After staying at the hotel on May 28, I fell asleep.

Get up on the morning of May 29th, and the beautiful scenery standing in front of the balcony in the morning made me intoxicated. In the distance in the distance, the fiery sky. The seawater of San Zhu Lian Bay is so blue and quiet.

I took a video and posted a piece of music on WeChat's circle of friends. Soon friends in China praised them. Friends also thought that Malta's morning was too beautiful.

There are six hours of time difference with China. Malta is at 12 o'clock in the morning at 12 o'clock in Beijing.

In the hotel on the first floor of the hotel, there are abundant exotic buffet breakfast, and we ate beautifully.

Starting at the entrance of the hotel at 9 o'clock in the morning, he officially opened the curtain of his in -depth tour.

On the first day of May 29th: Walleta-Three Cities (9: 00-17: 00).

Morning: The capital of the capital Valeta to visit the son of the sea god, the old mint street, the Cathedral of St. John, and the Balaka Garden.

Afternoon: The Three Cities, Malta, is composed of Vittoriosa, Songria Senglea, and Cospicua, Vitrioza, and it is composed of grade.

The three sisters' city is the earliest "home" of the Malta Hero John's group, witnessing the well -known Malta siege. As the first settlement of the Cavaliers, the palace, church, fortress, and fortress of the three sisters city are far more ancient than Vallea.

Tour: Prosecutor's Palace Inquisitor's Palace, St. Angelo.

The land accompaniment arranged for us in Beijing Travel Agency is a very old Chinese tour guide.

She praised the schedule of we played in Malta. She said that Chinese tourists rarely play in Malta like you.

Chinese people come to Malta. There are generally two types of swimming. One is that cruise ships stop at Malta. After playing with a cruise ship, they will go from the Spanish or other countries. I live in four nights for five days, and there is almost no.

The distance from the hotel to the capital Walta is very close, and we take a car for about 30 minutes.

The tourist bus is walking in the city. The roadside I see is the paving of business and yachts stopped in the bay.

Walta is Malta's capital, also known as the castle city.

We got out of the tourist car and started to enter the ancient city of Walleta. How did we have so many European and American guests. Whether there are many free guests or tourist teams, many tourist bus stopped here. Many guests walked to the ancient city under the leadership of the tour guide.

As if all people who come to Malta are here.

The local tour guide we invited was a middle -aged female tour guide in Guangdong who lived in Malta for 30 years. Her experience was particularly rich. Except for a strong Guangdong cavity, there were no other problems. She will accompany us all the travel arrangements for five days and four nights here.

The ancient city of Waleta is very small. It is 1 km from this end to that, but there are more places to play, suitable for walking and walking slowly.

After entering the ancient city, she briefly introduced the situation of the ancient city and the position of the collection, and then led us to the most important attraction St. John Church St.

St. John's Co-Cathedral is located in the city of Waleta. If you are a person who likes to visit religious architecture and like art and painting, then you must not miss it. This was once completed in 1578 after the Masterpiece Church of the St. John Cavaliers, and re -renamed the Baroque -style artist, and became one of the models of European high -end Baroque buildings.

The most well -known is Caravaggio's "Beheading Saint John". This painting is not only the only signature work in Caravaggio, but also an outstanding representative in the art of Baroque painting.

In the church, we were lucky enough to meet the chairman of the Malta Tourism Union. Under the introduction of the guide, he heard that we were very happy from Beijing, China. Welcome.

I also had a brief communication with me and took a group photo.

Leave the church and continue to visit.

The Republic Square is the background of Queen Victoria and the Malta National Library. The square was originally called the Cavaliers Plaza, and then the statue of Queen Victoria was placed in the square in the 19th century. Although its official name was a public square, it was usually called Queen's Square or Reggina Plaza.

We then came to the garden at the highest point of the capital.

Upper Barrakka Gardens is a place for tourists and locals to relax and rest. It is located next to the Kastelia Palace, surrounded by fountains, trees, flowers, statues, and a large terrace and a large viewing deck.

On the high hillside, the photos taken by the seaside pier set off behind the circular buildings are particularly beautiful. There is also the sea of ​​cast iron cannons in the ancient city of the ancient city of the ancient city.

We will check in here.

There is a net red card in the ancient city, which is a cafe Cordina, which has opened 187 years.

This exquisite century -old cafe is on the streets of the central area of ​​Waleta. The sheep cheese snacks here are particularly delicious. Since it is an Internet celebrity, I must punch in. I went in to shoot a video. This sheep cheese snacks tasted.

The area of ​​this cafe is not large and it seems crowded, but there are many open -air seats on the gate of the door, mainly buying it inside.

The streets of the ancient city are very distinctive.

Old Mint Street

It is the classic street of Malta's capital Walleta. You can take high and low street views with the same frame as the St. Paul Church.

The streets of the ancient city are particularly interesting. On both sides of the main roads are on the uphill and downhill roads of the seaside. The photos taken are very feeling.

The ancient city of Malta's capital Walleta is the World Cultural Heritage.

The feeling of browsing here in the morning is that he does not look like the capital of a country, because there are no ordinary transportation roads in the building capital of high -rise buildings and modernized buildings. To be honest, it is more like a city of tourism and vacation.

Here are few citizens who live in the local area, and more are foreign tourists and shops along the street.

As the island nation of the Mediterranean, its capital is as simple as this ancient city. This is what I didn't expect.

In the morning of Malta, we gained a lot of money. The capital Walleta left a deep impression on these guests from Beijing.

I think this is a good beginning, indicating that we will definitely gain more in the past few days in Malta.

(To be continued)

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