"You all say that I am old and not let me participate in my wife's funeral. Now I do n’t even give me the chance to put her ashes on the thoughts. It’ s really “filial”! I ’m not afraid of anything. The government will take care of it. Old people, will not let those who have no conscience Hu Lai! "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

"Dad, it's not that I don't want to let you go, it's the suggestion made by my eldest sister. I just conveyed her meaning. If you have opinions, you can go to theory with her."

"I am a father, she is a daughter, I don't need to talk to her! Is your eldest sister the imperial decree? When she spoke, you were so scared? In order to satisfy the eldest sister, can you not respect your dad? The dean of the nursing home has approved me to be discharged from the hospital to send the ashes, and now you change the hexagram again. How can I explain to others? "

The night after the grandmother's funeral, the grandfather criticized her mother because her mother conveyed the suggestion that she did not need to go to think of her grandmother's ashes without using her grandfather (this proposal was actually made by her aunt, but she did not come forward, but asked her mother to discuss with foreign public).

On the day of my grandmother's out of the time, I spent all in the "haze" ...

During the funeral process, my aunt and I had a dispute -under the circumstances of economic permission, my aunt proposed that the guests' flower cards were cheap silk flowers. In order to give my grandmother face, I strongly opposed it, and finally insisted on putting the flowers on the flowers. On the flower card, I also hit my aunt.

After the dispute, my aunt said to my mother, "You can get your mind by yourself, I can't help it!" Obviously, she didn't want to cooperate with us.

As the only daughter at home, I was loved by my parents since I was a child, and my dissatisfaction with my aunt was not too heart.

On the day of the funeral, I turned into a small leader and arranged for my parents' work: "Parents, my ability to communicate, you are responsible for receiving guests, I am a small secretary, follow my mother, pay attention to the surrounding situation." After listening, My parents nodded, giving me confidence and encouragement.

However, I started to miss my death ancestors -I remembered my grandmother, grandpa and grandmother, and I was afraid of my heart -I was afraid that I would never have a loved one hurt me anymore. So, I shifted my attention to the grandfather who was still alive, although he had never hurt me (only hurts my cousin (inner grandson)), and regarded me as a tool to accompany a doctor and perform surgery.

I opened my mother's WeChat and chatted with him in the name of reporting the funeral progress. At the age of 92, he made me voice with a vague voice, and the sound made me laugh instantly -as if I was back to the days when Grandpa was in the world. Warm smile. I think that my grandmother is gone, and the lonely grandfather may change the idea of ​​being a male and female, hurting me like grandpa ... I excitedly shared the information from my grandfather.

当时,姨妈和舅母一家也在车上(外公没在场,因为年纪太大,家属和养老院都不让他参加葬礼),姨妈和表嫂(表哥的妻子,外公最疼爱的孙媳妇;表哥因He was not attending the funeral, and the representative of the cousin attended) and glanced at me, glanced at me, and didn't speak.

The nephews of the grandmother's house participated in the funeral, they had a good relationship with their mother. Before we arrived, they had drove to the funeral home in advance. As soon as I saw my mother, the three watches were handed over to the establishment instrument. After my mother accepted it, I gave it to me, let me hold it, and wait for the guests to count.

The grandmother's family is a doctor's family, and the male male in the family has been well educated, so these three watches are particularly polite. They always take the initiative to talk to parents and ask their father's physical condition. However, one of them was a little frivolous. When he handed the device to my mother, he was like a gambler Xunha and threw the money into my mother at once.

Although I think his movements are impolite, I am not angry and feel wronged. Because the grandfather said in front of others several times, saying that the deceased father's character was not good, now we are "rubbing their ass" for the grandfather.

Half an hour later, the staff of the funeral home arranged the room of the funeral, let us go in one after another. Based on the experience of participating in grandparents' funeral before, I took a black sleeve chapter on the table and prepared to wear it. Unexpectedly, my aunt came over and told me: "You're wearing the wrong!" It turned out that the cousin was a grandson and should wear a black sleeve, and my grandchildren should wear white plackets.

When I heard this, I immediately changed the white laps and thought: If it wasn't for my aunt reminded, I would be rude. It seems that I was still a bit of a status in my grandmother's house.

After entering the room, everyone lined up according to the seniority, and stood horizontally from the front to the back. I stood in the third row (the children ranked in the front, the son -in -law and daughter -in -law were in the second row, and the grandchildren ranked in the third row. It's guests).

When everyone stood well, the funeral mixer began to read the memorials. I suddenly remembered that the mobile phone was still on, and quickly pulled out of the bag, shook my hand and pressed the shutdown key -I used to follow my mother to greet the guests and forget to shut down. In case The phone suddenly sounded on this occasion, and I was shameful.

Fortunately, the phone was closed. Unexpectedly, just a sigh of relief, the sound of sorrow sounded. It turned out that when I was focusing on the mobile phone, the Emperor had finished the memorial service, and then shouted "Playing Mourning".

The sound of sadness sounded, and the frightened me was attracted by the tone of sorrow, and unconsciously entered the depressed and sad emotional state. The original relatives said that they were laughed and didn't cry, but I didn't expect that I couldn't control my emotions.

In the farewell session of the body, I want to walk around my grandmother's body. At this time, there was a voice from the rear: "You are an elder, she should let you go first." I looked back, it turned out that my uncle was talking to her mother. I immediately let my aunt go first, and then followed everyone.

At this time, my emotions became more and more dignified -the tears of wow greenery overflowed from my eyes. From time to time, I will turn around to look at my grandmother's body, but I dare not look straight, because I am afraid that I will be even more reluctant after seeing her face.

In the end, the family members thanked the courtesy, and I wanted to shake hands with the guests. In the whole process, I could only lower my head and cover up my face with a swollen face. When the cousins ​​shook hands with me, I grabbed their hands tightly and did not release it for a long time.

"Feel ... thank you ..." I choked and said. After speaking, the cousin standing next to him repeated my words immediately. After listening to the cousins, she quickly completed Xie Li and walked towards the exit.

I was so emotional that I was thrown behind everyone, and I could only follow my father's direction. Dad was walking together with the light -moving watch, and his cousin said that grandma was laughed, don't be too sad. I was sad when I heard it, and I was ashamed of my tears that I couldn't restrain my tears.

On the way home, I was still crying. Uncle and aunt sat in front of me. From time to time, they turned to look at me, even coughing a few times. In the uncle, my uncle said to me, "You are too tired." Although their expressions and words were blamed in their words, I knew they actually cared about me.

After a meal, the aunt asked her mother to persuade her father not to send her grandmother's ashes. I feel that my performance this day embarrassed everyone, so I nodded in an acquiescence, implying that my mother agreed to the matter.

Unexpectedly, he would be scolded by his grandfather about it. On that day, my eagerness to affection was hit by devastating, and this impact accompanied me for half a year. Fortunately, my grandmother did not throw me down -I bless me and encourage me through dreams.

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