter -in -law had to go home, and we had to go back to Beijing from Xi'an. We had the opportunity to come to Sister Zhang's house. In the dormitory of a large unit in the Qiaoqiao District, their son and daughter -in -law were sent away. It was relatively late. We hurried to Sister Zhang's house, groomed, and soon went to bed.

The next day, we had the opportunity to visit her mother. Her mother was born in 1941 and was born in 1941. She is now 83 years old, but she is spiritual. Although she is full of white hair, she is meticulous and red, especially her face. It was very moved.

We pulled up home. Their family is from Hebei Hebei. She talked about her family. "Our family is married to two brothers." As soon as I heard it, I was interested. "Is this your custom and tradition?" "Isn't it? "" "

At that time, my elder sister married their brother -in -law (Zhang family). My brother -in -law was in Nanjing at that time. With children, in 1957, I went to help them take care of their children. At the home of the elder brother, I have also met Zhang XX. It is very common. I didn't pay much attention to him and never thought about it. Suddenly one day, the elder brother gave a letter from Zhang XX. I felt strange at the time and pushed the letter away. It turned out that the thoughts of brother -in -law and eldest sister: intentionally to match us.

A few months later, I returned to my hometown Hejian County. After that, we communicated one after another, and we did not talk about love. The faith was talking about work, learning, pursuing progress, and so on. In 1961, one time, he asked for three days off, came to my house, and at the end, he said that he was here to marry me, and I didn't have any preparations. Hey, he just went straight.

We asked Aunt Zuo: Are there any photos of the year? Essence She said, "Yes." So, she went in the house, found out a few albums in the size, and took out some important photos to us one by one. We saw that they were young when they were young: a single lean, but very handsome; a round face, a little fat, very plump. There was also a photo of them when they were old. They were all in their 70s. Her wife hugged her head from behind her to express her heat. This action is rare among the elderly, and it appears in photos, which is even more rare.

Aunt Zuo's house is not good, and she is suppressed and restricted in many aspects. For example, she can go to college in school, but she can't go to it. It turned out that her grandfather was a former martial arts, and her father had done a pseudo -guarantee, especially after a little bit, making her unable to raise her head for almost a lifetime. In fact, her father was awarded the underground party to be awarded to cover the guerrillas. Later, the witnesses of the year died one by one, and no one witnessed and guaranteed her father. Therefore, in the past, there were a lot of sins in previous exercises.

Japanese devils, Eighth Route Army, and guerrillas have lived in their house. Their family has become a middle station. Once, their family was receiving the Eighth Route Army. Unexpectedly, the devils suddenly came, and the Eighth Route Army quickly escaped. However, they had no time to clean up the food they were eating, so they had to scatter many items at home to the ground, giving people a kind of just being just by the time. The devil ransacked. Then he escaped. Japanese devils were looking for a "flower girl". He couldn't bear to spoil the good woman, so he paid his own pocket, and hired the woman in the kiln to send it to the Japanese ...

Aunt Zuo always said that the husband looked ugly, but at the time we saw the photo, but saw that his husband was a handsome and capable person, his eyes were thinner, but he was very bright. She also said he was joking, but we believed this. When Aunt Zuo talked about her husband, she would bury her head shyly, as if she was escaping a pair of eyes. We were moved and shocked by this expression. This is naturally true, without modification, and it is casual. Her daughter was unwilling. "Mom. Why do you do this! As soon as someone asked, you poured everything out." Sister Zhang said, we were embarrassed to ask again.

Aunt Zuo's husband never believed in the Lord, but after suffering from cancer, his body collapsed quickly, and his strong body became very weak. Under the persuasion of his daughter Zhang, he finally believed. Aunt Zuo said that when her husband died, she did not cry, and she never cried, and she did not have a tear now. She was calm and peaceful, because she knew that her husband had gone to another world. He followed Jesus and enjoyed rest in heaven. One day, they would meet again.

The next night, we went to Aunt Zuo's house again. It is said that after we left, she also took a photo album and watched it for a long time ...

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